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  1. Seasonal content isn't in Game Pass. There's usually a big or biggish expansion each year, around autumn. This is included in Game Pass. The last one was Beyond Light, last autumn. The season pass is on top of that and contains content that's exclusive to the season. There are four seasons a year and each has different content. For example, in the current season there are the four Battlegrounds activities and associated loot. (Some of the best new weapons in the game are part of that.) There's also at least one new exotic quest/dungeon that's exclusive to season content
  2. No, it's not me, it's you! Sparkling stuff from the man who can't tell the difference between £60 and nothing.
  3. Another insight-free shitpost from the man with all the facts about the future.
  4. There isn't any argument, it's just you making the same misleading statement over and over again - 'Google offered something at launch that was already free on all other platforms'. Obviously it doesn't make me angry - though thanks for the shitposting - it just disinclines me from engaging in discussion with you, as it seems a waste of time, what with you not responding to facts and all. NB 'All the bits and bobs' aren't in Game Pass either - there's nothing in there from any of the seasonal content. But hey, I'm sure you won't quite take on board that sentence either as it's onl
  5. Anyone new to Destiny doesn't care what's in it and what's missing as long as it's free? Wow. They must never get any new paying players then I guess.
  6. Not really. I just saw you make the same incorrect claim about the Google offering being free on all other platforms that you were making a year ago and wondered why you were doing it. Seems slightly tendentious, but never mind. Carry on.
  7. Yes. Now if someone could explain to me why Stanley hasn't got the difference between those two very different things, and continues to say they're the same thing despite it being explained half a dozen times, that'd be great.
  8. Assuming your point, made without evidence, is correct, what does this have to do with the fact that Stanley's claim that the Stadia D2 offer was free on all platforms is incorrect, or that it continues to be claimed after a very simple explanation showed this to be the case? Rhetorical question there, of course.
  9. Sorry to labour the point, but did you find my explanation simple enough to understand? Because that's been given to Stanley several times. I find it difficult to believe he didn't understand it. It's simple enough.
  10. After it's been explained to them several times, you mean? Are you saying you and Stanley do not understand what I wrote? I assume Stanley does, as it was explained over a year ago, so continuing to claim that the content Stadia offered was free on all platforms does seem a little disingenuous, now that you mention it, unless you found my post bafflingly unnecessarily complex and you're still scratching your head over the concept that expansions and other DLC can cost money to buy. (But let me add some hyperbole! Here's my list of non-sequiturs! I don't know why I'm exclaiming so m
  11. We've discussed this several times before in this thread, but it's not true to say that Destiny 2 as offered by the Stadia Pro deal at launch 'was free to play anyway on every platform'. In fact it wasn't free to play on any - there was a New Light version that was free, but that lacked: the Forsaken expansion and its further DLC the then-current year's Shadowkeep expansion and all four of that year's season passes And at the time that was the previous full year's content and the coming year's. These two years' worth of content represented some of the best of the game - and wha
  12. Also in the update: lots. Sunsetting has been sunset. Time to kiss and hug that Felwinter's and your Ikelos weapons! You will live on! ... oh. Other stuff: back to a mere 10-level power increase in non-expansion seasons. Changes to PvP including stasis nerfs, enhancements to Trials to encourage solo and more casual players; cross-play will be opt-in (or opt-invite). VoG will have challenges added and a Master version. Ada will return to offer transmog for either quest completions or cold, hard silver and shaders will be unlock
  13. Actually @K, I know a guy who knows a guy at Bungie, so if you get really stuck on this step of the quest let me know, and I'll see if I can pull some strings.
  14. I don't like bows generally, and I'm especially not drawn* to them in PvP. Yet gritting my teeth and getting 12/13 kills wasn't too bad for me, but your experience will depend on your luck with the maps really. If you get Widow's Court, for which I prayed in vain, you should be grand. Anomaly - oh hi Anomaly, nice to see you again! said I - was not so great. Not so great at all, unless you really like gritted teeth. * deliberate
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