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  1. It is SO FUCKED UP. What the hell happened? Did they give this, the most important part of the whole game, to the fucking intern or something? You go off the end of the ramp and suddenly you're teleported about 40feet away and have absoutely no sense of travel through the air. You open yer ball thing at the peak of your flight and just ... fall into the water. Jesus it's bad. If someone isn't taken out back and shot for this, there is no justice. I am utterly aghast. Steam refund requested.
  2. I sometimes say Geoff Crammond this & that. And I know what Andrew Braybrook is doing because he’s on twitter a lot (and thanked me for sort of helping him with a coding problem )
  3. Wow, that studio still exists?? What exactly are they doing in there?
  4. Or shouldn’t I ask? I expected him to return from his hermitage by now.
  5. I do not know what these emu things are, do they need some sort of hackery firmware on old xboxes? I have an xbox one X, can I partake of the deluxe magic ?
  6. Because we don't all own the cables to connect our GCs to a display any more - my component cable's knackered.
  7. “Finally, I had a complete, textured, vertex-lit scene and track. Using three.js drawing everything was a no-brainer,” I was going to say that. Impressive little project!
  8. I read that article and now I want to claw my own eyes out
  9. Oh man that’s depressing. The whole POINT of it was the feel of the ramp (and the wind)
  10. Are those supposed to be … waves?
  11. choddo


    Ha OMG … in a post from 27th August… teh conspirasah!
  12. choddo


    Except Lewis. Ice cold.
  13. choddo


    That was a great match. Not used to Brits being so mentally composed.
  14. Yep. It’s amazing they had so many cctv cameras inside and outside his cockpit. The surveillance state was just one more thing they insightfully predicted.
  15. It’s the (2017) future. She gets them on her phone camera.
  16. I’m not going to spoiler this as EVERYONE has seen this movie. Watched it again at the weekend. Is there a reason why, as the rebels break into the TV studios near the end, Arnie’s love interest decides to bugger off in a different direction, with a group of bods who seem to serve no other purpose and then disappear, and then finds herself alone up against Dynamo?
  17. Oh the dialogue was rough as old balls at times. i liked the opening scene and the aliens though. They were hideous and sinister.
  18. Also, the player with the ball was way past the halfway line before the whole dimensional warp anus showed up on the halfway line and it was in front of him. Offside or something.
  19. Well, when I picked van Aert as one of my "sprinters" in the Fantasy Tour, I didn't expect him to win the double Ventoux stage!
  20. Nice little tr There's a longer/higher route?? I love Wiggins' jacket, he's been pretty good, I thought.
  21. That woman was taken into custody. Also - Pogacar's TT time surely mings to high heaven??
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