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  1. So true. I kind of liked this the one day I played it with a mate, but cannot be arsed to play it single player. Dunno, fighters just aren't as much fun anymore as when you were trying to master Yoga Noogies.
  2. Friday 13th on the Spectrum. Absolutely awful. Top down view of some white blob walking around a house plan with other coloured blobs and NO idea what you were supposed to do (which I suspect was avoid the coloured blobs til one got you). Shocking. For what it's worth, Ico is a work of art and one of the very few games I've bothered to complete. For it to be discussed in the same thread as some of these true pieces of digital excrement is just stupid by any standard or opinion.
  3. 7.1 is just 6.1, with the rear centre duplicated to give a big wall'o sound. THere's not additional audio information. HA! I knew I'd find somet technobabbly type thread even out here in the serious gaming area. My personal favourite use of 5.1 was the PL2 sound effects in Eternal Darkness. Lights way down, sound way up, pants way browned. and chintz, I've written this up on me webby if you want a backgrounder
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    Found it in the back of the cupboard Merry Christmas everyone!
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    I knew this would happen. Golden Sun2 finally arrives... and I can't find the original game. I've torn the house apart looking for it, and I've found games in dusty corners I'd long forgotten I'd even bought... and I still can't find it. I even found the box, and manual, and STILL can't bloody find it. Woe is me What happens if you start The Lost Age without carrying a party over? Are you given a load of llamas?
  6. Why don't you just fix the switch?
  7. Thanks guys, that's very helpful. No it doesn't have a HD but I might buy one. And *breaks down in tears at thoughts of Uridium2* I played the first one to death on my C64. I have just reverted to a childlike state. On the hardware front, can I get an adapter to convert the RGB out to VGA to plug it into a PC monitor? and can you still get those joysticks that had square yellow microswitched buttons? Nothing else will do for shooter action.
  8. I posted this in ATF too then realised it was probably more sensible to do so here... Just what do I do with the thing now that will make me say "oooh" and "woow" and bring back beautiful memories of yesteryear?
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