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  1. Jesus wept, the Animal boxing champ. I've never had so much shit kicked out of me. I ended up only completing it by going in there for another side mission and basically shooting some fuckers legit. Wasn't expecting it to be linked, but I then got a message afterwards from coach asking if I was ok.
  2. @Phelan Defo more than 5 cars. Feels bustling. And yes, my duds are super stylish
  3. Good god, I'm 120 hours in and not finished the main storyline yet
  4. Yeah I have that now. But I whupped him (non-lethally) by...
  5. I almost feel sorry for this gonk
  6. Oh man I did the cyberpsycho in the industrial plot with the exoskeleton. Got absolutely chinned to shit repeatedly (in spite of my 0-5 now dishing out 20k damage headshots against normal enemies) until I started to actually use my brain.
  7. I act like a teenager every time I see her name appear on my phone. also - was doing a funny aide quest with the 6th st gang earlier and managed to chokehold one of them when I meant to reload. Party turned ugly pretty quickly.
  8. Dredd (2012) 4.5/5 I can’t remember seeing this before but surely I must have?? Brilliant. Not perfect but about as close as we’ll ever see on screen.
  9. Is there a bug in the fight with the guy in Beat on the brat: Arroyo where he thinks he's won even when you put him on his arse? edit: hmm, cleared it now by taking much less damage.
  10. I've probably made 400k in almost 80 hours. I'm not anywhere near through the main story though, just k@veznaeep getting sidetracked. @vezna, I agree with you with 2 exceptions - last of us part 2 has better human face models. They are just remarkable. And Horizon Zero Dawn has animation as good as 2077. The only thing they've given up on in this, as far as I'm concerned, is most into and out of car animations. They just don't hook up properly. Maybe the variety of car models made it too hard. I went back to an earlier save and spent over 2 hours just seeing what happens if you make another decision in one of the side quests.
  11. I tried to sneak my way across a highway via some pipework and sort of fell off the world. The nice thing was, it autosaved me just as I started to fall so I can experience it again and again.
  12. RDR2 was boring and I hated everyone. This is much less boring.
  13. Oops Too busy counting cars on the back of my bike at 170mph. Didn't see the one in front of me at the red light.
  14. Looks pretty convincing at normal zoom though, nice graphics work.
  15. I don't get many more cars than that on PC. Except when viewing a highway from a long distance, then there are a load. It would do my head in trying to drive around like it's the Fulham Road though.
  16. Weird. I've been aiming at the bits that hurt most, and the first time I thought I must have got lucky but I've done about 9 now and I think they've all ended up rolling around on the floor and more than once I've told whatserface that they're alive. Don't suppose there's any way to tell how many you actually killed? And I definitely don't have any non-lethal optical implant given the majority of people I'm sniping no longer have heads.
  17. Weird, I've been massacring them with normal weapons and they've not died yet.
  18. Au contraire. Absolutely enthralling performance.
  19. Finally got round to watching this. Proper uhd Bluray HDR action. What an extraordinary piece of work.
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