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  1. We're live with some more chill Friday night boardgames tonight! Playing a cute / quite good kids game called Labyrinth (sadly nothing to do with the epic 80s movie) and maybe a spot of Sushi Go! https://www.twitch.tv/lets__roll The quest to twitch affiliate is almost complete!
  2. Started hardcore tonight. It honestly feels no different to standard so far. If anything I'm smashing things as I've been focusing on getting parries worked into my game. It's been great!
  3. Char and I going live tonight playing some small games, P for Pizza, Hive, and The Mind. Come say hello! https://www.twitch.tv/lets__roll
  4. I was surprised to see it not mentioned in the modern scrolling beat em ups thread, ngl. Its a classic.
  5. Also @Talvalinthis might help? 😇
  6. You can interact with the training dummy at your base to train. Best to just keep playing the levels repeatedly tho!
  7. I cleared chapter 6 tonight, was a hoot getting through that last bit of the village section! Cabin siege and mendez done first try (on standard difficulty Heh). Castle looks dope! Itching for more but am pooped and feeling miserable because of landlords.
  8. And again tonight, twitch only this time due to weird tech issues last time! https://www.twitch.tv/robdood
  9. Streaming a few hours of me goofing around in this tonight, come say hi rllmukers! https://www.twitch.tv/robdood
  10. Its the very next bit! Fwiw I've found normal to be a good time so far, I'm only a little further than you @Timmo Its felt scrappy and frantic and like I'm only just treading water with ammo, which is how I want it to feel. Died a few times mainly due to pushing my luck with running around.
  11. Not from the description in the crafting menu. I did also wonder the same!
  12. That's not @CrichStand's issue, its more that the respawning seemed frankly bugged and enemies just appear right in front of him rather thatn subtly out of sight
  13. Normal is fine, honestly, and it lets you drop it down if you're struggling.
  14. I don't think that's baffling design. That's how Resi speedrunning has worked forever. It's how you play when you know what to do. Not the first time. For reference, here was my attempt at that bit. I tried to clear the room, but realised they kept spawning, then found the key item, then left I think this is how the game has indicated it's supposed to be played thanks to the opening siege in the village. This doesn't excuse it not being able to handle someone who plays differently though! I just think this running/mobile style is pretty faithful to the original game(s)
  15. In @CrichStand's defense it does sound pretty annoying to have that kind of experience. You *are* going on about it a bit though by this point. Hehe. To be fair it was the same in the Elden Ring thread for a bit! (for completely different reasons) Dude likes a moan. That's valid. Don't let it dampen your vibe
  16. Hang on, am I misremembering, in the original could you suplex from the beginning? Was it only in the castle that it started popping heads? I think it might be that. Just twigged:
  17. What the!! I was not expecting this melee attack! owned.mp4 Yet, at least!
  18. Had some excellent moments during the first couple of hours last night, I think my favourite was when I booted a guy down off a ledge and his body took out an axe that had been flung at me from nearby! Epic.
  19. I was quite impressed earlier when I did a spot of low stakes backtracking, noticed that all the corpses from earlier were still on the floor, in the same dismembered state, despite me shutting down the game in the interim!
  20. Arise, streamer robdood! Going live with some blind Resi4 very shortly on youtube/ twitch Come say hi if you are so inclined. And not playing it yourself!
  21. Hmm that sounds like a bug for sure. Gonna make sure to make each save on a new slot (if you still can do that)
  22. I was thinking of doing hard from the start but I think I'm gonna try normal to begin. @CrichStandyou're in hardcore right? I wonder if that's the reason?
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