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  1. I have nothing. Why on earth did I hand over my NES, master system, mega drive etc to my younger cousins in my teens I'm not one for keeping things anyway but I had the SNES w/ super mario 3 above. Absolutely glorious. I think I need to get a snes mini. Great thread though!
  2. Its a brilliant signing. I dont think he's getting enough credit. His record is still decent in recent seasons. Looking on his appearances, it looks like he's only missed 3 quarters of a season recently due to a knee injury.
  3. What a legend. Imagine having a console game named after you forever.
  4. I know these msn articles can be a bit naff and it might be bollocks, but its worth a read about mechanics lifestyle. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/mindandbody/the-brutal-reality-for-mechanics-as-f1-s-calendar-expands/ar-AAS4VsM?ocid=winp1taskbar#comments Does anyone know how much they roughly earn?
  5. Lewis is going to call it a day isnt he. Get Christmas out of the way, have a few projects on the go and not be bothered with the F1 circus for another year. New era and regs also.
  6. I'll go back to a previous post. You don't lose the world title on a single lap. They really should be at the gala representing the whole team and delivering a message. They still won the constructors. Its only Lewis that has lost out but the 7 titles will soften that blow. He's shown his class and I don't think this has been a terrible outcome for him. His stock has risen with the way he acted.
  7. Seems a bit mad Sainz's lapped cars weren't out of his way to have a go at Max and Ham also. I didnt know that. I thought they were further back.
  8. They could still win the constructors. It would be daft of them to give it up before the race started by short fuelling him?
  9. You know Perez was the joker in the pack with his 'engine is expiring' bs. He would have parked it up on track if Latifi hadn't binned it. They asked him to retire in the pits to not extend the SC.
  10. Serious chat this’ll get overturned. I hope not. Lewis wouldn’t want that. Merc and RB both won a championship today. Both can celebrate their season. Roll on next season. Only Lewis has lost out but he won’t be too down about it.
  11. I think an evening off social media and analyse tomorrow will be good for a lot of people. Max is a deserving champion but not like that.
  12. Unbelievable. Lewis controls the race then that.
  13. Max will catch him 5-6 laps to go. He might be worth swallowing it now and get back at Max.
  14. What a wipe out of time from Perez. Hard fair racing.
  15. First lap let Lewis off there. Middle of race he’s giving that back. Mad lunge but Max made it stick.
  16. I think I've just about calmed down. Both drivers deserve this. I really hope if Max is to win, then he nails pole for himself and drives off for a fine win. No controversy bs defending or cutting corners. Just do what he's done to win most times this season. He has been superb but his blatant cheating at times has been off putting. Its fair to say these two are Messi and Ronaldo of F1. Both 30 seconds up the road most races. What a season.
  17. I suspect Merc declining the offer would have helped them. Max would have to yield to both Ocon and Hamilton in the first lap or so or he's given a 5 sec/drive through. In the NFL you can decline penalties if you can gain an advantage further into the play/game. I didnt mind him offering both teams the option.
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