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  1. Does anyone know if there's a way to get Lightroom 6.x to recognise newer RAW formats ? I got the wife a sony rx100 and can't import the RAW files. I tried a trick using exiftool to modify the ARW files, which works on an Alpha7 III but doesn't work on these. Not keen on paying Adobe £120 a year, don't use it THAT much.
  2. The R has too much about it that's just a bit crap for the price they're asking. I'd take a used 5dMk4 ahead of that. Think I'll get an R6. I don't need the advanced video functions and I don't need 45MP or CFExpress. The only shame is the EVF looks amazing on the R5. But not £1600 amazing.
  3. The price of that R5 is indeed a bit tasty The R6 does look very good. wtf is this 2.4GHz only wifi though? On a £2500 camera, that is proper cheapskate bullshit. I don't like that bloke saying E-O-S. Can someone stop him?
  4. Yeah, but I know I'm going to suffer from spec jealousy if I opt for an R6 (assuming it actually exists)
  5. Having looked for a new SLR for a while and not found anything quite right yet, I'm quite looking forward to this tomorrow. https://www.canon.co.uk/pro/events/reimagine-live-event/ The assumed EOS R5 launch
  6. I can see that but I guess I just found him too much of a wanker to buy into that. He was probably the only character I actively disliked in the whole game (except for Abby during her golfing phase. Oh and I wasn’t too keen on the slavers)
  7. Anyway - 9/10. Such fantastic character work. Completely hooked me into the Abby redemption story. I really, really didn’t want to fight her at the end. More than I didn’t want to fight Ellie at the end of act 2 although once the little shit carved me up that soon changed. Loved the lack of loading times (though it cost me a few VERY late nights) The little guitar interlude with Nina was the point it swung for me. Up until then I couldn’t buy into the Ellie & Nina relationship. Their horse being blown up was a gut punch. And at the end I was so upset for Ellie having lost everything. 1 point lost for dragging out some of the action scenes. Two or three were just rinse & repeat. And for the gratuitous sex scene that totally undermined Abby’s character. She would and should have kicked Owen in the nuts.
  8. My kids (17, 15 going on 20) were watching me play when I first got that and they LOVED it. I did apologise to them for exposing them to such ultraviolence.
  9. Good to see that she’s had enormous support from the twitter community. Hope she can put these frustrated kidnerds out of her mind.
  10. Mate! Bonkers clubbing scene in your gaff. Nice card. I had to sit for an interview with the bank manager before I was allowed an RTX2070
  11. choddo


    Got this in the steam sale. Help me out here peeps, after 5 minutes, I hate it with a passion. Is it just because it seems to be allergic to the 360 pad or do I just have no soul?
  12. @SeanR If they just want one versatile lens - get the EF-M 18-150mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM For a light big range zoom, it's ok apparently. I wouldn't be arsed to get a bigger heavier EF-S lens needing an adapter, to get slightly sharper pictures image gallery https://www.dpreview.com/samples/9488673812/canon-ef-m-18-150-f3-5-6-3-is-stm-gallery-posted
  13. I thought Annihilation was good for the first 30 minutes then completely forgot what it wanted to say.
  14. I just want to say that I loved episode5. Is that part of the rubbish second half of the series? The Formula E race was a bit lame but it picked up after that.
  15. It's starting to get a bit difficult now, about 20% in and I feel like I've got the wrong number of thumbs.
  16. I've got an X anyway so I might go for the big OLED & better controller option Cheers! edit: Yeah I think that was the right choice, lovely 4k HDR
  17. Is this as good as the ads suggest? And if so, any notable differences between the PC or xbox ?
  18. Oh I see! Doh. I didn’t go back off this page in case I ran into other spoilers as I (obviously) wasn’t up to date when I wrote it. Yes I do now. Ta thought I’d missed something.
  19. Sorry thought I was behind everyone else if that’s a spoiler. Have edited it.
  20. Help me out here. I think I might have slept through the last couple of episodes of season 2 or something. Spoiler from the start of episode one or the end of season 2 or something. I don’t fucking know...
  21. Your sign-ups for committee candidature are most welcome! Supporters will be able to stand and vote, please see the full process here To put yourself forward, please reply in this thread To become a supporter, please see the Rllmuk Store link. Thanks!
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