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  1. Lec begging for points
  2. Newcastle are the real deal this season. I hope they hang on here. The shit housery is wonderful.
  3. The FIA haven’t helped themselves. Before anything started they could have said, any overspend results in x point loss and x fine. Clear. People can weigh up if it’s worth it. Now they’re offering RB a lesser punishment. God.
  4. Safety carrrrr come on edit: dammit
  5. Still baffled by how far ahead Max is. I’m a massive Lewis/George fan but you can only appreciate what a drive this is.
  6. He’s doing alright now they’re worn in.
  7. Max Russ Ham podium incoming.
  8. Another 4.6 sec stop. It’s so bad for a top team.
  9. Max’s times have just been something else. Without the spin he would have won this by 10 seconds.
  10. Lucky Max lovely 3 second spin and straight back on it. He’s been unreal this race like.
  11. Omg I was not expecting that emotion!
  12. Baring

    Women's EURO 2022

    Russo absolutely deserves to start but why change the winning formula. It'll be interesting to see the line up.
  13. Baring

    Women's EURO 2022

    Didn’t realise it was in Sheffield until other day. Few friends going as they bought them during group stages. If anyone has a couple going let me know. edit: I hear transfers are now closed.
  14. 10 laps for Ferrari to claim the 3rd they would have had.
  15. Baring

    Women's EURO 2022

    She was wonderful tonight. Got everything spot on and looked in complete control. I was at the game tonight. The atmosphere was great. Who doesn’t love a Mexican wave or paper aeroplane hitting the turf.
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