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  1. I haven't seen that anywhere.. I know this was a thing at the beginning of the ps5's life, are they still doing it with other recent cross gen games?
  2. As far as we know right now, the only differences are cosmetic. Enemy count and draw distance (since critical part of gameplay is scoping out what's ahead) etc all basically identical. 30fps though. But that's not the end of the world!
  3. PS5 version has better GFX settings, runs almost at 60fps at decent resolution most of the time (according to Digital Foundry). PS4 version played on a PS5 has chequerboard 4k and rock solid 60 fps, but worse detail on the gfx, e.g. grass draw distance. I'd guess PS5 is lead platform so I'd go with that, if I was buying a console version!
  4. And despite all this I still think they should put in the awesome modern accessibility options we're seeing in lots of games these days. Things like high contrast mode, adjustable game speed, one handed controls, all that good stuff. It's a completely separate issue from 'difficulty' imo.
  5. Well I'm incredibly weak willed and just watched the Taipei interview, so you all don't have to! There wasn't too much in the way of new footage, but it was really interesting to hear Kitao talk about how conscious they have been of alleviating 'stress' on the player's part. Now, I feel like the word 'stress' is probably very slightly mis-translated, because all the examples they talked about were things designed to alleviate frustration, which is GREAT. E.g. there are, in some locations, 'checkpoints' that let you restart closer to where you died than the last bonfire. They're well aware of the rep of their games and are actively trying to make the games more approachable and less off-putting than in the past. Hopefully we get a whole new raft of Fromsoft fam on the back of Elden Ring! I did have to clip one little bit of the footage from the Taipei presentation, just check out this dagger/consumable/bow action!! Looks so freaking sweet!! Build diversity is back in a big way https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxIRK0QvRARteijfdzV-08LwOxQHksxdxd (an enemy even ducks under a player-fired arrow - WHAT!)
  6. Another reason why this 'avoidance' is a good thing is it means the rewards for overcoming such obstacles are likely to be more interesting than just 'the next (harder) stage of the game'. It's much more likely to be shortcuts, or sweet loot, upgrades etc. I am firmly on the hype train, but imagine if Fromsoft manage to make the best ever open world game on their first try...? I believe in Michael Zaki. I reckon they can do it.
  7. Started Sekiro again last night, I'd forgotten that you get options for that there, too!! e.g. The first spear monk guy in the Hirata Estate memory. He guards a fog gate thing, but you can just go in the water and around the side, and still reach Juzou / the end of the stage! Huge sections of the stages can be sidestepped/avoided if you want, it's great. A whole open world of that design is going to be absolute madness. 29 sleeps!! Someone append the thread title!
  8. The raytracing adds global illumination (which looks to have bounce lighting too), the effect is pretty subtle but it does add a nice subtle realism to things. i.e. in this screen, the light bouncing off the grass would softly illuminate things nearby
  9. Thirty sleeps, man! Maybe 29 if you stay up all night on the 24th
  10. I do love his vids, they're great background while I'm cooking etc
  11. Naaaah man, it's gonna be amaze, and I'd be incredibly surprised if it's not their best game to date. God I can't wait to lose myself in it!! And man, imagine the mods for PC in a few years, too!! Sheeeeeeeit.
  12. I literally can't play any other games at the moment. I just want this to come out. Listening to the (network test) soundtrack today to help me through work. It's great!! I do love how their musical flair (and budget, from the sounds of things) has improved over time I also favour this new 'style' of having a general BGM track playing, ala Sekiro. It's good for the atmosphere! There's going to be tons of leaky footage over next few weeks. I'm going to do my best to avoid it. Maybe I'll run through Sekiro again. I bought it on PC after rinsing PS4 version and don't have the achievements. Something to do, I guess.
  13. Well this spiralled off into an interesting tangent. I don't think the bosses are bad (especially in the more recent games), though I'd agree with Vemsie that Sekiro's bosses are their best. Last boss Isshin is freakin' amazing in that game. It's long but I loved it. Elden Ring seems very interesting in terms of the new block/attack mechanics, things like heavy attacks, the attack-after-blocking, and jumping attack dealing big posture damage is really cool, bosses being reliably, repeatably knocked for crits is definitely a good thing. If anything my biggest gripe with bosses in games prior to Sekiro was that the mechanics like parrying don't really work against them.
  14. Ha, I just posted this in Elden Ring and was aobut to copy/paste here. From on the case already, all the PC servers for Souls are down. Should be fixed soon enough!
  15. PSA - this is also for PC Dark 3 players so will post there, some exploit has been found inthe game's coed that allows a hacker to reun executables on your PC. GREAT! TLDR - Bamco have tkaen servers down today to investigate. The same eploit would theoritcally be in Elden Ring since it shares some the same codebase. Allegedly the community PC multiplayer hack prevention tool Blue Sentinel has already been upgraded to prevent it (Blue Sentinel will basically be essential for PC Elden Ring players imo), but with any luck it'll be fix by From ahead of then.
  16. This is a good shout. Though it is limited use so I'd save it until I had a bit more of a battle plan than 'farm humanity'
  17. Farm if you must, but at the same time I find farming for ages to get a few humanity, to have three INTENSE goes at the boss is even more disheartening than just trying over and over solo. Don't you dare go hollow on us!!
  18. Also it's been a while but I'm sure there's a faster way than taking the spiral stairs.. You defo unlocked all doors and shortcuts?
  19. You don't need solaire. Coop doubles boss health. Learn the fight solo. Make sure your weapon is +10. Don't use consumables until you're confident you can win. Take one out first. Use the pillars. Don't use lock on. (short on time!)
  20. Ah man, I really need to get off the internet for a bit. This looks ace, but I also wish I hadn't seen it. Are you sure you want to click? The hype machine is only going ot get worse. Good luck out there, Fromsoft fam..
  21. Fair enough, my understanding of it (i.e. from googling it a second ago because I didn't know what it meant!) was where only males were involved! My bad.
  22. Surely it would have been 13 yr old boys in fetish gear if that was the case?
  23. Just to say. This game is ten years old soon. Jesus wept. Noclip did a nice vid on it recently: Also, Hydrogen by MOON is still an absolute BANGER.
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