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  1. wtf, they had an 8MB save file size limit?? and it takes a 1GB patch to fix that?
  2. Agreed. The mental image I had of runners hacking corpo ICE from Neuromancer was wild. Shadowrun at least attempted something, this is just very basic.
  3. @Alan Stock I’ve got a smart sniper rifle. It’s pretty damn cool. Will sometimes tweak someone right on the forebonce for ~3000. Picked up a heavy MG in a bandit area in the badlands after doing 80% of the camp with stealth which was most amusing. But you can’t keep it. Just took it over to some Militech twats 300m away, and let them have all the explodey bullets out of it. Now can someone help my brain with the haxoring grid thing. How come sometimes it will let you pick a number which isn’t on the code you have to match? And it pushes the required code sequence one over to the right. Is it only if it can see that you still have a chance of entering the rest of the sequence in order?
  4. Has anyone got an R6 yet? I'm close to convincing myself to spend the cash but wondered what real life experience has been like.
  5. The Canon f/2.8 USM 100mm macro is awesome.
  6. Yeah I've managed to clear a couple of areas in Stealth mode with the help of some busted optics and quick nipping between cover, but it's hard. And the smart sniper rifle is getting a lot more action. Can look great at times though. How do you do the screenshot tool in game? I had to clip this one with windows-key-shift-S
  7. choddo


    My son introduced me (and my daughter) to Attack on Titan a few weeks back. We’re at S2E10 now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so fucked up.
  8. My PC started to struggle last night. Got down to about 4-5 fps. No idea why. Nothing much had changed. The lad had been playing rocket league on his login. Maybe that was it but it didn’t happen when I first loaded it up. My pro tip for the evening: don’t steal a maelstrom car. The bloody things blow up spontaneously on a checkpoint reload.
  9. Think I'm heading for a serious back problem. Absolute comedy inventory.
  10. What’s going on with the shadow on that van? p.s. Nice shootin’ Tex
  11. Crikey, stealth makes quite a big difference at the end of the Heist then.
  12. Yeah I keep grabbing the guns thinking I’ll sell them. Haven’t sold one yet. Don’t know how I fit in the car.
  13. For the non pre-orders. Poor decision. You get a game which is half ready then maybe the finished one in 6 months. Or the finished one in 6 months. Most, but not all, would prefer the latter.
  14. Figured out the way it does room by room enemy alerting now & how to use some of the cameras to scout and hax0r. Managed to get a slightly better gun and considerably better aim too!
  15. Yeah it's a horror show. I discovered tonight that using the dpad shifts around the main boxes. Before that I was ready to kill someone having to use the cursor thing.
  16. I have no idea what I’m doing in the combat in this. It will sink in eventually but I feel like I’m just shooting at peoples heads with high powered sniper rifles and they’re just lolling. And if I try to do anything cyberey it’s pointless. and why is all this SHIT highlighted? Are white cubes just to be ignored?
  17. How do you holster your gun? Once I’ve whipped it out I only seem to be able to swap weapons, not chill.
  18. Yeah. Like many games that pack in a lot of environment padding “stuff” but none of it has any depth. And three guys standing next to each other in one early room are either triplets or the same model. I quite like it (PC, RTX2070) but the start of the story is a mess. The first BD session though - that is genius.
  19. Is there someone on here who is not a Stunt Race FX fan??
  20. That does look very like the fucked up HDR which is really stretched SDR that Vincent Teoh talked about.
  21. I did lol when I discovered the Talk button is the same as the “grab sitting woman having her lunch in a headlock and the only choices now are kill or incapacitate” button. and RB was “prime a grenade in the lift, no returns” button.
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