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  1. I can't remember it well enough to know if it'd work, but what about Soul Reaver? My hazy memory of that game is so epic.
  2. Also: love all the newbie stories. LET YOUR WORDS NOURISH ME, BRETHEREN.
  3. The boss Souls in this game are only for one thing: making cool stuff. I mean you can consume them for souls/cash, but rarely is that worth it on your first run tbh. A lot of souls can only be crafted into a single thing. If you want to double check, talk to 2-1 blacksmith as well, things you can make from boss souls should show up on one of the tabs, iirc. Make the boss things, experiment with them! there's no wrong way to do it!
  4. Doing all the -1 stages is a pretty safe bet. They're all pretty fairly tuned balance wise. Each of the -2 stages is a bit of a step up and ideally you want stronger quipment by that point.
  5. If the runbacks were all really simple (as per 1-1) it would be fine, but many of them aren't. I totally get why it could kill the game for other people. And that's rubbish! And having a much quicker way to try the boss again doesn't impact the 'reasons' given abovethread, e.g. to 'cool off' or to practice fighting. You could choose to do those things at any moment. They're not really a good enough reason to force people to run past a lot of crap for sometimes upwards of 60 seconds just to fight a boss and die immediately again! If they really wanted to make runbacks
  6. I just want to say that boss run backs are indeed shit and need to be dropped from any future souls likes. It's just wasting time for no good reason.
  7. @Minion world 2 is your buddy for most basic upgrade stones.
  8. @Capwn so you've learned a lesson. Don't waste your healing/buff items until you're confident you've worked out a boss. Don't try beat them first go! Spend time just watching and learning, not even hitting. PS that fight is totally doable without using any consumables, btw. It just doesn't feel like that to you because you're new
  9. I think this is pretty much bang on. Having recently played through the lovely indie Teardown, which features its own Ray tracing tech, it was the little things that really made my smile, like opening a metal gate, and noticing how the sky was very subtly reflected in it, and thinking 'man, games don't usually do that. Another one which got me a few times was reflections in interior windows, properly messed with my brain at times, not use to having to process them in games!
  10. Here's Distortion2 opening the super secret new door thing that Bluepoint added
  11. Put a couple of hours into this now, it's lovely! I really dig how it doesn't tell you anything, but just by looking around and playing you start figuring things out. Gives good mysterious adventure vibes, like a super-chill, level-based BotW x Journey thing. It's very simple in terms of puzzles and stuff, but just exploring is trance-inducing, and the first 'boss' thing was pretty exciting and great. Can't believe no games before now have done decent Naruto running. Plus you have an eagle friend who you have to lovingly stroke better when he
  12. undoubtedly! it's a very flexible game. My tips would be: - you have to beat the first boss before you can level up and go to other areas and stuff. - once you've unlocked the other areas, you can tackle them in any order you like, so if you're stuck somewhere go explore somewhere else! - I'd recommend you have a good root around stonefang tunnel when you find it, as it is where you can find good upgrade materials! - people refer to the stages by numbers sometimes to make it easier. The format is like 1-1, 2-1, 3-2 etc, where the first number is the archstone
  13. Heheh But it's not really the combat (though that should probably be a bit tougher too) but I expected trekking long distances to be more arduous. And I'm playing offline! Can't imagine what it'd be like with other player's stuff everywhere! Maybe I should bump the difficulty.
  14. Is it just me or is this game a bit, well.. easy? I was expecting much more of a survial horror kinda thing after the opening few hours. From then it's kinda been plain sailing, esp since I got hemetic grenades! S ranks on every mission, it just seems a bit straightforward? Though I did chuckle during tonight's session - just as I was thinking 'oh well this is a bit easy, getting around with the motorbike everywhere'.. Then I had to go here
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