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  1. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    I went out and got an adapter anyway, thanks. And yeah, it does make a significant difference. There's little to no artefacts now and the big framerate glitches - that were more like mini freezes - seem to be gone. It's smoother too. I wouldn't say it's rock solid 60, but it's too not far off (in what I've been playing anyway). Crucible especially felt pretty spot on. Haven't done anything yet that's full of lots of PvE enemies or graphical effects, so I guess that might feel different. Early days, but so far, when wired, this has been pretty much as good as I could've hoped for, considering I'm playing on a MBP and DS4. Did you notice any differences when you went from your Chromecast and Stadia controller to a laptop?
  2. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    Ok. I'll probably nip out and get one tomorrow anyway - I do want to see how well it's capable of working.
  3. Nah, I left the admins til last. Btw, if anyone has been booted and wants to rejoin, could you either post in here or PM me. Because otherwise I can't always tell if the applicant is a forum member, and the clan's supposed to be for forum members who want to play Destiny together. Though haha, I suppose. I've had one application already and no idea who they are, since PSN names aren't necessarily the same as forum names or even names as they appear on bungie.net.
  4. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    Yeah, the contrariness was about the console framerate, but you know that anyway cos it's explained in the sentence lol. The issue with playing Stadia is that it's a 'play anywhere' service, but in my admittedly limited experience - though not as limited as some - it doesn't really work on WiFi. Which is a contradiction that I don't think you can resolve really, even if it works great if/when I plug it into Ethernet. I'll still be interested to see how it performs there though.
  5. Well, after getting rid of over half the clan it seems to be fixed after deleting one particular user - no idea what the issue was, but after deleting them the roster immediately sprang into life. Apologies to anyone who I've deleted who's not that user - please apply to get back in if you like.
  6. Kicking all the people with spaces, hashes (though that's only cos they're on Stadia and their Stadia name shows up) and any more recent joiners hasn't worked. So I'm 'not like this-ing' my way through the entire roster, including those currently online and playing D2 on PS4. I'm checking functionality after every boot, but I suspect I'll end up with only the four admins and me left, none of whom has changed their PSN name. If that works I'll let you know, so you can just apply to join again if you like. If it's still not working then, admins are going. Then I'll fold the clan. I suspect its permafucked and the clan's going tonight.
  7. Ok, so after discovering that the clan roster works fine on Stadia (though no-one plays it there, there's a couple of clan members with Stadia accounts, and they show up as offline), I'm tending towards the suspicion that this is all something to do with the introduction of PSN name changing in April. Cos the issue started then. So I'm going to start chucking people out of the clan. I'm going to start with those who have spaces in their PSN names, as they weren't allowed prior to the PSN naming change. Probably won't fix it, but you have to start somewhere and that seems as good a place as any. If that doesn't work I'll work my way through the clan list and ultimately, if nothing else works, fold the clan altogether. If something does work, hopefully I'll be able to see what did the trick, and then accept applications again, but without allowing whatever it was the triggered the issue in the first place. Of course, if you want to go to another clan, obviously feel free. And if the clan's folded it'd need a few people to start it back up anyway, which we might not want to bother with, so that might well be that. See you on the other side.
  8. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    I think I might be curious enough to get an adapter, so I'll find out if that really is the difference. But if it is, it doesn't really bode well for the 'play anywhere without hardware' appeal of the service, does it? Play anywhere, on anything, as long as you're tethered by an ethernet cable to a high-speed internet connection. I mean, Google themselves - over my wifi connection - say I'll have a 'high performance gaming experience' when I do their connection test. And I'd love to say that's true, but it really, really isn't. Just had a couple of games of Banner, and... nah. Maybe I'll try again when that adapter arrives. I'm not about to give up on it, so that 3-month pass won't be wasted, but I have a far smoother experience on PS4 even with the (despite the usual Lyrical contrariness) almost always stable 30 frames. Except in menus and shit, which is now dire on console, and whose performance in Stadia I'll genuinely miss, because it really does annoy on console. But when it comes to Crucible, console feels more reliable and the game more readable - even with the sometimes lag from peer-to-peer and bad connections. Like you say, maybe the client-side stuff smooths out the irregularities better. And the marvels of controller aim assist aside, you sure as shit can tell when you're playing MnK players. If you can't, I have to assume you're not really paying attention, or are out for an evening troll.
  9. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    Stuff about Destiny I’ve been giving this a little go thanks to Hass’s kind offer of a three-month buddy pass (thanks, Hass). I only really wanted to do an a/b comparison against console Destiny, as I know the look and feel of that game like the back of my hand and thought it’d make a decent test. I wish I could come to the conclusion Hass has about D2, but on my experience so far, I'm afraid I can’t. I’m playing on a MacBook Pro using a DualShock (and, despite what I read on the last page, I’m using it wirelessly over Bluetooth without issue). The computer’s not got an Ethernet port and I’m not buying an adaptor just for the Stadia test, so wifi it is. The Stadia speed test page reports a d/l speed of just over 57Mbps, although I reckon that’s an overestimate by Google and it’s nearer 50. Still, I should get ‘a high performance gaming experience’, it says. I’m also only playing, through Chrome, in 1080p. On a 1080p external monitor. (I tried it on the MBP’s screen but - perhaps due to the very high res and its scaling - it performed quite poorly. So I figured a 1080p native external panel would work better with the browser, and it seems to do just that.) I started out with the default settings on the Stadia app, which specified best visual quality, so up to 4k resolution. And I got a lot of stuttering and artefacting. The game also seemed a little blurry, even in menus, which surprised me. So I changed that to ‘Balanced’ (which apparently gives up to 1080p and reduces bandwidth). I’m not sure if it’s placebo or some other factors at work - I didn’t play at ‘Best’ for long - but there seemed to be less artefacting, less stuttering, and the game looked a little sharper, when I told it to just send 1080p down the line. But framerate issues are still noticeable. I’ve only played PvE stuff, but there are times - infrequently - where the picture (and sound) would glitch-freeze for about half a second or longer. When it was running ok there are still noticeable frame drops very often. It’s definitely not a smooth 60fps here due to those dropped frames, and you really do feel it. Like I say, someone might call out my wifi as an issue. That may be, given the nature of Stadia, but it’s not an issue with anything else I play online, including console. And that's a problem I guess, for a lot of people. The good bits so far are: The loading in D2 seems at least equivalent to PC loading times. Really fast compared to the increasingly horrendous performance on console. The improvement is especially welcome in menus and I’d agree with Hass that going back to current console performance will be a massive pain, on account of the menus alone. *When* it hits around 60fps it’s great. But, for me at least, that feeling’s ruined by the quite obviously dropped frames. The audio stutters too, and if there’s dialogue and you get one of those infrequent big blips of over half a second you do actually miss a syllable or two of speech, it’s that bad sometimes. But even when it’s not, I can feel the inconsistency. And I do not like it. I’d rather have a stable 30fps. THE FUCKING CLAN ROSTER WORKS ON STADIA. Whodathunk it? This signals to me that the thing got busted on PS4 when Sony introduced the PSN name change thing. Cos the ability to change your PSN name came out in April, which is about when the clan got borked. So I’m just going to delete everyone from the clan starting with the April arrivals and see if that fixes it. Sorry about that last one, which is quite irrelevant to most people but still makes it a pisser for me going back from Stadia to PS4. But the rest of it… well, there’s some good stuff there, and it’s almost a miracle it works this well, and it feels amazing to me that you can just go ‘I’ll have that game’ and something as big and complex as D2 is just there for you without you having to download jack shit. And that it loads so much faster than on console. But those frequent little framerate stutters do it in for me. Since going 1080p only on a native 1080p monitor I’m not finding it blurry and there’s virtually no pixellation, and as stated the load times are great - but that lack of rock-solid framerate hurts this a lot, the big stutters especially when they happen. I’ll keep giving it a go just to see if these are transient conditions and might improve. But I’m not sure for how long, because my other big problem was this: I’m not too sure about the player population. I tried a Sundial run four times, and failed to get six people matchmade for any of the four attempts I made. In two of those attempts there were only two of us matched, and just gave up. And the two (barely) completed ones we had four or five at most. So I have a different experience from Hass when it comes to player population and matchmaking, too. I’d give Iron Banner a go tonight to see how PvP holds up, but I don’t really feel like getting matched up with MnK players. Especially if people are having genuinely difference performance/framerate experiences to me. And, presumably, better ones. Might have a dig at a Nightfall instead and see how player population and performance affect something *slightly* challenging.
  10. ... and then there's an extra bit that's equally easy, then you get the reward. Btw, in case you don't know: the reward's in the roadmap anyway and the quest to get it will be released (without having to do the corridors bit at all) next week. So don't bother doing the corridors bit if all you're after is the quest/reward*. Apparently they put the quest in the roadmap for general release at a later date just as a backstop in case the corridor puzzle wasn't cracked by then. Not quite the lesson I wished they'd learned from the Niobe Labs foulup, but eh... never mind. * Though you could still do the other 20 routes through the corridors for the lore entries and the emblem, if you want them. Aha.
  11. Follow the route through the corridors, listen to a speech about how ellish you are, speak to Saint, kill some Fallen on the Tangled Shore, speak to Spider, off a bloke in a nightclub, talk to Spider again, do 10 Spider bounties, 8 public events, kill 30 challenging enemies (all on the Tangled Shore)… haven’t got past that bit yet.
  12. Then Trials comes back and - ker-ching! - the next season pass is on. Full on. As is the return of a thousand lost souls bearing many dollar. Better get farming for that god roll Beloved/Mindbender's, lads. Let that be your current endgame. Cos you're gonna need it.
  13. Try this then, unless you already read it in game. http://www.monkeyheaven.co.uk/images/Unveiling.pdf Yes, if you have the time. It'll make (a bit) more sense that way and be a little more satisfying.
  14. Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest | Jötunn | Arbalest
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