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  1. Match Report: D.C. 1 v 1 Baring Attacking match just no final product, was in midfield area alot first half with hardly no clear cut chances. He took the lead and i replied straight away, from then on i had many shots but the yak n vid wernt up to scratch match was good overall maybe lil onesided as i had 21 shots to his 8 lol but u dont win if u dont put it in! Baring 4 v 3 D.C. What a match! lol end to end all game defences hardly at the best lol plenty of chances great passing from both sides again tho i had 17 shots to his 9. I took the lead and made it 2-0 then a lovely fight back made it 2-2 with 2 great goals then i scored again and another nice equaliser came then in the last 10 mins the vid popped up with a goal that was going over surely but crept under the bar, overall match was excellent couldnt have worked out better lol with the chances maybe i deserved it but it could have went anyway, was very close. ps: i suck at reports lol 2 great games bud
  2. we'll play tonight bud n ye do them both ill be home at 10:20
  3. ive been working loads lately at uni and the pub DC we will have to get our game sorted soon lol im home tmoz after footy at 10 i finish so by time shower n settled and got home u awake at 11pm tmoz night? lol or maybe if im home early n do my coursework i could be home from 6 til 8 if these times interest u, i will be able to reply at uni tmoz let me kno bud
  4. Team : Middlesbrough Pros: The Yak n Vid upfront are awesom, finishing is brilliant, give the big man half a chance n he'll slot it away for ya, whilst carrying a few players on his back . midfield is decent good passing no pace, apart from mendieta ><, 2 great centre backs woody n huth and schwarzer is second to none. Cons: Slowest team in the league probs and oldest ! but experience will beat the youth as alan hanson once said "you cant win anything with kids!" Star Player: The Yak! pacey and strong Golden Oldie: Player/Manager himself Mr Southgate, soon to be Sir ! Absolute tard: Downing, stats should be alot better he's slow as shit n cant cross, i wonder why he is a winger on pro evo.
  5. add me all Baring7 my net been screwed lately since chnging my room about ooo it looks lovely now lol but all shud be gud n i shall be playing dc tomoz or wen he available sorry agen for tonight.
  6. now that im ontop guys yas better get used to it trash talk ftw ! lol
  7. my xblive gamertag is Baring7 Saint not Baring bud on my gameprofile thing how do i change it ?
  8. its ok i see now lol sumtimes was error message where the tbles go, but its cool now CMON BORO !!!
  9. i cant see anything from those links lol could u post what teams ppl are plz yay
  10. add me aswell if u want ill be home today from 4 til 8 for few games
  11. anyone up for sum matches later on tonight add me , my GT - Baring7
  12. I got live yesterday and am a good pro evo player not shit lol i would like to join the league also where do i sign up !
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