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  1. Not sure if this best sits here or in Off-Topic, so feel free to move. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/sep/16/home-computing-pioneer-sir-clive-sinclair-dies-aged-81?fbclid=IwAR37LNVqQHRZ8-MH3DsXbIowiz8FOIbchASD_y2xIVRWUZICqpqJ8-6KptU Sir Clive passed this morning. He was 81. Given the average age of this forum, I’d imagine his creations played a pivotal part of many of our childhoods.
  2. Surprised by the KOTOR news. I thought all the Old Republic stuff had been declared as non-canon by Lucas? I wonder if they’ll have to tamper with the story to get it past Disney? Hopefully, it’ll be a success so we can the superior KOTOR II.
  3. theredstar


    Yep, that's the one. Didn't realise it had been released.
  4. theredstar

    PS5 Pro

    Do we think 8k TVs will be widespread by 2023? They seem to be catering for a market that might not even exist.
  5. theredstar


    That’s a good selection, but hopefully a few more to come. Klingon Hono(u)r Guard and A Final Unity would be good, plus Starfleet Academy (and it’s Klingon sequel).
  6. I've just finished UC 1, and whilst the end isn't great (and the final boss battle is rubbish), I don't think the it seemed rushed to me. I think the bit in the submarine base was actually one of the better bits.
  7. Any idea of when this will be coming out of beta?
  8. Cover at left back seems the most urgent need. I rate McGinn, I think he had a poorish season as he was played too deep. He’s more productive further up the pitch. A really good DM would free him up. Luis is a DM for a better team than us, a team who have more possession and need the DM to act as a springboard for attacks. We need a filthy clogger who likes kicking people.
  9. Ings is a really odd signing. Villa have consistently brought in young players with the potential to improve - Ings doesn’t fit that at all. It must mean that Wesley isn’t seen as coming back in any sort of form, a shame as I thought he’d turn into a decent player.
  10. F1 2000 seems a little late to the party. Good of them to keep supporting the PS2 this late in its life cycle.
  11. Agreed, but a bit of a spoiler to say it’s linked to Insurrection. Winslade’s art is amazing, proper lovely, black and white line work. As far as I’m aware his stuff never comes up for sale, which is a shame, as I’d love some original Lawless pages.
  12. After an initial read I can wholeheartedly recommend Insurrection and Mechanismo. Both feature some lovely McNeill artwork.
  13. And why does it want 45.7 GB of space on the internal storage to update GTA V, when it's stored on an external drive? And how much space does it need to update F1 2021. Don't tell me there's an error and when asked for details say 'Something has gone wrong'. No shit. Sony's OS software is shit. It's been shit since PS3 days and isn't getting any better. Microsoft's stuff is so far ahead it's scary.
  14. Wingman is great. Played it on GoG and it’s got an Ace Combat feel. Terrible story, but great combat. Was hoping it would come to consoles, but it doesn’t appear likely.
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