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  1. He’s gone really grey in four years. I’m bald, so I’m not being critical, but it’s been a long four years for Danny.
  2. You get extra points for purchases as well, plus you often get bonuses if you spend above a certain amount in sales. I’m on just over 205k in about 12 months. I reckon I’ll have enough points to buy a Series X, by the time they’re in stock.
  3. I think that looks fine, but lacks the creepiness of the original. It’s another remake, and it just reminds me how innovative Looking Glass were around this time. Really pushing the boundaries of tech and systems. After System Shock, their next game was Flight Unlimited, after that Terra Nova. I can’t see a studio switching genres as easily today. PC development in the early 90s was a golden age.
  4. I'm sure all versions of Control on PC have RTX. My version on Epic definitely does. I think it's next gen consoles where ray tracing is exclusive to the Ultimate edition.
  5. That’s a great line up, the best they’ve done for months.
  6. Very's website currently crashing if you search for Playstation 5.
  7. Since Barkley has come back from injury he’s not been up to much. I’d start Sanson to try and freshen things up. Not sure that I’d want Barkley to be a permanent signing either. Too inconsistent, and I’m not sure his attitude is right for us. I’ve heard Brooks from Bournemouth being mentioned as an alternative.
  8. I’m optimistic about Sanson . Recent buys have all turned out to be pretty astute. The first team is good, but the bench looks thin. Sanson can play in a number of midfield positions, so will be a useful but. Smith has done really well in actually coaching and improving players. Players who I thought were miles off the quality we needed now look the part. Konsa and Targett are the obvious ones, but Nakamba looked a much better player when he played yesterday. This is the most positive I’ve been as a Villa fan since O’Neill.
  9. I think they've gone out of copyright. No monthly deals this month?
  10. Totally agree. The art leaves me completely cold, and the story just confuses me. I can’t believe it’s been renewed so many times. On the plus point I really liked the Fiends story, and I found the end of the Dredd quite affecting.
  11. Completely agree. Worst mega epic since Inferno. Did Dredd really punch Death and kill him. Utter bobbins. Didn’t think much of Flint’s artwork either, and I normally love his stuff. The opening Dredd story in this month’s Meg is much better.
  12. I've got to go for an series X as it's the only way to get my disc based 360 and Bone games on back compat.
  13. There's a 2000AD Humble Bundle available. Seems good value, wide range of stuff. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/judge-dredd-2000-ad-more-books?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_2&fbclid=IwAR09sk6vxEY0fUe3m4TGEWOhmryYobjCEUuZMmy3-zIpX3-0vQn_txLBqNY
  14. It was great. However, there weren’t many other games for the machine. Somewhat fortuitously it broke after 3 months, and my Mom and Dad replaced it with a 48k Spectrum. A weaker machine, but loads more games.
  15. The first computer I ever owned was a TI 99 4A. The first game I had on it was this beauty.
  16. Consider it tempted. Last I heard he was in hospital with a burst appendix.
  17. Really interested in Erica, less so the other two (but only because I have them on other platforms). That's a good month, I think.
  18. Sony are emphasising value, rather than price. I reckon it'll be £550. Microsoft can afford to take a haircut on hardware. £449.
  19. Thanks for the recommendation, picked this up on kindle unlimited, and I’m really enjoying it. It reminds me of Robert Low’s Oathsworn series, though the writing here is better than Low’s. It’s one of those books that you want to savour and read in small chunks, so you can stop and think about it.
  20. Can’t wait for this. Loved the first two seasons. Just hope they can end it properly, and not do a Lost. Let’s hope German efficiency extends to story telling.
  21. Probably not. I found it frustrating, janky and hollow, and I think the devs have moved on, so it won't get any better. I only played a couple of hours, but it was enough to put me off. I mean, it's only £6, but I'd argue that there are better uses of your time and money
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