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  1. It was like a pass later and he delayed going down.
  2. I watched Ted's Notebook last night he said RB sent Albon out to do the re enactment for £80k unreal.
  3. 10 secs. If he doesn’t get by Charles soon he won’t be winning.
  4. Hamilton defo getting a pen especially after recent weeks.
  5. Horner laying into Hamilton like.
  6. Yea the camera angles aren’t great for max. Racing incident. He was a bit all over the place.
  7. It’s a pain trying to embed on phone but new star games (siread) has a retro footy game out.
  8. https://twitter.com/newstargames/status/1408013652825980936?s=21 https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/retro-goal/id1535765855
  9. 40 laps left. Someone needs to plant it into the barrier.
  10. I nodded off at lap 9. Playing on my phone to stay awake.
  11. Definitely going to cinema for it.
  12. It’s a lovely story an all but what about if he crashes bad again? I know the chances are slim but he’s lucky to be alive he could be a mechanic or advisor to the team and let it go. Am I being harsh thinking of his family?
  13. Why hasn't the ref sent off Danilo there? I hope no City player gets injured here. Its not good at all.
  14. Theyre going to start saying Future hall of famer soon for the likes of Milner and Danny Welbeck.
  15. Sacked Mourinho a week before the cup final He’s a cup final specialist!
  16. I was hoping West Ham would get relegated the last couple of seasons as a up yours to the owners. Now im dreaming they make CL because of Lingard! Would be amazing if they did it. We all like a good story.
  17. Fucking hell my heart is pounding what a race and what an ending. I’m a massive Lewis fan but massive respect to Max for that drive and his maturity really showed. He’s got a big chance to fight this year if the car is reliable. Wow.
  18. Class that! How many places swapped in the top spots was madness.
  19. I met her when I was in primary she used to do the rounds opening up centres and play parks. She's from up North. It was around the same time (1993) the Queen opened the leisure centre on my rough estate in Boro. Quite bizarre thinking back it happened. I guess the Queen was also doing the rounds in the area opening up loads of things in a few days. Back to @Jerec anyway!
  20. Oh wow the keeper dive at end.
  21. They put the line in an odd place for Werner too. It looks like if it was on his shoulder he would be onside. So tight. The rule needs amending. Its ruined so many games.
  22. He’s slid in his path, it’s Trent’s mistake and was definitely a pen. I’m surprised it even went to video. No wonder the ref only took one look at it.
  23. Unreal the downfall of such a great side because a defender died.
  24. Wow time flies doesn't it. Remember when De Gea was getting bullied and looked like a stick? This season De Gea will have completed 10 full seasons in the prem. The lowest appearances was 28. Not bad at all but you cant help think he wont be seen as a great. He's done fantastic to play for so long at such a club but its been mostly a bit meh and fizzled out. Young fresh keeper for the next 10 years in Hendo sounds good. Good luck to De Gea whereever he goes. Should have took the Madrid gig years ago.
  25. Baring

    NFL 2021!

    Really enjoyed tonight’s game. I kept thinking Chiefs will kick start but it never happened. My mate had a fiver on 31-27 @ 100/1 to Bucs so a bit unhappy they didn’t make it interesting
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