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  1. Nine bloody years! That flew by. All the very best, young man.
  2. It grows AGAIN! No time to do a big post, but I added another area today whilst working form home A huge downtown area, thought I'd use some of the reward buildings and things since I've never done that before(!).. and this area has my best traffic flow yet! Was so satisfying figuring out the relief roads etc needed
  3. IT GROWS. More pics tomorrow, City-building fans!
  4. Ooooh my goooooodness. So I have been having some PC problems, and in amongst my attempts to fix things, I inadvertently wiped my save! Bums. However, my first run on a fresh save with Ironclad was soooooo fuuuuucking sweeeeet. Firstly, got the membership card really early, which meant I could just BUY relics instead of fighting Elites, which was nice. Took Runic pyrmaid after the first boss, never used it before, oh my word it's amazing, especially combined with Battle Trance, offering, and Armaments+.. then 3x Seeing Red just made me an unstoppable killing machine. There were some turns were I'd get to play my 2 Flex cards 2 or 3 times, it was ABSURD. Stupid Awakened One didn't have a hope, it was so satisfying! THIS GAME IS SO BLOODY GREAT.
  5. Detroit. Finally got round to it. Fuck the fucking police. Cried several times. Shit is still this bad. I haven't felt such feels in a long time. 5/5
  6. Hehe, when you build roads, you get some icons down in the lower left of the toolbar.. left most is straight, second is curved, third is freeform. Last one is for upgrading roads (e.g. change a two way into a one way, etc)
  7. Islands, I think. Or something like that. Can't check as my PC seems to have died :'( Nope - the only thing I'm using is the in-game tools to manage the junctions, which allow you to toggle traffic lights / give way signs - it's easily enough. The traffic management is tricky, but there are defo enough tools in the game without mods imo. Mods are only really required when you make 'aesthetic' cities, it seems.
  8. I did about 80% of the game on master mode with 3 hearts. It's only different at the very beginning. I found it quite cool, especially once off the plateau. You have to legit use Stealth and just ignore some camps altogether, as you won't have gear. Once you've done a few shrines and got some equipment, the game is basically the same tho, other than most enemy groups having higher level mobs as standard. Tldr, the first few hours are a bit trickier (your milage may vary on how fun you find that), but beyond that it's like the standard difficulty with out the lowest level enemies. Shame they didn't do more of the enemy swaps you see on the plateau, I was hoping for surprise lynels in more places Plus it was my first every YouTube let's play, CRINGE!
  9. WHY AM I SO ADDICTED AGAIN. I made my dam. I even built a little house there for the man who operates it. Somehow the traffic in this place is doing amazingly well, I'm averaging about 85% traffic flow, which is immense
  10. I had a great run the other day with this mishmash, I wasn't trying to find anything in particular, but I got Feed early (if you kill an enemy with it you increase max HP, it's ridiculous tbh!) which helped a lot. Limit Break+ (doubles current strength) is amazing too, esp with other strength boosting card, chuck heavy blade on top and I was hitting some enemies for about 100, it was obscene. I also really loved Fire Breathing (passive damage to enemies whenever you draw a status or curse card), I'd never used it before, but it was amazing, because it stacks. So fun giving myself wounds with Power Through. There's not really an 'ultimate' gameplan, you just kinda have to learn a bit about all of the cards and then hope for some good luck on your choices. A few decent synergies and you're golden. You can do it! (tbh it took me so many goes with The Silent to clear the first run I unlocked all of her unlocks...)
  11. Man, Watcher is weird, I'm not doing very well with her, but having some epic moments where I totally beast things. Loving some of the synergies I'm accidentally discovering! That hammer of judgement is amaze!
  12. Anyone up for a screenshot dump of a really old game? It made for some excellent wallpapers! BEST VIDEOGAME ROCKS EVER
  13. Trying to go for a more 'realistic' layout. It's hard!! I'm making a rule where I don't build (much) on top of existing trees, trying to use the lay of the land to guide my planning. But it still looks like a game city! I love looking at pictures of other people's cities, they look so interesting! Gonna try make a hydro power dam thing, I think, that small waterfall top right is perfect for it!
  14. Finally got round to this today. Me and the Mrs were hooked til the very end, forcing us to complete the two stories we'd missed seemed a bit unnecessary, especially given the next scenes was the ending. And what an abrupt, whimper of an ending it was. I like the concept, just felt the execution was a bit lacking. Stunning to look at tho, played the redux version, best looking game I've played in ages.
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