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  1. Yeah I keep grabbing the guns thinking I’ll sell them. Haven’t sold one yet. Don’t know how I fit in the car.
  2. For the non pre-orders. Poor decision. You get a game which is half ready then maybe the finished one in 6 months. Or the finished one in 6 months. Most, but not all, would prefer the latter.
  3. Figured out the way it does room by room enemy alerting now & how to use some of the cameras to scout and hax0r. Managed to get a slightly better gun and considerably better aim too!
  4. Yeah it's a horror show. I discovered tonight that using the dpad shifts around the main boxes. Before that I was ready to kill someone having to use the cursor thing.
  5. I have no idea what I’m doing in the combat in this. It will sink in eventually but I feel like I’m just shooting at peoples heads with high powered sniper rifles and they’re just lolling. And if I try to do anything cyberey it’s pointless. and why is all this SHIT highlighted? Are white cubes just to be ignored?
  6. How do you holster your gun? Once I’ve whipped it out I only seem to be able to swap weapons, not chill.
  7. Yeah. Like many games that pack in a lot of environment padding “stuff” but none of it has any depth. And three guys standing next to each other in one early room are either triplets or the same model. I quite like it (PC, RTX2070) but the start of the story is a mess. The first BD session though - that is genius.
  8. Is there someone on here who is not a Stunt Race FX fan??
  9. That does look very like the fucked up HDR which is really stretched SDR that Vincent Teoh talked about.
  10. I did lol when I discovered the Talk button is the same as the “grab sitting woman having her lunch in a headlock and the only choices now are kill or incapacitate” button. and RB was “prime a grenade in the lift, no returns” button.
  11. Quite apart from the whole download and bugs thing... This is not the right day for it
  12. The Rhythm Section Woman gets embroiled in secret agent shit. Avoids most of the cliches. I love Jude Law. Just about worth watching but far from great. 2/5
  13. JoJo Rabbit 4/5 Maybe played it a little bit too safe. I don't know if it did the subject matter justice - especially given the current tendency towards nationalism - but I still really enjoyed it and it had some proper laughs, some tears and 2 fantastic performances.
  14. The Dark Red (2018 I think) 3/5. Would have been 4 if they’d done something more interesting with the closing third. Up to that point I thought it was excellent.
  15. Onward 3.5/5 - like others have said, feels more Dreamworks than Pixar, doesn't move the CGI industry on particularly but some very funny moments and some very heartwarming ones. The Hunt 3/5 - Quite a bit better than I expected. Lucy in the Sky 2/5 - Great acting from Portman but very confused. Unless they intended to illustrate that mental health issues are just all over the place, in which case they achieved that.
  16. choddo

    Ad Astra

    Or basically anything more interesting than
  17. choddo

    Ad Astra

    Just watched this and completely agree. I want my 2 hours back. I’m not spoilering any of this because I wouldn’t want anyone else to sit through it. Yeah there was a message in there but we knew it 5 minutes in. Absolutely terrible. The science was all over the shop. The jump through the rings to a tiny target from a spinning platform?! Jesus Christ. Worse than frozen space angel Leia. Using a nuclear explosion like a wave to surf on? The fact the surge things were coming from an antenna dish and yet all happened to be directly in line with wherever Brad was at the time?? We need to get to the launchbase on the far side of the moon, we’ll just drive. It’s only a quarter the diameter of the earth after all, with no petrol stations. And it turns out actually it’s just once you get over into the dark bit. seriously, fuck that. Space monkeys just ... for why? Space pirates who want to just shoot at people. the voiceover was mostly repetitive pap. it was 30 minutes too long and you got nothing for it. Meeting with his father was a total anticlimax. I was so uninterested I don’t even know what happened on the Lima. Someone tried to get out or something but Tommy wasn’t bad after all, he just got sad because there aren’t any aliens. He got great photos of a few planets though because going to Neptune (which is apparently now beyond the Sun’s photosphere? Is that what they said? Well so is the earth) makes a huge difference when shooting something light years away. and the audio mix wasn’t great. one good idea - the psych evals. oh and the easyjet moon flight. and the space antenna was pretty cool at the start. I cannot comprehend the reviews this got. edit: I almost forgot duck taping a pressurised helmet against the hard vacuum of space. “He’s dead”. You think? All instead of prioritising the locking and activation of monkey bursting compartment.
  18. Tempting but I sort of want to support local businesses if I can. I'll wait a bit longer but thanks for the link, might well use them if this goes on.
  19. So ... are Canon actually making any of these effing R5s or R6s?
  20. “Winter” was excellent. Properly tense. Those kids are good actors.
  21. That last episode had me shart myself
  22. Oh my word, happened across a superb combination today which got me to the end (and haven't they done a great job of that!) Shield of all bloody things. Didn't press attack once in the whole run. Got my Special Doomed up to about 160 with a +4 target bounce and then found something which buffed that by 189% so I was doing about 328 damage albeit delayed by 0.5s. Combined with entry level dash (x3) deflect which saved an awful lot of hurt, Cast that was those red Ares whirlpools amped up a fair bit in size and damage, and a Level 2 poseidon Call which I had at max power and didn't even need to use in the final boss fight. I think I used one resurrection ting in the whole game.
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