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  1. However you play it mechanically, you can just follow your instincts and get a brilliant experience. It's probably one of the best written games in existence, and for an RPG that's dialogue and character (and idea) heavy that's all the recommendation you should need.

  2. 976375487_Screenshot2021-12-23at14_44_07.thumb.jpg.8e043c3cf0c5cb21342bb8fe5ad307ea.jpg




    We’re in the business of mysteries here at ZA/UM and so to celebrate the holiday season we’ve just added some new ones to Disco Elysium - The Final Cut. We’re calling this the Jamais Vu Update. 

    To discover what we’ve done we encourage you to play strangely and thoroughly. You’ll have to do your best sleuthing or get chatting to your fellow players to figure it all out. 
    We’ll give you a few clues to get you on your way. It is the season of giving, after all. 

    Perhaps it’s worth stopping a while to admire the scenery


    The cold coastal waters are known to wash up the lost


    Knock, knock, lieutenant

    This is our special way of thanking you all for a HARDCORE 2021 alongside a 55% discount as part of the Steam Winter Sale, from 22nd December 2021 - 5th January 2022. It’s our lowest price ever so if you’re yet to experience the game, get it now! Or if you’re in the holiday spirit, consider gifting it to a friend!



  3. 1 hour ago, K said:

    The physics/philosophy buzzword horse wishes to see you throw the things at the thing. 


    Jubilant huff


    41 minutes ago, Uncle Mike said:

    Empyreal Whinny.


    I don't mind the horse stuff at all.


    Convivial whicker

  4. destiny-2-strange-coins-starhorse-bounti


    The sound of clopping hooves plays through your mind, and you feel as though you are being nuzzled on a molecular, almost mathematical level.


    Infinite Neigh


    Over to you.

  5. The story definitely didn't take a backseat in Halo CE. It was front and centre. The main differences between it and most of the sequels were that a) it was internally coherent, b) it was quite tight, and c) they didn't make gameplay or structural compromises to accommodate it. And there are probably d) to z) other differences, but whatever. Main thing is, I absolutely loved the story in CE and rather than getting in the way of things it drove the whole adventure. The little expositional breaks provided momentum, or turned an important corner for you, rather than being eyeball-rolling interruptions to gameplay. They advanced things meaningfully.


    Anyway, it doesn't really matter now. You can't go back and recapture that with everything that's gone on since - such is the curse of any franchise that builds on a story that's essentially complete in the first outing. I think the most you can hope for is that the 'story' here is minimised, and it doesn't affect any gameplay decisions. I mean, that's obviously what everyone here is hoping for anyway. All I'm saying is the Halo CE doesn't fall into that bracket for me, where the story doesn't matter. It's still one of my favourite stories in any action videogame - perfect sci-fi pulp, but extremely well integrated with the way the game develops throughout.

  6. I'm pretty sure you can use the stadia controller on PC with a USB connection, but not bluetooth/wireless. No idea how well the buttons map/can be mapped to any particular game though.


    One thing about 'free' Destiny: it's just the free-to-play version that exists on all platforms. Most of D2's content is in its expansions, and the free version doesn't have most of that in it; now that they've stripped the original D2 campaign (Red War) out of the game that leaves a lot less stuff to play. 

  7. Yeah, they keep cycling through the same songs, so maybe. I don't think anyone can really say now how it would have ended up, even those concerned, cos they clearly weren't sticking to a rigid plan and were starting to really loosen up and enjoy themselves. Paul obviously relishes the opportunity to shout 'Get Back!' to the local fuzz, so it's not all bad. Except for those doomed to appear on celluloid for all eternity as joyless pricks.

  8. If you're not into The Beatles I can't see how this would hold any appeal at all really. Not for the runtime involved. Unless you'd literally never heard them and somehow the music here did it for you, and pulled you in, which seems highly unlikely. They're mainly jams and rehearsals and bits of song development that repetition and experimentation give rise to. The people being filmed won't draw you in, because they obviously don't want to be part of the film in the first place and are often trying to put the filmmaker off; plus, there's no revelatory 'narrative' by the original filmmaker here at all. Just footage. I'd say it's only for people who are already really into the subject.

  9. Yeah, the change of climate forced by George, away from the film studio setting and into a more intimate studio made for them, made for making music, made a massive difference. And then when they get Billy Preston in to do the keys it really takes off. Like he reminded them what it was to sing and play together as a group of friends just having fun. You can see them actually wanting to be together and do stuff together again, and when he's not there as he's called away for a bit you can see it sliding back.

  10. Yeah, I don't think taking the game out of Mass Effect leaves much that's worth making into a TV series. Well, not a great TV series.


    I think it'd work better as a game show, which would add all that player agency back. Destroy, Control, Synthesis. You have two teams of players each with a captain, and in the early stages the team captains can rack up points by doing everyday stuff like acquiring advertising contracts with rival businesses, punching female journalists, and making sexually suggestive comments to their fellow team members. The rest of the team members stand idly by while all this goes on, fiddling with consoles and being ogled. Then they spring into action in the middle phase, when the captains have to choose which of them to put in charge of potentially life-threatening tasks. Like rewiring an electricity pylon in the rain. Choose the wrong one for the wrong job - like, you have a qualified pylon electrician with full protective gear on your team, and like a lot of people seem to do you instead choose the one with vertigo, an acute case of flu and no use of their limbs - and it may be curtains for them. Thus leaving you with a depleted team for the final round, so choose wisely. 


    In the final round, you have the stock of points you've amassed, and the combined strengths of your remaining team, to play with. It's now time for the Consequences section of Destroy, Control, Synthesis. In this round, both the points you've accrued and the abilities and input of your remaining team members are completely disregarded. In fact, you never see them again. Instead, you are simply asked to walk through one of three doors named after the words in the game show's title. Whichever one you choose, you win a refurbished Mini Metro from 1990. But it's a different colour depending on which door you walked through. Only there's a twist. If you chose Destroy, the car you just won is crushed by a pile hammer immediately after you are handed the keys. If Control, you get to drive away in it. If Synthesis, the car and you are placed in separate Brundelfly teleportation devices, and these fail to turn you into ShepMetroHybrid because it's a low-budget TV show, not actual science. So you get the car anyway. This neatly mirrors the ending of the game itself, because the only winning play is to choose Destroy, and everyone else is a massive loser driving around in a shit car that a dog wouldn't piss on.


    Sounds crap, you say? Still be better than the planned TV series.

  11. If anyone's playing on PC and doesn't have all the paid-for expansions, the currently active ones are all available in the shape of the Legendary Edition at Green Man Gaming for £23.52: https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/destiny-2-legendary-edition-pc/.


    I have no idea if this is any use to anyone, as it's almost impossible to keep up with D2's labyrinthine pricing models and shifting availability across various platforms. Just be aware that the above pack contains Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light, which is all of the currently-active expansions. But it doesn't contain the current season, Season of the Lost, which lasts until February 22, or the 30th Anniversary Dungeon that's coming on December 7. But you will get the new 6-player activity that comes out at the same time, because that's free. But Forsaken will be going free to play at the same time as the new dungeon comes out, so you might not think it worth buying. And it's being removed from the game on February 22, when the next expansion, The Witch Queen, comes out. But when that happens, if you did buy Forsaken you'll get an exotics pack that allows you to access the exotic weapons from it if you didn't already earn them, whereas if you played it free-to-play you won't. But none of this will get you The Witch Queen, of course. You'll need to buy that separately. And whatever season it comes with, if you want that too.


    Anyway, it's £23.52. For now. That much is clear.

  12. 20 mins into ep 1 this is Z-tier writing and acting, I had to turn it off. Just awful. Terrible characterisation and dialogue, a bunch of clichés delivered direct to my voyeuristic watching eye in a context that makes no sense to the world the characters are supposed to inhabit. If that seems harsh, just tell me - does this change significantly at all? Not even asking if it gets better really. I've never read the novel, so I've no roadmap or context. This just seems well under the standard of what I'd expect from other films/TV based on his stuff; I usually like those a lot more.

  13. It's 7 seconds slower even at Tier 10 mobility. This time last year it took 9 seconds to get that dodge back at tier 10. It'll now take 18 seconds - literally twice as long. And dodges no longer break projectile tracking. You really don't see how that affects invis builds? As for you other point, that's just the base cooldown of that tree. The way you use that in high-end is by going invis, then getting close to enemies and invoking gambler's dodge to get your melee back and going invis again, and since the cooldown of the dodge itself has been doubled in length, that playstyle is fucked. Upping the base invis melee cd from 96s to 75s doesn't make any real difference to that. Like, no-one waited 96s for their invis to come back anyway. They dodged and got it right back.


    I mean, a lot of hunter stuff is all about mobility and dodging. No well, no rift, no barricade, it's all about movement. Double the time it takes to get a T10 cooldown on dodge and you've stiffed most of the viability of that playstyle. I'm hoping this is just part of some planned changes - like those upcoming to the void classes - in which the sum of them all makes it viable again. But as published, without remedy, this is a massive set of nerfs. And the thing that sticks all wrong isn't even that tbh. It's that it's supposedly all about PvP balancing, but the hardest hits are taken to PvE activities. Like, who thought Hunters were previously super overpowered in PvE because of all their pesky dodging? Literally no-one in this thread, that's for sure. So I dunno why I'm just stating the obvious here really.

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