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  1. You brought up the marking as evidence. I think people are just saying that they weren't a bit shocked that Sony shipped PS5 with the same shit HDMI cable that they sent out with the launch PS4. Probably because they're plugging it into something that's not a 2.0 soundbar, so they can tell. This isn't hard, people. But it is fucking boring. Can we get back to £70 games now and, Jesus, look at the size of that thing!
  2. You've lost the resurrection. I think the resser is there for when you've done so much in a target (boss) biome and got such a great set of stuff, and you're near the end, that you couldn't bear the thought of having to redo the whole thing. Then you warp back and set him up. Think of it as the fallback to the fallback if that fails. Never used it myself.
  3. You might think this thread is torture, but it has nothing on what the game would be doing to you right now if you had your PS5 to hand. You'd love some of the more sci-fi world designs and enemies, and the sound and general feel of it all - the last place I was in gave me a serious Mass Effect vibe. Yet you'd be ranting in here at the capricious, cruel, sometimes unfairness of it all. At building up that perfect set of perks and weapon proficiencies and buffs and artefacts, and having it all taken away from you when you die and start again from scratch several worlds back. If you didn't have a broken PS5 to begin with you'd have had one by the end of the Bank Holiday, but this type of damage wouldn't be covered by the warranty. Having said how cruel it can be, it is one of the best oppressive sci-fi games I've played in ages, with some of the best environments and designs. I bet it looks even better on a huge 4k OLED with HDR. And yet... you're not playing it. How cruel is that?
  4. Just had a great session on this. After beating the first boss yesterday I took a little look into the second biome on virtually zero health and liked what I saw, so today I thought 'why not get fully tooled up with a spaceman and health topup and see if you can cheese it through the whole thing?'. It took me a couple of rng runs scouring the first biome to get the desired gear - which were rewarding anyway, as I discovered some hidden stuff I hadn't been aware of - and I went through the portal. I honestly haven't had as good a time playing a new videogame in years - there's something tangibly different and special about this experience. Just exploring the new second biome areas (which are, at least in the configuration I got, among my favourite game habitats ever) was an absolute blast. Encountering and working out how to beat the new enemies, trying to find all the secrets, navigating the environment, upgrading and trying the new weapons and perks, everything about the whole experience was fantastic. Maybe lucky RNG, but I ended up at the boss still clutching my spaceman, with two major health refills, a super powerful level 9 weapon, and ... I only just beat him even then . But beaten he was, more through brute force than skill, and onto another skill unlock (which makes me want to go back to the first areas and explore further), and the third biome. I dunno if I'll ever have a run as lucky/well tooled-up as that again, but man, if I do never finish this game I'll still love it for that run alone. It's just a truly memorable experience when its hits its peak. I didn't really think I'd be this into the game, but if it can keep up this sort of quality - and the RNG doesn't get too detrimental - this could be something really special. It already is, at least in part.
  5. Not if he's playing PUBG on the same machine. It's a failing for sure, and I think they'll patch it, but in practice I don't have 2-hour runs even when I go everywhere so meh. I can hold out long enough to die/win before resetting.
  6. Definitely shoot the ones with the yellow eyes. But since you shoot them all, you'll know why anyway...
  7. I think when you write in the OP about "spending a lot of money" on a game and relate it directly to Returnal you're sort of asking people to talk about the cost of buying Returnal, amongst other things. Yes, I completely agree with that. Don't just buy shit you don't really want. But the posts I've responded to aren't about that. They're about no game being worth seventy quid. Like Gotters says, the forum is rife with them - and most are 'I have Game Pass, people who buy games for big dollars are suckers!' kind of posts. Like the ones in here. Maybe the OP should have focussed more generally on people buying shit for the sake of having shit, or in order to have shit to do on the other shit they bought regardless of how good that shit is. But it wound up being almost the opposite.
  8. What is worth 70 quid though? I know loads of people who don't think any game ever made is worth £70. None of them has ever loved a game. But they do love other things, and they pay silly money for them. Money that I never would. Doesn't mean a thing really, apart from to see what people value in their lives. I'd pay well over seventy quid for a game if it could do to me what Ocarina did to me all those years ago. I mean, nothing ever will do that again, because time. But man, would I pay good money for that feeling again for a few weeks? Would I ever. Would would would.
  9. I'm sort of similar with games though: I'll only buy a very few a year, sometimes five or so, sometimes even fewer. But I think a lot of people - and they document it quite well here, so this isn't an assumption - just like to hoard games. Backlog of shame or whatever. Everything's there (well, sadly not everything, but everything whoever offers me the bargain deal/sub puts there) just for if you feel like playing it, but I don't really love (m)any of them. I just play them to get through them. It was ok. That one gave a lot of gamerscore. I mean, sure, by all means do that. But I don't believe that means someone who thinks a gem is worth more than fifty whole pounds makes them a sucker. Maybe they're just willing to pay for something they actually want to spend their - far more valuable than any sum of money - time on. Incidentally, I don't think Returnal selling will suddenly set the bar at £70 for all indie games.
  10. I dunno, I find the whole concept of having lots of games to be 'working through' a bit odd, but maybe it's me that's a bit odd. It shouldn't feel like you're 'working through' anything. A lot of the appeal of games, for me at least, has always been the shock of the new, how developers and manufacturers have advanced the form, have mixed things up, and to have the shared novel experience of that with other enthusiasts. Else why buy these hard-to-get expensive machines on launch day? If there's plenty of old stuff to 'work through' - and I'm not saying there isn't - why bother day one with sourcing two consoles that cost almost a grand between them? I just find the concept of insisting on having next-gen consoles but not wanting to pay more than fifty quid for a game, however good and next-gen it is, a bit odd. It reminds me of latest iPhone syndrome, but nah I'm not actually going to buy anything for it, anything that actually needs that hardware. I just like to have things, and games and music and films aren't really things. Things are hardware. That's worth a lot of money, but the content isn't. It's just a service. Just something to fill the space in the hardware, the space in my time.
  11. Now don't get me started! Those people are fools. Damn fools!
  12. Think of the greatest game you've ever played, you've ever known. Don't you think that was/is worth £70? Over the years I've spent - I dunno, probably £200-£300 (?) on Destiny games. That's over 7-8 years. Totally, utterly worth it, every penny. I can't complain about the value of that proposition at all on any level. But that's because, flaws and all, I love Destiny. I think it's right up there with the greats. If a small developer releases a title for £70 and it ends up as my GOTY - is that worth it, for the best gaming experience of the year? What if it's unique, compelling, different from the rest? I'm not saying it will be, but what if it is? Is that not worth £70? (Or £60 cos everyone does the credit thing, or £55 on disc if you get that deal.) Because if it's not, I'd question the wisdom of buying every console going, which must have cost roughly £1300 without extras. What's all the hardware for if £70 is too much to pay for the best stuff you can play on them? Would people not have paid £70 (or actually £60) for whatever their top games were for their new hardware? I dunno, but it seems a bit arse over tit to me. That way you end up buying two copies of a console you never play and no games for it that are any good. Not that this would ever happen...
  13. In a Microsoft office somewhere is a pie chart on a flip-board which will show the breakdown of consumers their market researches are telling them are willing to be suckered into a sub that ties them to the company for cheap and then drastically raise prices in the future, meanwhile playing games they'd never otherwise have shelled out for and becoming data farmers for moonbucks. In an Apple office somewhere is a pie chart on a flip-board which will show the breakdown of consumers their market researches are telling them are willing to pay £1000 for a phone and £10 a month for an Apple Music sub and then never buy any actual music again from artists. In a Google office somewhere they lost the pie chart on a flip-board in a freak data loss incident and, working hastily with a biro on the back of a beer mat, came up with Stadia. And how we laughed! All corps have flip charts and market research. Sadly, imagining that this extends to only a small number of them places you firmly in the aformentioned sucker segment. I'm sure your corporations of choice will be very proud.
  14. I think you've got me wrong: I think the game's worth £70. I don't regret spending £70* on the game. In terms of consumer power, I'd much rather give them money for this than a ton of other games that are priced lower, because I want to encourage games like this to be made. I buy relatively few games compared to most on here, so the money isn't a big deal - I don't rack up massive backlogs of games, and if I don't really love a game I'll just bin it and generally avoid that sort of thing in the future. This seemed intriguing and worth a punt, so rather than rely on reviewers I gave it a go, and it's been worth it so far. Don't bring football fans' 'consumer power' into this, especially big club supporters. Most of them threw their money at Murdoch and Sky so hard for so many years - and still do - that the other billionaires were inevitably going to smell the blood in the water and move in. Especially when that blood was oh-so-freely let. But maybe that's for another thread, like the consumer power that leads some of us to gratefully hand over half a grand for a console we barely use or bang a thousand or two on a PC - and then stockpile games for them that cost next to nothing. Like iPhone owners who pay a grand for a phone but barely spend any money on the music they play on it, or people with ten different film/TV streaming subs just in case they miss anything who'll hardly watch 1% of what's on there. I'm sure all that cash goes straight to the right places and supports poor starving artists to make works of genuine value. Consumer power my arse. The forum, like most of the world, is consumerism central. £70 for a fairly small developer putting out a next-gen exclusive that isn't designed by the marketing men and stands out from the crowd? No problem paying for that at all. But you keep sticking it to the man, you revolutionary free spirit. * Edit - actually it was £60.x because of cheap credit, but whatever.
  15. Just beat the first boss on my second attempt - but only just, and that's with my favourite weapon loadout, and a full health refill and a spare life used, right down to the last flashing red health bit. I think I, too, am boned on this. The way to the boss, the whole environment, was completely different again and had virtually none of the really tough rooms full of regenerating bastards that had plagued me ever since the first boss run. It was about 300% easier, and although I really like the never-the-same-twice feel of this I'm starting to wonder if the parameters are just a bit, or a mile, too wide. And whether it wouldn't benefit from just a little more permanent personal customisation between runs. It all feels very, very RNG in perhaps too many ways. But maybe that's just me not fully understanding how to play the game yet. The second biome is very different. The first area, and the new enemies... wow. Really great looking and feeling, giving off a proper lurid 50s sci-fi vibe. And against them my trusty carbine-and-dash combat felt tight as all fuckery. It really does handle well, this game - very solid-feeling, but fluid and precise. For some strange reason - and I know it's a fatuous comparison, but it keeps popping into my mind - this dash in-and-out-of-cover carbine/alt fire gives me the weird feeling of Turrican transported into the future. Which is far from a bad thing.
  16. Hark at Mystic Meg here. My alternative yet non-existent thread title: give something new a go, it might just surprise you. I mean, I'm predictably crap at Returnal but it's been great fun so far, a game with a singular approach that stands out from the crowd and one that feels like it's had lots of love and imagination poured into it. If you feel £70 is too much to spend on a game, like others have said, just wait a bit until the price drops. No big deal really, but the forum's current obsession with launch price point obscuring most other aspects of the actual game is a bit sad really. Not somewhere you'd want to come to share enthusiasm for new experiences these days.
  17. Nope, none. Tell you what I'm currently hating on in this - those healing bastards. Especially when they're awkwardly located and are sending about a dozen tethers out to a pack of normal mobs and two or three major ones. Grrrr.
  18. I'd love for it to be that, but unfortunately it's not. Part of it is just not getting the right weapons to drop, part of it is that after having the boss encounter it now seems to drop some harder/bigger enemies en masse into what were previously relatively trouble-free areas.
  19. You could argue they're not really levels in the traditional sense because they change in all sorts of ways from one playthrough to the next. Subsequent playthroughs of the same biome have different... the game calls them 'areas'. I doubt I've fully explored the first biome but the ship's log says I've explored 61 areas. I mean, it's just semantics really, everyone knows we're talking about essentially the same thing. But I can see why for a game like this people might want to call the semi-random conglomeration of level tiles within a similar environment a biome. My first level could be the first time I played that biome, because the second and third were quite differently constructed. But meh, call them whatever as long as it's understood.
  20. Same here, in the sense that I'm treating it as a slow explore-em-up, playing it like a nightmarish version of No Man's Sky with added malevolence, collecting stories and data as I go. I did make it to the boss once, pretty well tooled up and with an extra life, and got done in when he was at 1/4 health. The next couple of runs seemed to get harder each time, with some rooms (I still insist on finding all of them) having what seem like four or so minibosses all piling on me simultaneously. I was fairly certain I'd never make it to the end of this game - roguelikes are not really my genre usually, and I'm getting too old and slow for fast-reflex shooters - but now I'm thinking I might not even get to the second biome. Yet I'm very much enjoying just the basic exploration and discovery, and the atmosphere of it all. Besides, in terms of drops, they've become quite generous, and I've begun to suspect the game might actually be evolving. It seems to be adapting to my playstyle and progress each time it resets, and giving me a helping hand. Last time I left the Helios there was a Zimmer frame parked outside the ship.
  21. I dunno, especially since I'm not a parent so don't know how these new-fangled kids work. But, although I'm very early on in the game, I think some of the audio logs the protagonist finds on her corpses might - should - be a bit disturbing. (Spoiler for a couple of early audio logs)
  22. It's not a launch game though? Perhaps they're fiending for it because it looks gorgeously this-gen and they like Ratchet and Clank games. They're obviously popular with a lot of people and this equally obviously looks graphically splendid. Not really a syndrome at all.
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