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  1. 6th run (2 with each character) and I just did my first run! Robot dude lucked out with cards and relics, I was felt overpoweredaf going to the last fight, thought in the ned I just about scraped through thanks to a fairy in a bottle and the frankly ludicrous claw cards, which were doing 40+ damage each by the end of that battle! Great game
  2. Started playing this today. What a delightfully enjoyable game. Perfect amount of random chance mixed with strategy. Lovely. I wish I could play it on my phone in bed
  3. This usage data from 2017 didn't back that up tbh..
  4. Amazing quote in the Laptop mag article.. Lol
  5. It's a standalone headset, i.e. it runs off a mobile processor! Visually I'd say a little sharper then PSVR but brightness/colours better on PSVR. But no wires, man. NONE.
  6. robdood

    Illustration Club

    Been a while since I've made anything. I had to hastily chuck something together today in time for the traditional birthday art for one of my boys' brithdays. A lot of vector tracing, and a bit of tweaking to make it personal, but I am pleased with how it turned out.. (family surname is Jenkins, hence the Jenkémon thing..)
  7. That's fair, I love them both as games, but I think supergiant have a good style of storytelling that's makes their stuff always worth checking out at least. Hades is similarly excellent.
  8. @bradigor if you like Bastion, I defo recommend Transistor by the same people A bit different as the 'narration' is done by one of the characters as you go through, rather than someone telling a story after the fact. But still excellent.
  9. Thanks, that did it, even though I rebooted earlier today! Oh well. Its pretty special though! If they can reduce the latency a tiny bit it'll be almost perfect. Will be interesting to see what they are doing with it a year from now.
  10. Am I being daft? Where's my experimental hand tracking settings? I've got update v12, all I can see under the experimental menu is bluetooth pairing for keyboards/controllers?
  11. Had some heartwarming chuckles earlier showing the mrs' folks VR for the first time, love that magical moment where people are like "this is amazing!" Still annoyed that casting is garbage and unreliable though
  12. Really tempted by Tetris effect for £13 (after applying the voucher).. I can finally play it in VR that way!!
  13. Being cruel to the boy with the plane is the best thing ever.
  14. Hmm am I being dumb, is there no way to pause / quit to title screen?
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