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  1. This looks like more of the same. Some ‘intergalactic threat’ that will involve lots of intense conversations and space battles. Boring.
  2. I enjoyed the first series of this, but I’m really wishing they focussed more on the space exploration and politics than all the relationships, which are largely very dull.
  3. The second episode was exceptionally boring. I’m not sure what the point of it was.
  4. Isn’t that the way that Google generally develop stuff? Release something in beta and then figure everything out. Problem is that Phil Harrison treated the beta launch for some tech as being the same as launching a new console.
  5. I'm mostly enjoying this, but it's probably the least 'scary' game with a horror style theme I've ever played.
  6. Where have these been circulating? All I can see is stuff about it being renewed for a fourth series.
  7. I’d say that with that episode, Discovery has reached its nadir. However, I’m sure the next episode will prove me wrong. Fucking AWFUL.
  8. Probably, I’ve forgotten how many copies I bought/sold that year!
  9. They seem intent on just repeating the same material ad nauseam. The premise for The Walking Dead: World Beyond is/was potentially interesting. Set some time later where people have rebuilt a semblance of society and have learned how to live with and manage the Dead, there’s a lot of ideas that could be explored. They could maybe think about how the youth that have grown up in this mess are maybe different to those who lived through and survived the original outbreak, or perhaps think about what aspects of earlier civilisation they want to reconnect with, or reject. It doesn
  10. Not if the only games you buy or care about are Fifa, COD and Fortnite. Obviously, Gamepass is absolutely brilliant, but I'm really interesting to see if Microsoft can grow it beyond the core they already have.
  11. It does, for the hardcore. But convincing people who only buy 2 or 3 games a year that they should pay £11 a month, during a global recession, may not be so easy.
  12. I think it's just the amount of time and effort that goes in to playing a Souls game that puts me off going back. I started 2 several times but never got very far. I will go back one day, I've been hoping for a Switch release of it. The listener who sent me the game was an old friend from secondary school! I still feel bad that I haven't finished it.
  13. I said I was looking forward to Resi 8 and will play it!
  14. It does, but it’s never amazing.
  15. This video does a good job of summing up the massive tone shift between pre-Abrams/Kurtzman Star Trek and what we have today. At its best, Star Trek is/was thoughtful in its exploration of humanity. 'Modern' Star Trek has no interest in that because its written by teenagers.
  16. I wish they wouldn’t have so many ships for these encounters. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t fit with the idea of the Romulans being a broken people, it lessens the stakes. A stand off between a few ships always feels far more engaging because the audience knows and cares about the crew on those ships. Instead we get Star Wars style battles in Star Trek that lack any kind of impact. Kurtzman is such a hack.
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