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    Who the hell are xbox nation anyhow? And why do they employ cretinous fuckwits? I don't suppose they dissed GTA for having "geenric hoodlum #653" as it's main character. The characters are great although some of the lip syncing is off, and the main "hero" strikes you as a bit of wanker from the start. But his sister is great, and I love the diary entries.
  2. You aint' wrong, this is one of the main considerations for the purchase. Considering my utterly flat & apalling singing voice, she's going to finally find a game she can beat me at (that one time on Monkey Flying notwithstanding) & ickle Chod will try to eat the mike & then switch off the PS2. Grr
  3. Doom was written when graphics were shit & you used cursor keys though. Serious Sam was fun because of the insane speed you had to keep spinning around at. Ain't never gonna happen on a Dpad & ickle GBA CPU
  4. And you thought it would work on the GBA why? p.s. It's not published by THQ is it? Those cunts didn't put any permanent storage on Tetris Worlds the cheap fucks.
  5. barcodes are not unique to each retailer. And... You lot have made me have to go & buy this tomorrow now. I was quite tempted before but you've pushed me over the edge
  6. Edge's review of Unreal Tournament. SEVEN!!!!! ffs.
  7. There's nothing wrong with correcting Yank spelling, even from Japan
  8. choddo


    You can tell it was snipped off in its prime. some little oddities like one of my little fellas was standing at the side of some water and his attack animation made him fall in, and I've had a clear 1st person view to a target, only to have my shot explode against an object next to me... but in spite of that, it's so good I don't care. I just want the missus to stop watching Sky+ recordings of Secret Life of Us so I can have another go
  9. Fucking hell you're mad. Double Dash really is souless shit. And Valiant... which one?
  10. choddo


    Most certainly the former. Persuading her to pick up a controller is a lesson in futility.
  11. No, I'm sorry, that is fucking piss poor. I got the impression that he had a worthwhile point to make when he began talking about the atmosphere in Super Metroid, but he concealed it behind the most atrociously clumsy English I've ever been forced to read.
  12. choddo


    I've been playing that Future Tactics game for about 6 hours today. The wife isn't happy.
  13. I've only got very limited time to play games, therefore I'm only going to play a few. Therefore I want to play the best whenever possible
  14. No, I really am this stupid & post-before-openingeyes-happy
  15. Also, just seen that long thread about it after I posted this. Whups. /me goes off to see if I can get a US GC version... Ta
  16. I thought JP said that Pillage was never going to see the light of day now that Warthog had done the dirty on Zed Two? Has it had a budget release then? How do I get it? I haven't seen anything about this anywhere else (have I?) Ta
  17. Yeah but who didn't think the GBA was just a bit too big. the SP is soooo much better. And I reckon the battery life, with a screen that size, will be the sux0r, and as for the DS, that's too chunky by far. I ain't buying naffing
  18. choddo

    PSP Addons

    It's WANK. No more need be said. It's so wank I thought it was photoshopped at first.
  19. Because it hasn't got a blitter* *Going out to all you Amiga owners in the house...
  20. Classic. It's so bad you can't even give them away
  21. And only one controller? For a TV based system? Dear oh dear oh dear. I confidently predict dismal failure. Can I invest in "Anti-shares"?
  22. eating? Oh dear, what made them put that in? Is it to appeal to the US dollar? And they're going to have to give you an A-Z with this one, cos I get lost in Vice City as it is. Bigger<>better
  23. Hope not, the freedom that Morrowind offers had me uninstalling it through boredom & lack of direction after an hour.
  24. LEAVE IT! I wouldn't use it in a pub for a start. I think that my body, arms, hands, wrists etc are adequate cushioning for a fucking jerky tube train, it's not like it's going to be sat on the floor is it.
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