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  1. If it was Microsoft, I might agree, as they might get their engineers to create a workaround (like back compat), with no burden on devs. Can’t see why devs would invest the time or money, for very few new sales, when they’ll be trying to make new games. I’d love to be wrong, but I can’t see it happening.
  2. Don’t think it’s likely, the new headset is meant to use inside out tracking; it’d be a big job to convert the old camera tracking data.
  3. Just picked this up from GOG. Any recommendations for a starting class for someone with no real experience of Pathfinder? Played a bit of Kingmaker, but never really understood the complexities. Not played a paper RPG since MERP, so even finding the opening choice of class/race to be overwhelming. How can their be five sub classes of Druid?
  4. It’s costing us £4m in wages, with an option to buy for £35 mil. If he’s 80% of the player he was, he’ll be great. If he’s 8% he’s still better than AEG. We’re meant to be interested in Hickey at left back, who looks ok on paper, but I don’t see enough Italian football to judge. No idea who we’ll try and get in as a DM. I thought we might move Tuanzebe there, but that’s a non starter now.
  5. I’m presuming he’d be in addition to the defensive reinforcements we need, rather than instead of. Not sure what percentage of his wages we’d be paying, but I don’t think money is the major consideration. Will he improve the current team? Will he help bring on less experienced players, or disrupt their progress? I think the first one is a definite yes, and the second is unknown. Supposedly, he’s a good pro who works hard and doesn’t cause any trouble, so I’d hope he’d be a positive influence. I think the board see him as a way of raising the profile of the club, much like Gerrard. Having said all that I think he’ll go to Newcastle or Spurs.
  6. The Guardian are saying we’re interested, so it might be plausible. He played with Gerrard, so there’s a personal link. If we can do a Golden Age Big Sam deal, and get a hungry pro, with a point to prove, then it’ll be a no brainer. He could be a great influence on some of the academy players, like Chukwuemeka. There’s a World Cup coming, so there’d me motivation. Or, he could be a fat passenger who’s after a pay day, and he’s a massive disruption.
  7. I keep getting loads of disconnects as well. I’m guessing the servers can’t cope with the volumes. The error codes are really odd - the last error code was apricot.
  8. The Wisdom of Crowds, Joe Abercrombie’s latest is in today’s daily deal.
  9. Came in here to post that. Didn’t realise she was Keith Chegwin’s sister.
  10. Just watched it. You’re much too generous.
  11. I’ve had the same problem with my Timesplitters 2 disc. Says it’s not a supported game.
  12. Blimey, that’s a good trick.
  13. Nope, I asked him that. Hopefully Curry’s will do another lottery round, and I can nab a code.
  14. Can I have an invite in anticipation of Tuesday? Gamertag is theredstar69.
  15. Just noticed that Colin Wanker has left ‘boro. Coincidence?
  16. I think the owners seem pretty clued up, I’d be surprised if they didn’t have a replacement lined up. Lot of talk about Favre but equal amount about Gerrard. Of the two I’d rather have Favre.
  17. A mate is trying to get one for his kid for Xmas, so if anyone has any ideas, I’d be grateful. He’s completely non techie, so bots and discord servers are a none starter.
  18. I was reading some of the comments on the link Broker posted. God, people depress me. Loads of anti semetic, racist, transphobic bullshit. None of it challenged, not of it modded. DSOgaming never struck me as a particular shit hole. Have I misjudged it, or is everywhere this bad?
  19. I think this will be the end for Smith.
  20. Won’t even start for me on Xbox. Just goes to a black screen. Seems it’s a known fault. Trying a reinstall to see if it fixes it - another 68.5 Gb download.
  21. Good point. Picked it up from HUKD who flagged it as PS5 compatible.
  22. Amazon had 980 pros on sale this morning for £125, but they appear to have sold out. How about this one, with fitted heat sink? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07V3Q8L7D?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE Not tried it in the PS5, but had one of theirs in my PC and it was fine. I think pretty much any gen 4 drive will be ok,
  23. Not sure if this best sits here or in Off-Topic, so feel free to move. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/sep/16/home-computing-pioneer-sir-clive-sinclair-dies-aged-81?fbclid=IwAR37LNVqQHRZ8-MH3DsXbIowiz8FOIbchASD_y2xIVRWUZICqpqJ8-6KptU Sir Clive passed this morning. He was 81. Given the average age of this forum, I’d imagine his creations played a pivotal part of many of our childhoods.
  24. Surprised by the KOTOR news. I thought all the Old Republic stuff had been declared as non-canon by Lucas? I wonder if they’ll have to tamper with the story to get it past Disney? Hopefully, it’ll be a success so we can the superior KOTOR II.
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