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  1. Bugger, missed it.
  2. How much is the discount from their eye-watering digital store?
  3. 2 I think. 3 is ok as well, but 2 is better. 2 is Rogue Leader and 3 is Rebel Strike. I know what you mean about Resi. Something I admire rather than like.
  4. Skies of Arcadia if you didn't play it on DC. The Resi Evil Remasters are all pretty good. Star Wars Rogue Squadron. The two Metroid games. It's a great console.
  5. No model 2 or 3? Well that's a pain and no mistake. Not enough power, or any other reason?
  6. Sorry, should have been clearer. Normally, there's just a magnet link to click. On the Youtube video the link looks like this: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:794a700b938a9f46440c4fdc90c5b1d2aeb7f311&dn=MLPshrunk.img Whilst, I'm here any one used the MLP 128Gb Attract mode image. Seems to have more Dreamcast and PS games than other versions. But no MS DOS stuff. Is it easy to add/change stuff if you use an image like MLP or Rey?
  7. To ask a stupid question, how do you get those magnet links at the bottom of the youtube videos of Nacho's image to work?
  8. I ran WinHIIP on Windows 10 with no problems. If you run it normally it won't read the IDE drive, but if you run it as Administrator, it works perfectly. I've just filled a 120Gb drive with no issues.
  9. Steam>Settings>Downloads>Add Library Folder. That should work.
  10. It's on their catch up service for the next 26 days as well.
  11. We've (Villa) got no chance of coming straight back up, unless there's root and branch reform of the whole club, not just the playing staff. I've been watching the Championship round up on Ch 5, and we look worse than any of them. i went yesterday, and as Nayson said, the atmosphere is toxic, much worse than the last time we went down. The players couldn't give less of a fuck if they tried, players like Gabby on £55k a week, ringing in sick because he has a cold. People (quite rightly) say most of the players need to go, but I doubt if we can give them away.
  12. theredstar


    Even less than that if you already own the non enhanced editions. I think they're about £2 each, in that case.
  13. Typical of what's wrong with the club. Disconnected from the fans and can't understand why he's getting grief after the worst home humping since Stanley Baldwin ran the country. He's meant to be a Villa fan for Christ's sake. If they play like this we'll struggle not to relegated from the Championship.
  14. Our worst home league defeat since 1935.
  15. I think there's every chance of us getting out of the Championship at the first attempt. Just down, not up.
  16. I wouldn't be too sure. When we've come up against lower league opposition in the cups, we've generally been found wanting. The club needs root and branch reform, and I'm unconvinced the current crew know what's needed, or how to do it. They've had half a decade of warning shots, and they've consistently ignored them. They've tried to run the club on a shoestring, selling the best players and replacing with unproven youngsters ( the current French kids) or old has-been so (Richardson, Cole). I think if we'd got Moyes, I'd have been more confident that at least one person had got their head screwed on. I quite like Garde, but I'm not sure if he's got the nous/experience to get a team out the Championship. But, it's typical of us at the moment, we act too late to get Allardyce (who I hate, but he knows the division), and too early/didn't push for Moyes.
  17. Fuck me Mystic Meg, you were spot on. Depressingly. Defo down. What's the lowest ever points total?
  18. How Star Wars conquered the Universe is a miserly 60p at the moment.
  19. Rise of Flight is excellent. WWI flight sim. Decent graphics, good flight model.
  20. Any chance of Bennett being recalled from his loan? Or push Lescott out to left back?
  21. Jesus, I'd forgotten about Pearson. I hope it's not him. I can't see Moyes being ready to leave Spain yet, and I can't see Rodgers being keen. Is John Gregory still working? Or Big Fat Ron?
  22. Wish list for his replacement? Anyone beyond Moyes and Rodgers?
  23. As a stand alone Best Served Cold is the best one to pick up to see if you like Abercrombie's style. Having said that, I'd agree with the earlier poster, get them all.
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