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  1. I’m about 30 hours into Zombies and MP. The past few days have been painful for crashes. I was on a Zombies high round with a nice group and it just completely froze I made a cuppa tea and eventually it went to PS Home Screen. I’m getting kicked out of approx 1 in 3 MP games it just says error message and back to the lobby. Hopefully it’ll get a fix soon as I’m really enjoying it. Anyone fancy joining me most evenings beyond 9-10pm add me Baring7usa.
  2. Baring

    Formula One - 2020

    Perez will run him closer. Remember Max loves a DNF.
  3. Baring

    Formula One - 2020

    What a signing for the Bulls. He’ll be top 5 most races as he should keeping some pressure on the mercs.
  4. Farming Simulator 19 was on ps plus so if you have that get him into it. My 5 year old has enjoyed countless of hours this past year. Bugsnax, Fornite party mode, need for speed, king oddball, kung fu panda, Astros playworld others he enjoys. edit: there a unlimited money mod of farm sim so they can buy everything its brill.
  5. It’s a bit wank pre patch at the moment I’m conceding about 7 goals a game because the AI isn’t defending properly.
  6. Baring

    Formula One - 2020

    It might have been posted but on that link is the helicopter view of the crash. Its unreal how he made it out.
  7. Before I put in trading folder and elsewhere anyone interested in buying a beginners dslr? I have this canon 1300d twin lens pack not had a great amount of use it’s 3 years old I have original box and receipt paid about £400 wanting £200. Be a nice Xmas present. I’ve got a few books to throw in also and an extra battery. Just pm me if interested. edit: it’s sold
  8. @Spacehost I don’t know why you mentioned you’d sell it for profit tbh. Prob not a wise idea to post it on here. Good luck to you though hope things are ok. edit: I possed your original post so I don’t have any issue with it. Not like you purely bought it to sell on.
  9. You’ve lost your touch Tobes. Aching hands would never have occurred back in the day. You need to play even more to get used to it.
  10. It feels smoother than ever. Quick passing is back!
  11. Sold it yet? You're having no luck with it and clearly dislike everything about it.
  12. Noticed how most of the crashes are those with external hard drives. Why not just use the consoles 800gb? surely that’s enough to keep you going. I’ve installed 23 games on mine. With fibre also you can download most games by the time you make/eat your dinner.
  13. It’s a good job we’re not fussy but let’s say it’s a touch blurry. Tested connection speed on ps5 it’s 75meg and PS4 upstairs is 36.
  14. One thing about this is the load times are a touch longer and my 5 year old is saying it’s taking forever Dad, loading his farm game
  15. Keep your PS4 if you have a spare tv/room!
  16. My boy and I are doing this now. Streaming the PS5 on the PS4 in spare room upstairs while main tv being used. It’s brill.
  17. A bit of a google shows the front isn’t great for charging. I will try the back usb and another iPhone block. It shows charging from the front while I’m playing just not in rest mode and settings are correct.
  18. I’m in love it’s just so good and I’ve got my gaming mojo back. I’ve not played much apart from fortnite and fifa for a while, I’m so excited to get stuck into SP games and be in the open world. MM is just beautiful. I have one issue. My pad just isn’t charging great. I charged it using the console overnight on standby and it’s only 1 bar. It was charging yesterday with an old iPhone block and it didn’t seem to help either. Am I doing something wrong? Does it light up showing that it’s charging like the ds4 did?
  19. Use my golds until you get a pulse? theyre sound.
  20. She probably orders stuff Daley. I’m off now.
  21. Ignore me I’m a knob. There is a screw if you have it vertically.
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