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  1. There's a tonne of them in dks1 too, you just probably weren't in human form to see them. :p
  2. robdood

    Dark Souls 3

    Oooh I probably did use Lloyd's ring!
  3. robdood

    Dark Souls 3

    I can tell you, a lot of Dancer's attacks would one shot me, ie that grab. There is also counter damage, ie if you get hit while running, or recovering from a roll, or mid attack you take significantly more damage. But to answer your question, its mainly because of something that highlights how bullshit dark souls levelling really is.. The damage is % based in a lot of cases.. I was soul level 1 in that video Ffs! Mad innit.
  4. I'd defo recommend fishing for parries vs the sword guy. I do it in the above videos, you only need about 3 parries and he'll be dead. Keep distance from the others, wathc the attacks, wait for sword guy to get close and attack, then shoot. Repeat until dead. Then just beat the fuck out of the other two, they're useless, pretty much.
  6. Re: Shadows, I dunno what to say man, they're one of the easiest bosses in the game once you figure out your rhythm. Here's two old videos of me beating them.
  7. robdood

    Dark Souls 3

    Ha, this chat aobut Dancerpain reminded me of my old SL1 run.. This was fun to edit:
  8. You can just leave the item equipped on your quick item slot, the picture will be dakr while the effect is active, then brightens again once it's run out.
  9. Tried that. Levelled them a fair bit, no dice. Tried heavier gloves. No dice. It's a bit annoying!
  10. And here's the vid for the lazy!
  11. That Capra is a little bugger! I've recorded a few episodes further, he does show up again! And is just as capricious! Also, I still haven't worked out how to ring the first bell of awakening.
  12. Neither of which I've ever bothered with!! Transient curses ftw.
  13. I keep forgetting to spam the thread! We're up to episode 10, going backwards through the Depths, which are now called the Sluiceworks (nice), because we've got to! This mod is ace <3
  14. Anyone got something I can read to get a flavour for cyberpunk's lore/setting in general? I'd like to become au fait with terminology etc in advance of digging into it!
  15. Today's was interesting, the closest I've seen him to playing it straight, ever. And appropriately so, given the subject matter.
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