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  1. Brilliant on this Bob. Check out his story about popping and egg in Chris Reas bath.
  2. Nuno is amazing. Imagine having the chance to greet him and perhaps get a selfie pre pandemic. @Steely
  3. Yea he's in a zone and doesn't care how he looks. He's got the dollar he can do a transplant if he likes or just go all stone cold. I hope its the latter.
  4. Proper fun, its nice to play something different. Chatting about random 90s games and wrestling lose 4-0. Kris goes to the shop we are silent and 4 up in 30 mins Good stuff ill prob be very late tonight so best play tomorrow evening. edit: I much prefer the more relaxed approach of chatting playing. My neck doesnt hurt as much leaning over concentrating!
  5. It was really fun proper enjoyed it thanks. My player feels like a truck though. I’ll jump on tonight.
  6. Cannot believe you can still make £175 profit on a PS5 by walking it to CEX. They shouldnt be allowed to sell it beyond the RRP. No wonder people finding it so hard to get one even 2 months after release, its free money if you can grab one. But you're a scum bag! edit: I got mine on release day, just shocked its still so hard to get one.
  7. Yes but he can only be put in the squad based on how he's doing for his club.
  8. 10 years not a fan of Rooney then. Wasnt he winning leagues and got to a few CL finals in that time.
  9. I hear people talking about this but scoring against lower opposition is part of the game. Surely he gets kudos for being available 120 times for England.
  10. Was Rooney world class for a period? Or does his longevity playing in a top Man U side make him so? The guy won 5 titles and everything else. He was always on the team sheet. I'm unsure where he places between great player and world class but he was also top scorer for England and Man U. He hasn't done bad has he.
  11. Baring

    NFL 2021!

    I’m still awake good games though. I usually watch red zone so full games have been a bit different and you see so much more tactically.
  12. Add me @Lusethill join some evenings.
  13. Oh am I I just have a mint icon loan squad I don’t play. I had 300k and spent on packs this week got nada!
  14. Baring

    Formula One - 2020

    Oh nice! Where are they from?
  15. I know it seems crazy for people to fly away during this and especially those posting pics getting drunk by the pool/beach on insta(I’ve seen too many ) but the government stupidly allows it.
  16. They’re in Dubai and it was announced they would be going. Fair play to them.
  17. There’s not much class between the top players. Neither person mentioned the other in their interviews.
  18. Baring

    Formula One - 2020

    Max just posted on Instagram a lovely pic of him and his missus. so naturally I check a few comments and it’s full of watch of for Russian snipers etc It’s Kvyats ex and they have a young daughter together. Oh it’s also Nelson Piquets daughter. So the little girls real Dad is an F1 driver, her new step Dad is a F1 driver. Her uncle was, her grandad was champion. Not bad. If this is old news I’m sorry. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJgrdapBRFs/?igshid=18oknctb8d9b5
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