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  1. Would agree with most of that, but I’d add Ramsay to the improvement pile.
  2. Graphic in the bottom left corner of 4 gave it away to me.
  3. Pretty good I’m imagine. His injury record would concern me, and I don’t see him as much of an upgrade on what we’ve got. Still, he’s played for Liverpool and is therefore a ‘winner’.
  4. Suggestions that Gerrard has told Konsa’s agent that he’ll listen to offers for him. Arsenal allegedly interested. Konsa is our best defender, not sure what he’s done to piss Gerrard off. I get the impression that Gerrard thinks a lot of the squad are mentally weak, and are happy settling for ending up 10th (or thereabouts).
  5. Looks like Garry Leach has passed away, he was 67. Probably most famous for drawing Alan Moore’s Miracleman, he drew some early Dredds and some of the first episodes of the VCs. Never fell out with Moore, which is a miracle in itself. https://www.cbr.com/garry-leach-miracleman-marvelman-obituary/
  6. Properly gutting news for me. They’ve been a constant companion on my dog walks for years.
  7. He’s already raised £17.5 million. Surely, this is more profitable than his normal deal. I wonder what his publisher thinks?
  8. There have been two previous Rebellion bundles. As far as I can see the only cross-over with this is Hondo City Blues, Mega City Undercover and (I think) one of the Devlin Waughs. This is mainly Treasury of British Comics bundle, which wasn't included before.
  9. There’s another Humble comics collection available. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/rebellions-masters-british-comics-featuring-judge-dredd-2000-ad-treasury-british-comics-books?fbclid=IwAR3kZSHRRlb3xRnW4y2-je9R98M9UQ6ICcACbMqhQ9rtWKRmfrx3GWJcRS0 Not just 2000AD, it includes a fair bit of rebellions treasury of British comics stuff. There’s also David Roach’s marvellous Masters of British Comic Art, and all three volumes of the Trigan Empire. Then there’s all three volumes of Charley’s War. From the prog/Meg, there’s Cursed Earth, The Small House and Day of Chaos. Plus three volumes of Lawless, featuring Phil Winslade’s epic hand drawn artwork. For less than £20, it’s an absolute no brainier.
  10. You think they’d be busting a nut to keep their place. Gerrard obviously has problems with their attitude, rather than their ability. He wanted Targett to stay and fight for his place, but he wasn’t up for it. Gerrard has repeatedly said he doesn’t want us to be a club who wins one, then loses one, and a lot of that speaks to the players being content to poorly along in mid table. I think there’ll be a lot of exits in the summer, including a fair few of our bigger names.
  11. Cam’s been poorly for a long time, hopefully he’ll be ok.
  12. Can't see anything about this anywhere. Where did you here it?
  13. Loved Cam's stuff. Got some pages direct from him a couple of years ago. Was an absolute gent.
  14. Sad news. Ian Kennedy passed away over the weekend. He was 89. Not massively prolific in the prog, and might be more familiar from Commando covers. He was a brilliant artist for planes. But when 2000AD met Messerschmitts, then he was fucking brilliant.
  15. I’d agree it’s going through a poorish patch, but that’s always a possibility with portmanteau comics. There are times when every strip is great, times when a few are and times like now. Agree with Ste that Dredd the musical was great. Love sensitive Klegg. Disagree about the quality of the art though. Henry Flint and Chris Weston are both great. Colin McNeill is still active, and whilst I don’t think the colouring sometimes helps his art, it’s still good stuff. You can buy original pages from him relatively cheaply, and it’s really interesting to see how his style has changed. I think he’s really under appreciated. Tom Foster’s stuff, although rare is consistently brilliant. D’israeli is interesting and whilst I’m not a huge fan of The Out, the art is fine.
  16. My best mate is an Albion fan, and he’s horrified at the thought of Bruce. Fans were complaining that the football was too direct under Ismael - why would Bruce be seen as an upgrade. When he was Villa manager the football was dreadful (although in fairness he did stabilise the club when he first took over). In my experience, Albion fans want to see the club play like their glory days under Big Fat Ron. Find a young progressive manager and stick with the project.
  17. Better Enzo Ferrari than Steve Bruce. What is about football (and Tory politicians) that rewards serial failure with generous rewards? Surely, there’s cross-over potential. Chris Grayling to manage the Albion, Alan Pardew as Home Secretary.
  18. If it was Microsoft, I might agree, as they might get their engineers to create a workaround (like back compat), with no burden on devs. Can’t see why devs would invest the time or money, for very few new sales, when they’ll be trying to make new games. I’d love to be wrong, but I can’t see it happening.
  19. Don’t think it’s likely, the new headset is meant to use inside out tracking; it’d be a big job to convert the old camera tracking data.
  20. Just picked this up from GOG. Any recommendations for a starting class for someone with no real experience of Pathfinder? Played a bit of Kingmaker, but never really understood the complexities. Not played a paper RPG since MERP, so even finding the opening choice of class/race to be overwhelming. How can their be five sub classes of Druid?
  21. It’s costing us £4m in wages, with an option to buy for £35 mil. If he’s 80% of the player he was, he’ll be great. If he’s 8% he’s still better than AEG. We’re meant to be interested in Hickey at left back, who looks ok on paper, but I don’t see enough Italian football to judge. No idea who we’ll try and get in as a DM. I thought we might move Tuanzebe there, but that’s a non starter now.
  22. I’m presuming he’d be in addition to the defensive reinforcements we need, rather than instead of. Not sure what percentage of his wages we’d be paying, but I don’t think money is the major consideration. Will he improve the current team? Will he help bring on less experienced players, or disrupt their progress? I think the first one is a definite yes, and the second is unknown. Supposedly, he’s a good pro who works hard and doesn’t cause any trouble, so I’d hope he’d be a positive influence. I think the board see him as a way of raising the profile of the club, much like Gerrard. Having said all that I think he’ll go to Newcastle or Spurs.
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