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  1. Not like it’s last few minutes either. It’s 1-0 in the first half.
  2. Baring

    NFL 2021!

    Bbc all day, get to hear more plays being broke down and no adverts is bliss. A few of us at my neighbours, got a meeting at 9am though, gutted. I will only have a few and some coffee. Got a frozen pizza for 1am.
  3. My mates son spent £600 a while back he got half back from Microsoft.
  4. Disgraceful really, he has 2 young kids. Protest at the ground not at his house. I heard there were chants of hes going to die.
  5. Baring

    NFL 2021!

    Superb Owl is the new name for it now.
  6. I taught him everything he knows in our training. He’s so good it’s amazing to watch, especially how fast he builds and moves. Good luck to him I hope he does it.
  7. Crazy but I genuinely think Pulis would get better results than Ole. Unattractive but I bet they would be in that 4th spot.
  8. It isn’t a shock that Man U are losing at home again. Leicester will be 14 points clear of 5th. CL is on for the foxes next season.
  9. Baring

    NFL 2021!

    I've put my half day in at morning (morning off). Is it generally 12:30-4:30 the whole game?
  10. See David Meylers team? He's got like 25 mil in bank and best team going.
  11. Also I just love KDB. What a player. His passing is something else. Easily my favourite player and I’ve been lucky to see him twice this year for free
  12. I was at Bramall Lane tonight as a neutral. It was a class game the atmosphere was as good as it gets, especially for a team that lost. The blades never stopped singing and willing their team on, it was great to see. The players worked so hard to close City down and every tackle was greeted with cheers. City are so experienced in the dark arts they really got everything out of the ref. Fernandinho is so clever at what he does (basically cheating). The ref was atrocious and got plenty of deserved stick. At one point Aguero basically stopped the game himself because he wanted a free kick and booking for a foul on Sterling. Was proper comical from the ref.
  13. I think i'd like to be a millionaire. I have 700k, so i'm cool with playing about with it. I've never had so much in any FUT.
  14. Baring

    NFL 2021!

    Andddd I’m off to bed. What a SB we’ve got lined up.
  15. He could have got 4. Sancho did well but the best option was a simple square.
  16. It’s a pretty fun game get it downloaded.
  17. Yea I can’t stand the white dots. I need to have a mess with the settings.
  18. I'm gonna read the Wiki. I can't really remember what was being said. Maybe if I join the side mission to go with him all hell breaks loose? I might do it tonight to close that line.
  19. I'm level 11 and havent slept with anyone. I've got no game
  20. Made more than I expected I’m sat on 700k and no team
  21. I've listed them 3 hours at min, i'll sit on over 500k for a while and make the team again when I fancy playing.
  22. I havent played in a couple weeks, im well into the Witcher 3, shall i just sell my team and rebuy when i fancy playing again?
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