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  1. Indeed, I shall be on there this evening
  2. I've just pre-ordered this but note you'll need a DVDROM drive http://www.play.com/play247.asp?pa=stcs1&p...PC&title=129047
  3. choddo

    Unreal tonite?

    Might be worth dropping a topic in here telling people where to go though, once agreed. UT didn't show IRC room titles so there was no point changing that as a pointer, even if you did have ops - unless you dropped out to MIRC I guess? Anyway, the point is, maybe we should have a consistent convention ... and maybe we should have a separate dedicated room too like #edgeUT2004? C
  4. choddo

    Unreal tonite?

    I'll be there tonight, got a mate coming online too. See you in #edge Devilfish - use a public server mate, 600K/128K or even 600/256 is too laggy Chods
  5. choddo


    I liked em but only listened to them once every couple of weeks when in the car at the right time. They're still miles better than Moyles.
  6. choddo

    UT2004 demo

    We could just all meet in IRC and jump on a 0 population server, there are quite a few ah but then, it's Valentine's night. Bugger
  7. Doesn't matter, I deleted it cos the gimping thing said my fileplanet CD key was invalid. And I'm having too much fun on UT2004 anyhow
  8. choddo

    UT2004 demo

    ooo that onslaught mode is cool & bloody annoying at the same time. Being run over from behind 4 times in a row does make you gnaw yer teeth down somewhat
  9. I see half of League of Gents seem to be in it too. It had better not be shit or I'll be very sad.
  10. New RPG action. Was looking cool about a year ago, never heard anything since, amazed it ever got released.... is it any good?
  11. choddo

    UT2004 demo

    ooo I like the new assault mode
  12. They're taking their time to get round to it
  13. No, just me getting a bit breathless at the thought of Tess in a small white dress. Almost typed "shite dress" there.... must be some Freudian scat thing.
  14. They do sod all apart from fart about in a house all day arguing I expect. I think it's the traditional "least votes gets the boot" arrangement
  15. I mean, I know Tess Daly is an hutter honeypot of the first order.... but can it really be worth watching this load of twats swan around just in the hope of copping a look at her bra? http://www.five.tv/programmes/backtorealit...ontent=4713536& Although that Sarah Kozer woman is supposed to be planning to wander round in the buff. That might be worth setting the Sky+ for I guess. As long as you can 30x fast forward through the bits with Richard Bacon in.
  16. choddo

    UT2004 demo

    I'm downloading it now but it's got 2 hours to go so I won't get to try it out until tomorrow night. Anyone up for a blast?
  17. I would imagine the publisher makes the call on whether they spend the money on some FLASH memory in the cart, no?
  18. ok so they cocked up GBA Tetris Worlds with no high score (or even options) save and leaving the 2 cheat modes on by default... ...and now I find that the Disney Princess game I bought for my little neice doesn't save to the cart either. The poor little thing has to try to put in a 12 character password every time she starts the game... and it doesn't allow editing! If you get one character wrong... you have to start again. THQ=scum.
  19. Golf2 is rubbish. Golf1 was awesome. But both pale in comparison to Monkey Target2. As for 299; 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 10 10 9 Surely?
  20. Seconded. Awesome piece of work.
  21. What's wrong with the > and < sign on your keyboard? They seem to be malfunctioning somehow. Diddy Kong better than SMK? No. Wrong on all levels. Wronger than wrong.
  22. SO true. How did Avalanche ever rate an 8?!
  23. Not bad, never bad. I love it like a long lost child. It is beautiful. But I only gave it 9 as the actual game mechanisms are limited. But it makes up for it in sheer style, breathtaking beauty and emotional connection. I do believe I was quoted in Edge's forum page for saying that it made me get scared of heights. I used to creep along those ledges man, creep. Millimetres at a time.
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