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  1. Yep this sort of stuff is waaaaaay more of a big deal thank janky frame rates or animation timings! I have to say though, I've found it a complete breeze? It's the first pokemon I've played, perhaps I've just been lucky in how I've explored / caught things but each boss type encounter I've always had a team of appropriately opposed elemental Mon to use. I've not wiped in a single fight. 1 gym and a 1 star team thing left. My quaxly is lvl 51, everyone else is weaker. I'm still annoyed it doesn't just have a weakness chart in the game. Having it on the ui during fights is useful, but it's daft there's not just a nice graphic in the menu.
  2. I think what we're all realising is that review scores are pointless marketing tools and need to die in a fire. The body text of a review is what might pique my interest. I.E. LET TIM ROGERS TALK TO ME FOR SIX HOURS ABOUT A GAME ABOUT A CHILDS SUMMER VACATION INSTEAD. The idea of game reviews being a 'buyers guide' is so odd to me, given art/entertainment is so subjective in interpretation. No magazine / publication / website / individual is going to be exactly the same as you. Idk.
  3. Oh totally. The later ones are hilariously bad. A lot of the game is hilariously bad if I'm honest. I'm not sure why I'm persisting, but there's definitely something compelling about catching them all. And doing up my schoolgirl character in new hats/socks/shoes. Shame you can't change out of your school uniform.
  4. Lol the gym tests don't get much better. I think you have to remember it is for kids, ultimately. My 9yo kinda digs the goofy stuff
  5. I do love how quaxly's final evolution is like some baffling kung fu drag queen. Defo chose the best starter. The top tier fire Croc looks hella ugly.
  6. Fans of Soul Reaver should watch this just for the soul reaver bit, fascinating to hear how it was made!
  7. Sums up how I feel about a lot of the UI / UX - everyone's banging on about the graphics being low polish, but jeeeeez the menus, man. Using a potion mid fight? Yeah here's about 5 dialog boxes you need to press A to click through before it actually happens.
  8. Another goofy one. If you press X and select a pokemon form the list, you can choose 'check summary' and look at more details of the pokemon. There are tabs on the top of the screen, the second tab lets you press A to remember / forget / reorder moves. Handy!! However, if you access the 'check summary' screen from the Boxes menu, the second tab DOESNT let you do any of those things. Despite it being literally the exact same screen. Baffling.
  9. I think we've misunderstood each other. Lets say a town has 10 shops. If I've never visited the town, sure nothing is shown on the map. But once I visit the town, icons appear on the map. However, it only seems to show a limited number, e.g. 6 of the 10 shops appear on the map. Even if I visit the unmarked shops, they don't then appear on the map.
  10. Nope. I've tested it at each town I've visited. Some are shown when you first arrive, some aren't. Visiting makes no difference.
  11. Can I do another one? Why are only like half of the actual shops visible on the map? Maddening.
  12. It's my first proper pokemon game, I do think it's spectacularly bad / stupid in some ways. For example, am I being thick or is there really no way to sort my "boxes"? The grid is soooo unintuitive I can't even. The search is fucking hilariously bad. The ui / management of *stuff* it terrible. Which is baffling I a game about collecting all the stuff
  13. I just don't understand why they'd not at least put the help stuff behind a button press, or an item, or SOMETHING.
  14. Yeah, I'd like something a bit like a mashup of Jurassic Park, Pokémon Snap and one of those deer hunting simulators. Creeping round an island, spying on pokemon from a distance, laying traps and catching them. Not having a pre-determined pokedex, having to work out which creatures evolve from which, etc. Man that'd be GREAT.
  15. Oh for sure! YOU PEDANT But, I'd say 'low framerate' has less chance of being misunderstood as something else generally
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