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  1. Liverpool were only bidding against themselves for Downing, but we stuck to our guns about that. Wigan are completely within their rights to demand what they feel is a fair price. N'Zogbia's not the most stable of sorts and I wouldn't want to be the Wigan manager if he's still there after the close of the transfer window. Equally, we need to get him in ASAP to have a pre-season with him. It's just a game of brinksmanship, and we'll see who blinks first. Allegedley, Wigan said the price was £9m and then upped it after we got the Downing cash. That's a bit cheeky
  2. He and Dunne will be a marriage made in Heaven. And by Heaven I mean the gentleman's club on Broad Street.
  3. Yes, but save some pity for Mancini who is going to have to get Tevez, Balotelli, Dzeko and probably Aguero into his dynamic 4-5-1 formation.
  4. This is the one of the thing American sports get right. They understand competetitiveness is essential to the lifeblood of a sport. How the FA/Premier League can fail to see this is beyond me.
  5. I've said this before, in the main football thread, but for me, football is now a largely pointless exercise. There is bugger all chance of any club with Villa's resources challenging for the league. Any time a team gets a few decent players together that look like they might do something, the big four (or five now with Man City), come along and dismantle the threat. We've had it recently, and before us Spurs. Players are so well paid, that winning things is the only thing they're concerned with - the best way to do this is to join an already successful club, rather than risk staying at a club that might win something eventually. Only an absolutley massive investment of capital can get a club into the top four, and the money the Champions League brings. Lerner spent big for two seasons and fell short. The emergence on Man City has changed the game completely - the amount they can spend is beyond the realms of any other club - £27 million on Milner? All he's going to be is a squad player for them. I completely agree with Nayson, that our board have seen this and cut their cloth accordingly, and to an extent I'm fine with this. But, if we accept we're not going to win anything, and a decent cup run is the best we can hope for, then the least they should do is try and provide entertaining football. Hire a manager who wants to play exciting football, someone who will pick some prospects from the lower leagues, or abroad and try and thrill a crowd. Accept that these players will move on, but reinvest the profit. Look to Udinese as for role model. It's a pretty poor league, so a decent coach should be able to do that without getting us relegated. Whatever you do, don't hire a boring defensive minded coach who plays percentage football, and looks to score all his goals from set pieces. Oh.
  6. I don't think it's a coincidence that every defence Given plays behind is a disorganised shambles. A decent shot stopper, but doesn't command his area enough. McCleish on the tv today saying we're only looking at one more signing. That'll leave the squad a little thin. Two experienced centre halves with Clark as back-up? Collins has loads of injury problems, so I think we'll be in the shit at some point, when Dunne is too pissed to play.
  7. Agreed. Consistent player with no real weaknesses. Unspectacular, but delivers goals and assists, and puts a shift in. Proper team player as well. A real loss for us.
  8. It's defo our last big sale. Other than Bent, who would attract a significant fee? Also, I'm not convinced that all of the Young and Downing fees will be reinvested, let alone any additional funds. N'zogbia is both inconsistent and mental. Him and Ireland would make for a frisky dressing room. I wonder what Lerner's ambitions are now. When he started, he talked about trying to break into the top four. What can he reasonably expect now - mid table at best, I'd have thought.
  9. It's on Teletext now as well. No word on the price. What happened to not for sale at any price? Two days ago the board told Liverpool we wouldn't consider selling him, and to not bother bidding. Today we're helping him pack his locker. Have we actually got 11 players left? This is going to make McCleish's job more difficult, it's inevitable certain fans will hold him responsible. We're rapidly turning into a total joke. We buy a decent striker, who we've been crying out for, and then sell all the players who can create chances for him. Does it all rest on Albrighton? Unless we buy quickly, it'll be a long, grim season at VP.
  10. £15 million? He's still got two years on his contract, so unless they go up to £20 mil, I'd tell them to fuck off. If Ash was worth £15mil in his last year, then Downing has got to be worth more. Something is defo wrong at VP at the moment - all the decent players are looking to get to the lifeboats. God knows what Bent makes of this.
  11. It's not just rich, it's hyper-rich. Lerner's no pauper, but he's out of his league without a Champions League revenue stream. He splashed out a fair bit to chase that, but Villa fell well short, and the club is in a bit of bother financially.
  12. And will sell them for close to £60 million. That just shows how little £25 million is worth today. Even a middle rank Premier League team like Villa can't keep hold of it's players. The Champions League has all but killed competitive football in this country for all but a few teams. When I grew up a team like Forest (or, indeed Villa) could win the league. There's no chance of that now. Players (like Milner) are happier to be bit part players at CL clubs, then risk spending time at a club trying to break the fouropoly. The CL generates so much revenue it imbalances the league, and makes it impossible for a team to build slowly. It's depressing.
  13. How many episodes of the Danish version are there? I've downloaded a version from Usenet, that has 10 episodes. There's also a version on Demonoid with 20 episodes. Which one is right?
  14. When's the Summer Sale due to start? I quite fancy Divinity 2, but don't want to splurge on it, and find it turns up in another sale, cheaper, in a weeks time.
  15. That's a long way down from Acorns Hospice.
  16. Money wise, I'd expect just south of not much. The worse was that Benitez wouldn't take the job as he wanted £30 mil to spend, and Lerner wouldn't stump up that much. The general consensus is that one of the major reasons we got McLeish is that he was willing to work on the cheap. I'd be surprised if we got all the Ashley Young money to spend, let alone anything else on top.
  17. I was thinking that really, McLeish needs to get a marquee signing to help get the fans on side, and show his intent to move away from his anti-football. A signing like Gourcouff would completely disarm the anti mob, and signal that he intends to play some fottball. Unfortunately, I think he's more likely to buy a slightly over the hill dog of war who's looking for one more bumper pay day. My guess is Joey Barton.
  18. There's a rumour circulating that we're looking to get Craig Gardner back at VP. Being as he's a bluenose, and has taken badge kissing to new height I'd have thought this unlikely, but you never know. Perhaps McLeish is trying to get the old gang back together, like in the Blues Brothers. And that ended in a car crash as well, if I remember rightly.
  19. It'll be less exciting with an Alex McLeish team in there.
  20. I probably didn't make myself clear. I'll still support the Villa no matter what, and you're right that it's more than a hobby. My frustation with this McLeish issue is much more than I'd experience than if a favourite author put out a crap book, or if a decent game developer went to the wall. What I'm not going to do is pay money to make myself angry and frustrated watching dire football. I've got other demands on both my time and money, and it's unfair on my other half to ruin a Saturday by coming back in a foul mood. I'm 42 and can't justify coming home in a strop any more -she gets enough of that when I come back from work. Perhaps it's because the obsessive level of football support means I have to give myself some distance before I have an stroke. The only sanction I have as a fan is to withdraw my financial support. I'm with Barry Glendenning on this - I'm not going to march from a pre-match pub I normally go to, to a game I normally go to, to show my dissent.
  21. I'm not with the 'support your club no matter what' group. I'm not a season ticket holder, but I probably go to about 8-10 home games per season. I'm not paying £40 to see ten men behind the ball hoofball. Villa are a hobby that need to compete with other forms of entertainment, and I don't think McLeish will offer that. We need to be honest, we're not going to win the league, or break into the top four - so what we should be doing is keeping people entertained. Up until now I think Lerner has done well in trying to foster a community atmosphere at the club, refurbing the Holte pub and allowing fans to training sessions. He's undone all this goodwill in one fell swoop. I really don't see any way back for him, unless as you said, McLeish does stunningly well.
  22. I'm with PinkMoon, at the first sign of a bad run; or more likely the first bad result, the fans will turn on him. The atmosphere at VP will be poisonous, which is hardly conducive to the free flowing, attractive football that fans want to see. It's not going to encourage the players to express themselves, which will lead to scrappy, disjointed performances. The fans will blame McLeish for this, and the cycle will continue. It's the most puzzling appointment I can remember at the Villa (and one of the most puzzling in recent football). I can't see Lerner's logic - McClaren discounted due to fan disquiet; Hughes discounted due to breaking a contract. McLeish ticks both these boxes, but gets the job. Bizarre.
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