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  1. However you play it mechanically, you can just follow your instincts and get a brilliant experience. It's probably one of the best written games in existence, and for an RPG that's dialogue and character (and idea) heavy that's all the recommendation you should need.
  2. Uncle Mike's not around that week so you could take his place if we're short one.
  3. Jubilant huff Convivial whicker
  4. The sound of clopping hooves plays through your mind, and you feel as though you are being nuzzled on a molecular, almost mathematical level. Infinite Neigh Over to you.
  5. Given all that, I'm astonished they managed to get De Niro in to play the horse.
  6. Apropos of very little: You had the most amazing barnet. I just like to see old guys talk without hyperbole about this stuff really.
  7. Yes, until Feb 22 next year when The Witch Queen comes out. But obviously in between annual expansions there's seasonal content, plus on Dec 7 there's the optional 30th anniversary pack.
  8. The story definitely didn't take a backseat in Halo CE. It was front and centre. The main differences between it and most of the sequels were that a) it was internally coherent, b) it was quite tight, and c) they didn't make gameplay or structural compromises to accommodate it. And there are probably d) to z) other differences, but whatever. Main thing is, I absolutely loved the story in CE and rather than getting in the way of things it drove the whole adventure. The little expositional breaks provided momentum, or turned an important corner for you, rather than being eyeball-rolling interruptions to gameplay. They advanced things meaningfully. Anyway, it doesn't really matter now. You can't go back and recapture that with everything that's gone on since - such is the curse of any franchise that builds on a story that's essentially complete in the first outing. I think the most you can hope for is that the 'story' here is minimised, and it doesn't affect any gameplay decisions. I mean, that's obviously what everyone here is hoping for anyway. All I'm saying is the Halo CE doesn't fall into that bracket for me, where the story doesn't matter. It's still one of my favourite stories in any action videogame - perfect sci-fi pulp, but extremely well integrated with the way the game develops throughout.
  9. I'm pretty sure you can use the stadia controller on PC with a USB connection, but not bluetooth/wireless. No idea how well the buttons map/can be mapped to any particular game though. One thing about 'free' Destiny: it's just the free-to-play version that exists on all platforms. Most of D2's content is in its expansions, and the free version doesn't have most of that in it; now that they've stripped the original D2 campaign (Red War) out of the game that leaves a lot less stuff to play.
  10. Excerpt covering, amongst other things, the length issue:
  11. You'll have to send him all those hours of sneaky cam footage you shot over the years and see if you can get him to stitch it together into Peter Jackson's Get Bros. Edit: or Get Matt. Oh, man that's worse. Fuck it, I can't work with this material.
  12. Yeah, they keep cycling through the same songs, so maybe. I don't think anyone can really say now how it would have ended up, even those concerned, cos they clearly weren't sticking to a rigid plan and were starting to really loosen up and enjoy themselves. Paul obviously relishes the opportunity to shout 'Get Back!' to the local fuzz, so it's not all bad. Except for those doomed to appear on celluloid for all eternity as joyless pricks.
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