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  1. Any chance of Bennett being recalled from his loan? Or push Lescott out to left back?
  2. Jesus, I'd forgotten about Pearson. I hope it's not him. I can't see Moyes being ready to leave Spain yet, and I can't see Rodgers being keen. Is John Gregory still working? Or Big Fat Ron?
  3. Wish list for his replacement? Anyone beyond Moyes and Rodgers?
  4. As a stand alone Best Served Cold is the best one to pick up to see if you like Abercrombie's style. Having said that, I'd agree with the earlier poster, get them all.
  5. Moyes is being bandied about as well. I thought he was doing OK in Spain?
  6. I don't think the board will pull the trigger on Tim until the New Year (probably after the transfer window has closed). Me, I'd sack him now, and get Big Sam before he goes to the Mackems. I hate Allardyce and the dreadful, regressive football he plays. But at least it's effective, dreadful, regressive football. Bring on the Dudley Dinosaur.
  7. I don't fancy our chances today. If we don't start stringing some wins together, then I can see Allardyce being parachuted in. I think Sherwood's teams depend on confidence. Bereft of that, the various tactical problems lie exposed.
  8. Worst start to a season since we last got relegated. Probably just a coincidence.
  9. Rudy Gestede, Jordan Veretout and Adebayor (on loan) all meant to be inbound in the next couple of days. It packs the squad out, if nothing else, but can't claim to have much knowledge of the first two. And too much knowledge about the third
  10. I'm not sure Austin is the answer. From the bits I've seen, he's more of an out and out finisher like Bent, and doesn't contribute much outside the box. I'm not sure we can carry him, when we're not attacking. If we could, why not just keep Bent? We defo need a decent striker. Benteke has kept us up on his own for the last three seasons, and Gabby isn't the answer (unless the question is 'who has one good game in fifteen'). Yet again, the club looks directionless and I'm fairly sure we'll be in a relegation dogfight again.
  11. And he's gone. I don't particularly object to him going to city, it just sticks in my throat after saying he was staying.
  12. Where does he fit in? Is Sanchez on his way out? I've always thought Sanchez was ok (given it was his first season).
  13. Ultimate General Gettysburg is great, well worth picking up at that price.
  14. It's got me Van Helsing 3, Black Mesa and Outcast 1.1. Money for nothing (and the chicks are free).
  15. But I was lead to believe PC gaming was dead?
  16. I can never seem to join a game. I think Steam is still collapsing under the weight of traffic. You think they'd have a better idea of numbers by now - it seems to happen every sale.
  17. 1300 cards left to mine, about 200 sold. £15 raised. I might have to run two PCs to double my output.
  18. Well, they were by our bunch of wrackers. Just overran us in midfield - needed at least one more body in there. Zoe and Grealish were hopeless.
  19. Sherwood was always going to make us into a team who will either thump teams, or get thumped. Basically, we're an eggshell armed with a hammer. They'll be good days and bad ones, but at least Sherwood seems to understand he's got to entertain fans (in this instance Southampton's). I'll settle for that over Lambert's safety first policy of fear.
  20. I think you can do it in Steam now. Just move all the app manifest files from the one SteamApps folder to the other, and then move the actual games to the folder SteamApps\Common. When you restart Steam it'll pick everything up. It just appears to work from cataloguing the manifest files. I download on one PC, then move everything to my games machine. Works every time. Steam mover is OK, but I've had problems with the occasional game.
  21. Not showing on the store for me.
  22. Strange time to sack Lambert, with the transfer window just closed. Typical of the mess the club is in right now. They should have got rid of him six weeks ago, and nabbed Pulis, when he was available. The football might have been wretched, but at least it would be effective. There's no one available at the moment who's any cop - Sherwood would be a disaster. Better to accept that relegation is a certainty, and plan to get a decent young manager in to try and bring us back up. Perhaps Howe, if Bournemouth don't make it up.
  23. Looks great, but I was hoping Homeworld: Cataclysm would be part of the package.
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