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  1. I’ve finally picked up a dock and my 8bitdo controller is having one of those days, which will no doubt end up with it taking a flight shortly… Ive a drawer full of PS4, Xbox controllers, will they be any good to me? If not, what is the go to controller of our hive mind?
  2. Good memory! I remember thinking Windwaker made OOT look so dated yet. Console generations were much more significant then.
  3. I loved my GameCube, it’s away in the loft. Platinum edition, think Zelda was bundled with it.
  4. That’s not a great article, the last point showing how poorly researched and constructed it is. Just look at the last sentence.
  5. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s a thread, about a super popular game. It’s what the forum does, the point of its existence. if people can’t behave in here, then ban them. If they post something inappropriate then warn them. If you don’t like the discussion, or the feelings it provokes in you, then don’t use the the thread. The forum can be a safe space, you don’t have to click on the thread title. we are all grown ups here, there are standards of behaviour we can expect from other users, if they are strayed from then we have a strong moderation team to intervene. There really shouldn’t be such a mainstream game that we can’t discuss, whether the game itself or the issues surrounding it. Not least because the contents of the game itself aren’t troublesome. The debate on whether you can separate the art from the artist has existed long before this game. Polanski/Jackson have trailed that one across film and music, with Polanski giving us an insight to views shifting over time. Society as a whole is learning about trans people and trans issues, dogmatically refusing to discuss such a popular cultural icon like Harry Potter will not aid that learning in any way, shutting down discussion has never led to anything positive, even if the discussion can be painful, at time, in itself.
  6. Hot Wheels is excellent on this thing. enjoying NFS Hot Pursuit too
  7. I agree. The season 2 update has sorted out a lot of the issues I had with it and has added Hardcore mode back in. Still can’t believe it launched without it. The actual core mechanics are really good.
  8. Remind me, but wasn’t the whole Pro thing last gen about adapting to 4k TVs? So pushing resolutions for the PS4 and the Xbox adding a 4K Blu Ray player? It’s hard to see the need this gen for that. mid gen updates have been around since the PS1, I can’t see that changing if there’s savings to be made in manufacturing. This gen has already held its price point longer than any other (and actually seen a price rise, totally unprecedented)
  9. Got a Series X on launch because Game Pass. I’m really happy with it. id have probably bought a PS5 for Gran Turismo but couldn’t find one in stock. Though I didn’t look that hard. got a Steam Deck in December and it’s a game changer. Has totally reignited my passion for gaming. if Sony release a mid gen, cheaper digital only PS5 I’d probably be all over it.
  10. The RP2 was an absolute ball ache to set up. Good when you get it going.
  11. You can get one shot kills with SMGs in Tier 1, which makes longshots a lot easier to achieve
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