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  1. Bit late to the party but my god Murder By Numbers is brilliant. Love the aesthetics, as others have said it nails that Nintendo DS vibe. Music is great and anything with Picross in it is generally brilliant as far as I'm concerned. Well done to @Ed-Eand team. Everyone please buy it so they make more.
  2. Which amiga emulator are you running under RISCOS? Just installed it tonight on an old pi and wouldn't mind trying the amiga emulator.
  3. I live near Torquay so hope this happens as fancy rocking up to the pub for the aftermath!
  4. Obviously going top on Wednesday took the pressure off
  5. I RGH'd a second hand elite I picked up for £30 just so I could have Scott Pilgrim/ Jet Set Radio Future machine!
  6. This is on sale at epic games store now and if anyone has a £10 voucher knocking around from picking up free games it makes this about £5 for the standard game.
  7. TheGaffer


    Plus can we please adhere to forum rules and when reviving an old thread start the post with "Wise fwom your gwave"
  8. There's a good article here about the differences between versions http://frgcb.blogspot.com/2016/10/ghostbusters-activision-1984.html?m=1
  9. Very easy to make games with it. It's got a built in Sprite editor, effects editor and tracker and code is based on lua. Plus there's tons of resources knocking about. Pretty much an ideal tool as a first step into games design. Now if I could just pull my finger out I'd actually build something with the damn thing!
  10. I'll happily take the Amiga 500 off your hands if it'll help you free up some space
  11. Not really read any of these fusion magazines but there's a dedicated amiga one coming out : https://fusionretrobooks.com/products/fusion-amiga
  12. Probably best of the non everdrive carts is the ElCheapo SD which you can get from here : https://bennvenn.myshopify.com/ The guy builds them in batches so they go in and out of stock but think they're decent value.
  13. TheGaffer


    Thought they would have made a bigger deal about this given its one the most requested games to be on there! Never mind of to buy it now.
  14. Picked up the switch and mario kart deal for the kids (and me ) for Christmas. Where's the best deal for the Nintendo online subscription at the moment as fancy having a go on some of the Snes stuff available?
  15. My new subscription starts with issue 200 so very much looking forward to see what @strider and the team have come up with
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