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  1. I thought she was very good. Better than that tool Lazenby. The HDR coverage on Sky is super tasty, probably helped by the fact it was a night race.
  2. the camera is also not in quite the same position as the driver's eyeballs so reflections that hit the camera may well not be visible
  3. The Sky HDR coverage is looking pretty sweet.
  4. The Adam Project 2.5/5 some laughs. Characters as deep as carbon nanoweave. The kid does an ok job of playing a 12 year old Reynolds. Some half decent effects but some ropey as fuck sci. Not that this is about that. Jennifer Garner totally wasted.
  5. Don't Look Up 4/5 Laughed quite a lot. The Musk/Tim Cook character is absolutely amazing.
  6. You usually get a small financial reward from the popo for clearing out scum but the message can fly past pretty quickly. The menus will start to make a bit more sense eventually, they are clunky.
  7. Oh man, that poor Japanese speed skater Katagi
  8. Yeah probably, or they'll wait until she's 16 to retrospectively disqualify her. What a shame they resorted to betablockers, she's absolutely incredible.
  9. Oh ffs https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/feb/10/kamila-valieva-russian-skater-positive-test-winter-olympics-trimetazidine
  10. Just watched Kamila Valieva in the team ice skating. Perfection. Absolutely beautiful. And I suspect I was one of only 8 people watching it.
  11. If there's any value added by the regional arms of those publishers, I'd like to know what it is. Does it help justify paying for translation?
  12. In the 8bit->16bit days. I was skint and had plenty of pirated copies of games but I wouldn't pirate anything I really liked, I'd always buy those. Do I care that robdood doesn't contribute anything at all to the pockets of the artists that work incredibly hard to make this industry what it is? Yes a bit.
  13. No one belongs in the Justice League. The whole idea is a shitshow.
  14. Well with lead time for casting, shooting, post production etc... hmm... I found it pretty leery and stomach turning at the time. Anyway yeah - the Raid - no do not need that redoing. Make a new movie by all means but the original was close to perfect.
  15. Well how old was Fox when she appeared in Transformers and he had the camera right up her arse on the stairs? Edit: 20 or 21 when it was released. Borderline imho.
  16. Absolutely stunning. They need to find a way to make Attenborough immortal. I don't care how many human sacrifices it takes.
  17. Third series a little off the boil versus the first 2, but yes. Outstanding production.
  18. Really? I thought it was blatantly obvious from the actual movies, her comments just made the text a little bolder.
  19. Shoot 24MP RAW at 10fps and I think you'll soak up all the bluetooth bandwidth in the tristate area
  20. Hi Does anyone know if it's possible to calculate what prime lens focal length would be optimal for a subject 10m across at a distance of 15m? Full frame.
  21. Ta. I will give that a try - been trying raw firepower so far (including fire) and just can't stay alive long enough.
  22. This game is so sodding difficult on PC on normal difficulty. I'm soloing it with a couple of absolute idiots led by someone more stupid than them. Does anyone have any tips on how to get past the two crushers at the end of mission 7?
  23. The first time you went between planetoids in Mario Galaxy. There is quite a long list of close seconds.
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