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  1. There are the two H.A.W.X games, which are OKish, and the JASF game that's on sale for a tenner. JASF got pretty poor reviews, but it might be worth a punt. Flight sims seem to have died off since I started PC gaming in 1993, where every other game was a Microprose flight sim. If you're not totally wedded to the idea of a jet sim, then I'd reiterate the earlier recommendation for WWI sim Rise of Flight.
  2. Any thoughts on Iron Front:Liberation? It looks good graphically, but the fact I've never heard of it worries me.
  3. Anyone rather than Mutton, but Lichaj has always looked decent when I've seen him. I'd have thought replacements for Dunne and Collins were higher priority.
  4. With the way we're losing season ticket sales, I can't see how McCleish can stay. But, given Faulkner's recent decisions, I'm ruling nothing out.
  5. I think that was just before he broke into a heartbreaking rendition of 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor.
  6. Well, it's certainly not a season we'll forget in a hurry. Loads of rumours that Lambert from Norwich has been sounded out to replace McCleish. He'd be ideal, although he'd want to join our rancid outfit at the moment, I have no idea. Perhaps if he's been secretly tapped up, he'll throw the last game of the season, ensuring his new club are still in the top flight? It's probably our best hope.
  7. If we go down (and I think we probably will), then there's every chance McCleish will still be retained, as 'he has experience of getting teams out of that tough league'. I don't think we can afford to sack him, and he'll never get another job in football after this, so he won't walk away. Even if he does go, we'll go for another safe pair of hands, which is what's been wrong with our club, in both player and manager recruitment, for 20 years. I think a couple of years out of the Prem might freshen the club up, Staying up has been the be all and end all for too long, and made the club conservative and sluggish.
  8. I've been waiting for Evochron for ages. Instapurchase.
  9. WTF have they done to their website? Viewing it on my iPad and it's a right mess.
  10. Sleepwalking towards relegation. We've lost what little momentum we had. Whilst teams around us are gritting their teeth and fighting for their lives, we've given up and are hoping other teams results will keep us up. Bring back Billy McNeil, bring back Dr. Jo. Neither was as bad as this shower of shit.
  11. Villa, Wolves and Blackburn to go down. I doubt if Villa will get another win this season - we certainly won't deserve one if we continue to play we are. McCleish will play for a draw against Bolton, and they'll go one up, forcing us to use our tried and tested tactic of hoofing it long to Ivanhoe Heskey. After the game McCleish will blame it all on Samir Carruthers, a 20 year old, played out of position, for missing an 'easy' chance. He'll then state he has proven experience of getting teams out of the Championship, and he fully intends to see out his contract as the 20th best manager in the world.
  12. Yep, part of me thinks it would be in the clubs long term interest to get relegated. It might start a root and branch reform that we desperately need. What we really need is to set a club ethos for the way we want to play, then recruit managers who will play that way. Rather than chopping and changing playing styles with each manager, with the turnover in playing personnel this entails. Look to Swansea who picked up managers who built on their established base, compare to us who lurch from hoofball to passing to shit hoofball. If we stay up, we'll just have the same situation next season. Terrible performances that just turn the atmosphere to poison, and are causing the club to rot from the inside out. Unfortunately, even if we go down I think McCleish will stay, as Faulkner will argue that he has experience of "getting clubs out of a difficult league". Even if it was him that got the club into the league in the first place. As an indication of how bad things are, there's every chance Heskey will be given a new contract. I think things may get a lot worse yet.
  13. I don't think we will be safe. We've got a dreadful run in, a fair few injuries, and no stomach for a fight. Plus a tactically inept manager.
  14. Wigan and QPR are both winning. We're being dragged into the relegation battle.
  15. His book analogy is more relevant. If games go the same way, it'd be grim.
  16. I don't know if it being on PSN first will be a deal breaker. Joe Danger was released on Live, so if they could add some nominal improvements/additions to Stranger's, I see no reason why MS wouldn't bite.
  17. Is Albrighton giving us Blue Steel from Zoolander on purpose?
  18. It's a dark day when Deadly Doug's tenure is seen as a golden age. The heady days of Randy and MON rolling in seem a long time ago, don't they?
  19. My typewriter/monkey theory looks better each game. Let's get one of those monkeys in a shirt and play it at full back - it couldn't be worse than Warnock and Hutton.
  20. Yep, been trying to get on for the last hour or so, and it's useless.
  21. Given the infinite number of typewriter, infinite number of monkeys theory, McCleish was bound to get his tactics right eventually. Following the same theory, it was also inevitable that Steven Ireland would eventually have a good game. I still expect to lose to Swansea.
  22. If no one else wants it, I wouldn't mind trying it.
  23. Christ this is piss poor. That reception bit was dreadful.
  24. I've got a spare copy of Dungeons: The Dark Lord if anyone is interested.
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