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  1. Me too. Another dull day of sales. Another day I remain solvent. I've beaten you, Gabe, do you hear me?
  2. Another day where there's nothing I want. Three days without buying anything in a Steam sale - it's a personal best.
  3. I haven't got time to play the games I've already got, without adding a self created pile of shame.
  4. The best moment from yesterday's game was after the 2nd goal, Westwood turned around to applaud the back five. Team spirit, the thing we've lacked for ages, seems to have been instilled by Lambo. Youngest team in the prem this season, so I still think we'll get the occasional hiding, but I'm beginning to think we'll be ok. That result will do loads for confidence. Still, a couple of buys in the transfer window wouldn't go amiss.
  5. I wouldn't mind if no-one else wants it.
  6. Yep, me too. I've been trying to buy Ridge Racer for Vita all day, but no joy. Hope it's sorted before the racing sale ends.
  7. theredstar


    And they've just released Bioforge. Perhaps the last great game released by Origin. Hopefully Strike commander/Pacific Strike will be next.
  8. That's proper gutting, I fucking loved the Lords of Midnight games. I must have spent hundreds of hours playing them. I still fire up the PC remakes every now and then to have a quick play. They were so far ahead of heir time it was frightening. Midwinter and its sequel were great as well, though I wasn't as keen on Starlord. A real loss.
  9. I've got a Game of Thrones - Genesis going spare if anyone fancies one. It's not much cop, but free stuff is free stuff, no?
  10. Suspended at the moment. Bugger, I'd quite like a copy of Showdown.
  11. Not Steam related, but Gamersgate have the excellent Unity of Command on sale for £12.48. It's got great reviews - like here http://www.pcgamer.com/review/unity-of-command-review/. RPS write about it here http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/02/25/wot-i-think-unity-of-command-stalingrad-campaign/ It's the first time I've seen it on sale, and it's only up for the next 18 hours or so.
  12. Yep, it's pretty easy. I finished on Easy without any real problems and I'm proper shit at games.
  13. Huzzah! defo still in. PM me as soon as you've paid and I'll get a bank transfer sorted.
  14. I am, but I can't do Paypal, so it would have to be by bank transfer.
  15. Fuck me. Summer sale + 1 day, and already Gabe is testing me. Deal of the day is Jade Empire @ 75% off. A mere day I purchased it at a 50% discount.
  16. Is any of the Gotham Imposters DLC worth getting?
  17. Ran Ran fine on my setup. OKish action RPG that I got about 20hrs out of before I got bored. I found a massive difficulty spike when I got the dragon powers, and my interest was waning at this point anyway, so I gave up. Up until then I found it a decent time filler. Probably worth £8, but I think there are better options to scratch an RPG itch.
  18. I thought it was a bit of are return to form after the cel shaded one. A bit more of a traditional platformer? It's my second favourite after Sands of Time.
  19. Is this the last day of the sales, or will there be new offers at 6pm tomorrow? Normally, the last day is a 'best of' the sale, but as there's been a fair few repeat offers already, I'm not sure what'll happen.
  20. Added (my friend list is also pitifully small - I'm Ulianov99). Also voted.
  21. Another vote for Warlock, but I think Rayman will win.
  22. Pleased that Shadow Planet got a flash sale, been looking to get it cheap since it was released.
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