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  1. Rabbit holes are never a good thing to go down, unless you're a rabbit - or their predator, I guess. As a voluntarily solo player you have access to the same stats and stat builds as anyone else. For example, the high x and/or y seasonal stuff. Most pinnacles have nothing much to do to do with stat rolls, though even then the vast majority of pinnacles are achievable though solo play. Getting good stat rolls is mainly about simply grinding for them, and the tier 3 focused umbrals aren't a bad place to do that if you want to do it solo. That's totally possible. Recovery is famously the best PvE stat for getting on armour, and has been since D1. In D2 it goes up 'exponentially' (not really but it's near enough) with each level and is expensive to mod into armour, so it's an attractive stat to have intrinsically, esp for a Warlock. But the problem with looking at individual armour pieces is that it doesn't look at your build as a whole. That's why, if you're determined to make the best stat build, something like DIM's loadout optimiser is a better tool than something that just looks at each piece individually. But ultimately the difference between 9 recovery and 10 - although it does make a difference - isn't going to make the difference between you completing a GM and failing utterly. It's a marginal advantage that only really matters if you're absolutely pushing your limits and need that extra 1% survivability. I'd say that these days, even something as minor as the element of the armour piece and (therefore some) mods makes a far bigger difference. As do your general loadout and playstyle, obviously. Biggest tip is to get in a group to do higher level content, see what works and what needs adjusting and learn from that. If there's no higher level content you want to do, then it doesn't really matter anyway.
  2. Was your character started years ago, and then you basically didn't play the game at all? In other words, is it still the starter gear they (mostly) have? If so, that broken starter gear was never brought up to current power level. Delete your character and start a new one, you won't be losing anything. The new one should be at PL 1100.
  3. I don't think these things have any great value, and can be misleading. In terms of weapons, for one thing, as you say, PC and console are two entirely different beasts. For another, what weapons work depend on your playstyle, preferences, and other factors such as class/subclass. For armour the situation is worse, because even if you know exactly what you want in terms of overall stats, you can't judge each piece individually because you need to take all your other pieces into account. So even if I was looking for max recovery overall, I'd not need every piece to have max recovery or some of it'd be wasted. And that's without other factors such as the effects of exotics, or mods, or stuff like a stasis fragment boosting your recovery or grenade or whatever if you're near a freezy pop. If you want to dive into making builds, I'd suggest giving DIM's loadout optimiser tools a go. If it looks difficult to use, I think datto did a guide to it recently. When it comes to weapons there's no substitute for just using/testing them yourself and getting to know which perks and stats matter most to you. There's nothing wrong with guides but I think it's a mistake to just use someone else's GODROLL stamp as your main or sole criterion. And for armour, just focusing on one piece at a time in isolation is definitely a mistake: a supposedly poor roll could combine with the rest of your kit to make an excellent build.
  4. They probably did it silently. PS The Last Of Hush
  5. Ada is selling Rage of the Warmind. If you haven't got this mod already, you have to buy it.
  6. Enforcer - someone who executes another's will. Executor - someone who executes another's will.
  7. I'd had a three-month free trial before and I got the message 'Account ineligible to use this code. A similar offer has been used on this account.' Tant pis.
  8. But this is entirely subjective, this 'zero challenge' thing. Both in terms of how an individual perceives the difficulty of a game, and how you and others might react to whatever the 5% you appear to have thought a difficulty spike happens to be. I didn't find any spikes myself. Nintendo don't generally build that in by offering different difficulty levels. I think most Nintendo games are trivially easy to play/complete for players of average competence/abilities. Then - sometimes - you get extra challenges to flesh that experience out for players who want it all. I prefer that approach, but you seem to be suggesting overall that Insomnia have failed by not making the whole of the game more (optionally) challenging by way of difficulty options or other design choices that would affect the core gameplay. That may be a valid criticism, but it's not usually Nintendo's approach to simply include 'easier' difficulty settings, so it's odd to cite them in that context. There's tons I could criticise this game for, but lack of difficulty options isn't one of those things. They do provide a lot of difficulty options and modifiers throughout. In fact, I think difficulty options are sometimes a lazy way out of the issue of accessibility. I can understand why developers might just pull the +/- 20% dmg thing though - to try to appease different audiences. Because the alternative might lead to Returnal-level sales. (Not that R&C is even aimed at that audience, which makes including that in the same conversation as R&C a bit misjudged really.)
  9. Because, as you state, this game is aimed at children and anyone aged above them, and the arena battles and difficulty options are there for people who want to be playing Returnal instead. I'm not the biggest R&C fan by any means but it's obvious why they pitched the game's difficulty this way, and it's probably to the developers' credit that they provide some more challenging options for more determined players, such as the arena fights on higher difficulty settings. If you've found a bit of the game that feels really special and challenging while the same game appeals to casual players going for casual 'completion', then I guess that's an indicator of some degree of success for the developers. The fact that the whole game doesn't feel like that sort of aggressive challenge out of the box is probably one of the many reasons (cutesy attractive characters, wholesome story, not a foreboding impenetrable unheroic doom-laden narrative) why R&C will sell a billion more units than Returnal which aren't anything to do with them sharing the same (it's SEVENTY POUNDS!?!) pricetag. Question mark?
  10. The fucking state of (3/5 of) this. Cringeworthy tendentious boak.
  11. A relevant clip from the podcast: https://clips.twitch.tv/AmorphousExuberantShrewArgieB8-T6nN4IUq86zOjBYu. (Twitch clips won't embed here.) If you have the time and the interest (the full show is almost three hours long), the two Bungie devs talk a lot about sandbox development and thinking, regrets, etc. Including Evil Stasis and other favourites.
  12. A Bungie dev said on a podcast this week that DMT is getting a nerf later this season, with a TWAB to explain what and why. I guess we could all see that coming, sadly.
  13. I don't even know why you're bothering to post considered opinion in here, since your rebuttals are essentially to meme posters and a guy who buys multiple PS5s only to complain that there's nothing to play on them apart from things that cost too much money unlike the cost of the console he bought twice which he hates twice and actually has new games but they're not on game pass why did I buy this several times again. I mean, lol every other forum, they really are full of fanboys ain't they? Yet the credibility of critical opinion on this forum = 0. It seems that however much the unconvincingly polite tendentious fanboyism increases, poor disguise aside it somehow becomes even less convincingly based on fact or even genuine belief. Seriously guys, just give it up. Forum's done. Go and watch some shit on Netlfix, it'll fill the same empty void. PS Destiny's getting crossplay soon, so since that's the best videogame ever and yes I'll provide objective proof I guess we'll see how that pans out in terms of the true mettle of these milquetoasts. I for one will be welcoming newcomers to Atheon and not having to explain how the game being available on both gens or the choice between PS5 and X-Series doesn't really affect their ability to SPOT WHEN THEY'RE ABOUT TO BE DETAINED, THE CUNTS! Sorry about that. Just a bit of PTSD creeping in. But yeah, do yourself a favour and stop posting shit please. You all know who you are. Thanks.
  15. It's perhaps oddly-placed being available after your first go, but the real value of the upgrade is making those platforms available in Expunge rather than Override, as the speed with which you do that activity is important (I expect the pinnacle challenges might be tied to it; this week's seasonal certainly is) and they make some of the jumps far less risky. I suppose the fact that they trivialise Override is just Bungie thinking that's fairly trivial anyway but they want you to have learnt the value of these perks and activated them before Expunge came out. Same could be said of the perk that makes lasers/laser walls do less damage: trivialises Override but could be a vital run-saver in Expunge if you're up against the clock and you hear Laser Trevor approaching from behind. Tell you what trivialises Expunge and makes the above moot anyway: people sword-flying right across the map and not even bothering with the platforms at all. But at least Expunge makes you work a little bit. Override is just one of those things you basically can't fail, unless you're unable to complete, say, a strike. A bit like most of Destiny really.
  16. You're still a bit under for VoG, but well over level for all the other raids. DSC was only 1220 recommended. In terms of rewards it's probably an ideal time to do DSC, as it only drops powerfuls now (the others bar VoG are merely legendary), and they'd still be reasonably useful to you.
  17. Why don't you get it and SIVA yourself? (Yes) (Large Hadron Collider)
  18. There isn’t a local save. Activate cross save on the Bungie site and you’re good to go. The game is still Destiny. If you didn’t like Forsaken there’s no reason to suppose you’ll like it now. It is quite similar.
  19. As you say, there are simply far too many great songs in his catalogue to have a favourite. I once did a rllmukFM show featuring only his love songs - Bob Dylan's Sweet Sixteen - and even in that category I was so hard pushed to find my favourite 16 that I had to leave many 'favourites' out and was never truly happy with the selection. So I'm not going to try for just one here, out of six decades' worth of material. Like you, Dylan's music has been with me throughout my life, right from my family's first pressings of the pre-electric albums whose crackly folk warmth and stark imagery strum darkly in my early childhood memories. I think if I pick any era that's my favourite, that very first one might be. Except it's almost certainly not, because it's obviously the drug-fuelled electric run-up to Blonde on Blonde, culminating in Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, one of the most tender and hypnotic expressions of romantic obsession ever committed to vinyl, then that crash, then the austerity that followed like the aftermath of withdrawal. But I love some of that stuff too, and the gradual enriching of his sound and his arrangements leading to 70s classics like Blood on the Tracks and Desire, so they're all up there too. He falls off quite a bit after that for me, but still knocks out some real gems, and the sheer range and volume of his material is astonishing, as well as his own longevity. He's been a pretty mean DJ too - I used to listen to his Radio 1 shows regularly, and just the sound of his (unfairly derided) voice was as unique a draw on that as it is on his music. An essential element of radio. So I'll just wish him a happy birthday instead. Happy 80th birthday, Robert Allen Zimmerman. The boy from Duluth, Minnesota done good.
  20. ShopTo is live: https://www.shopto.net/queue/queue_for_ps5.html?queue_id=Ul9uBuOlItekLY1oTrNgmfoXg8hup1o4
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