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  1. She probably orders stuff Daley. I’m off now.
  2. Ignore me I’m a knob. There is a screw if you have it vertically.
  3. Got mine woop! It’s beautiful. I prob haven’t used the stand correctly but it’s a bit slidey.
  4. Nice! The flood begins. Fingers crossed for everyone.
  5. 40 mins to upload a picture. Such disappoint. You’re so lucky there’s no negs!
  6. Upgraded to pre lunch delivery for a fiver. Oh man absolutely excited now. I hope the tracking works ok.
  7. Smyths took my money but nothing regarding delivery yet. It’ll be fine. Except the delivery address is to my ex’s. God help me.
  8. Smyths haven’t even handed over my ps5 to DPD I’m hopeful for Thursday delivery still but it won’t come early.
  9. Baring

    Formula One - 2020

    I watched it at 7pm without knowing the result. Wow. It had everything. So tense at the end and emotional when Lewis did it. A proper champions drive. We’ll get one final season for the 8th then it’s over and onto the new batch of winners. I hope I can make a race next year to see him off. I saw Lewis win in Barcelona and wipe out in Spa (Grosjean torpedo crash but Button won ).
  10. Baring

    Formula One - 2020

    The race is on at 10:10am!
  11. Baring

    Formula One - 2020

    Great couple hours on tv on a crappy day (weather wise).
  12. Me and steel tried last night defender stood there and their striker just ran by him and slotted home. Prob because it’s co op?
  13. Whats this? I can't defend for shit.
  14. So happy. mental that Mbappe didn’t show up on the main opening screen, he was just in the pack :D
  15. Yea Savic well worth having he feels good up and down the pitch.
  16. You fibber. I won 6 lost 2. I was really proud of that had a mint evening and a few cans. My first 1v1 session on Fifa21. I haven’t played since like, it’s too stressful.
  17. I'm enjoying it the co op mode is brill. I got placed in div 3 now in div 2 due to co op wins. I'll get trounced solo but the quick passing and moving is great.
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