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  1. Speedball 2 released. Universal app. £2.39.
  2. And me, I'm really liking the look of it.
  3. I think by 3G they mean the download method (i.e. Not over wi-fi), rather than the iPhone model.
  4. Civ V only £10.90 on Saturday from Green Man Gaming. It's a Steamworks game, so I'm guessing they'll just send you a code? Link: http://www.greenmangaming.com/promo/2k-week/
  5. Dead Space for iPad reduced to £2.99.
  6. NBA Jam's not an iPad game is it? Thought it was just iPhone at the mo'.
  7. You just like the Stanfield boy, because he plays for the Villa. Boy got game.
  8. X-Com, Ultima underworlds, eye of the beholder!!!!!
  9. I don't think we can afford not to get one. Santa cruz on loan from Man City?
  10. It's obvious to evryone that we need a centre forward, and sharpish. Yet all the rumours are linking us with defenders and defensive midfielders (Adam excepted).
  11. Beating Sheff Utd. at the moment. Looks good for when we play them in the league next season!
  12. Agree. If we lose to both Sheff Utd and the Blues, then the board will have to get rid of Houllier. But it will leave whatever manager comes in in the same position as Houllier was - no chance to get your own players in and no time to impose his own style. We're a club in absolute crisis.
  13. Looks like it me. But £4.99 is a bit steep.
  14. I'm resigned to the fact we're getting relegated. I can't see a team we're better than, or where the next win is coming from. Has a manager ever caused such a catastrophic collapse before? Even Venglos wasn't this bad. If Houllier gets the sack, then who'd replace him? Big Sam?
  15. Just the last week I'd imagine. They did a best of the previous Sunday, for that weeks sale items.
  16. Good price for Mafia II. Not much else that grabs my fancy.
  17. What's the consensus on Sniper:Ghost Warrior? Worth £7.50?
  18. There's got to be some deals on Christmas day, surely? Gabe's present to the world.
  19. Doesn't seem to be to me. I don't play a huge amount, but the last patch fixed all the problems I had.
  20. I'll be getting King Arthur and New Vegas from that list. Might get the two latest Tom Clancy titles, if anyone could recommend them?
  21. I can recommend Wings of Prey. It's a top flight sim.
  22. Steam is getting caned, it's barely responsive and keeps forgetting what I've added to my cart. It's like a real world Christmas sale, two virtual people fighting over the last copy of Oddbox !! It's mine you bastard!!
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