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  1. Are you sure about that ? I'm sure I saw something on BBC2 (the Money Program?) about this. The Distance Selling Act does allow you to return opened products, as you're allowed to see if they're suitable. The example they gave was a camcorder that a bloke had tried, didn't like and tried to return. The e-tailer refused, and was forced to when the Act was quoted. Some things are excluded - software and pants ( ) were the examples given. I don't know if unopened pants could be returned.
  2. Starsky and Hutch. Me and the missus had a great laugh playing this together. It never claimed to be anything than a disposable, fun game. Can't really comment on the single player. Silent Service 2 on the ST. The most atmospheric game I've ever played. Played it a darkened room. Once shouted at my then g/f for knocking on the door and asking whether I wanted a cup of tea. "For fuck's sake I'm on silent running - they'll hear you." Nobody else saw the pleasure in waiting 2 hours in utter silence waiting for a destroyer to go away. The pleasures of being unemployed and having loads of time.
  3. Cool. When's it out? XBox and PC, or are there other versions planned. And do I have to be Ryan McKnob this time ?
  4. Another vote for Laguna Seca, I remember the first time I drove it playing some Indycar game on the PC, I flew over the crest of the hill to realise I'd completely ballsed it up. Spa is fantastic circuit. The Nurboring (sp) in GP Legends. Actually,loads of great tracks in Legends.
  5. Oh right. Don't remember that. Didn't Warthog used to be owned by Microsoft? Did Starlancer? That fat Roberts (Erin?)bloke used to work there? What did they have against JP?
  6. Yes, I'm interested in this too. I thought you owned Zedtwo? Tell me to piss off if I'm being nosey
  7. Yes I had that feeling about Hugo Weaving as well. It's probably that he was so effective him in the Matrix that you can't imagine him as anything else. "You Dunedain are a bacteria Mr Aragorn ...."
  8. I hated that bit too. I gave up after about 12 attempts and feel no urge to return. Shame, as I was enjoying it up until then.
  9. Sorry, I meant traded in rather than traded for. Didn't make that very clear did I ?
  10. I wonder how much sales would increase were pre-owned to cease. We can't agree how many people trade it to enable them to buy new. If it's loads then you'll only see a small increase (perhaps even a decrease). My gut instinct is that price is the key factor. People trade in games to: 1. Get some money back 2. Because it galls them to see something of their shelf which cost them £40 which they'll never use again. Although obviously, the fact that Game make it so easy to trade has got to be a factor.
  11. Is there any evidence to show that the 2nd hand market is smaller for cheaper games? Is Pillage less likely to be traded than FFX-2? If so why? Just being Devil's Advocate.
  12. I agree. But it aint gonna happen is it? Pillage being an honourable exception of course
  13. Are there any legal ways to restrict 2nd hand sales? Or would you need a change in legislation?
  14. That's true. The fact that gaming is so expensive forces loads of consumers to trade in old games to finance new purchases. It's simply not necessary for less expensive items.
  15. But obviously loads of people do buy 2nd hand books. And 2nd hand CDs etc I agree the pricing is the key factor, but surely this just supports the argument that gaming has priced itself into a corner? If games were less expensive, would that make the 2nd hand market less damaging? Only if the market increased in size, to something equivalent to books/CDs/DVDs. Isn't this Fairplay again?
  16. I think you raise some really interesting points, but surely other businesses have 2nd hand markets as well? I can buy 2nd hand DVDs (at Game no less) - but I accept that number sold 2nd hand is a really small % of total sales. Perhaps books are a better example - 2nd hand book stores are really common, and there's been a thriving 2nd hand trade in books since the 19th century (wild guess). Why aren't book publishers falling at the same rate as software devs? Why don't we see Terry Pratchett bemoaning his lost income. BTW This isn't meant to be facetious - I'm genuinely interested.
  17. Kurosawa's the daddy. Have you read the joint Kurosawa/Mifune biography 'The Lion and the Emporer' (I think). It made me seek out the utterly fabulous Ikiru (which has just been re-released). Raging Bull is fantastic. Great acting, great direction. To Kill a Mockingbird. Heartwarming deep-South courtroom drama/coming of age flick.
  18. I'm guessing it's a forum based form of Tourettes.
  19. Frank Herbert's Dune on the PC (also on PS2 shite fans). Bugged to shit, crap graphic piss-poor controls. Irredeemable dross. Ducatti Racer (?) on the DC. I'm sure it was a wind-up. Even though I got dodgy pirate version, I felt short changed. Even as freeware they'd be overcharging. Bear Bovver on Spectrum. Don't know why but I hated it with a vengeance. I don't know why but it scarred my teenage psyche. Oh, and Airwolf was shit too.
  20. Game have got Magic maestro in their sale for £4.98. Other than that not much that I could see.
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