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  1. Lol. I mean sure, there could be zero loading. But that is more believably just video editing.
  2. Plus no roguelike or arpg has EVER had combat anywhere near this good. I mean, I might be wrong, in which case TELL ME THE GAMES BECAUSE I NEED THEM.
  3. It does get quite hard once you clear the first area. But its more like Diablo X Devil May Cry.
  4. Everyone watch my guide. People here said it was really good.
  5. Shiiiiiit. Now I can get round to completing it! PIMP THE GUIDE AGAIN, DOOD. GOOD LUCK ALL YOU NEW ZAGREUSES (Zagreii?)
  6. Oh sure, but if you're starting from nothing, I'd put the £200 you save on a 3080 and put it towards other parts of the system.
  7. Indeed - that's down to the way that game has been created, more than the raw power of the graphics cards.
  8. Waiting to jump is a bit pointless... Put it this way , my 7 year old PC (i74770) with a 6 year old, mid-range gfx card (gtx970) still runs everything I throw at it at a 1080p60, even if I do have to use medium settings on more modern games.. still looks better in action than PS4/XBO. I'd personally argue whether a 3080 is worth it unless you really care about 4k gaming (I play things in 1080p on my 4k telly and can barely tell the difference when sat across the living room on the sofa). But maybe a conversation for the PC building subfolder!
  9. Yes! Two people can buy the exact same card, i.e. you and I both buy a FE 3080, and with all other components being the same, you might be able to get a better/more stable overclock than me. But the 'standard' performance should be next to identical.
  10. yes, though the pre-overclocked ones are usually from the batches of chips that ended up slightly higher quality (just due to the random nature of production) and able to take the overclocking power increase.
  11. Neither. Never have I been so disinterested. £70 games, lol. Guess it's about time!
  12. (Id bet a bollock it'll be out on PC sometime next year)
  13. Sources on twitter saying Sony have confirmed that the bluescreen at the end was a mistake, it's PS5 exclusive again. (Id bet a bollock it'll be out on PC sometime next year)
  14. Argh @Curtis stop copying and pasting yourself, its freaking me out!
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