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  1. This is fucked. Max is doing everything he can so unfairly.
  2. How nervy is this. Such an exciting season.
  3. Lewis just needs to sit. It’s not that bad for him. He’ll be struggling at end though. It’s all up in the air.
  4. Fucking hell, Max, race fairly man.
  5. What a lap by Max. I was applauding throughout then bang. Proper unlucky but just over the limit.
  6. Oh man that was bad. I thought once play is dead it becomes offside. Turns out you can get a corner instead. Awful rule.
  7. Well that just shows him creating a new corner.
  8. There's definitely input behind the scenes for the "show" as such. "Do not release this footage to DQ Max as it'll tarnish the F1 brand and title fight." They were ok to nail Lewis and the rear wing though.
  9. Red Bull pressure on the FIA. It most likely would have made it through to race day and been fixed. I didnt like the way the Red Bull guy spoke to the Race director but it seems to work for them. It was a slam dunk 5 seconds. Funny how we still don't have the on board.
  10. Bit emotional that. What a lesson to all the kids watching. To never give up. You don’t have to throw in the towel when things don’t go your way. Amazing. Historic. Imagine he takes the title now.
  11. Awesome sprint. Great from Lewis. Do you think on some hand, the people he was racing thought he’s got 5 place so let him by mentality? He made them look so easy.
  12. What a real shame. I hope they didn’t cheat and it’s just an honest mistake.
  13. Helmut knew this at breakfast. Bring on some rain. Does it mean he gets 5 places for the sprint race so its not all bad?
  14. Baring

    NFL 2021!

    The WR reckons it was a run play called. He’s not expecting to be involved. Madness.
  15. 11 or 12 clear now? Tough going now. What a drive by Max.
  16. Perez hasn’t helped at all. or can we just appreciate Lewis and Max are just leagues ahead?
  17. Baring

    The Man Utd Thread

    That’s Arsenal’s saying.
  18. I reckon Derby will have a good shout at surviving that deduction.
  19. Do we think Russell will have the skills to be up there with Max? I hope so. What a cracking battle they could have. Next season is going to be so good.
  20. He’s had his chance. Shame it didn’t work out but that racing. Teams should look at the next set of potential stars.
  21. Wolves have been great like. They don’t deserve to lose.
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