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  1. 23 hours ago, JamesTW said:

    I hope they put both the 2 small maps together 24/7 like Vanguard which had Das Haus & Shipment together, where else am I going to find enough twitchy idiots to shoot at my inflatable dummy while I shoot them? 

    It really could do with this 

  2. 7 hours ago, SpagMasterSwift said:

    Having got the animated calling card for 2,500 hip fire kills over Christmas I noticed that there is an equally cool Prestige 1 for completing 4 challenges which would sit nicely with it...I'm now trying to get longshot kills with SMGs. Not only do I not have the reflexes for this game, I'm also lacking the eyesight required - woke up with neck strain. But it shall be mine. 

    Play tier 1

  3. On 13/10/2022 at 10:52, layten said:

    So lucrative they have increased the price everywhere apart from the US.

    When it’s currencies devaluing against the dollar driving the increase, you’d expect the US price to hold firm. Though they’re not immune to inflation at present either.

  4. I’ve ordered mine tonight, though won’t get it until Christmas.


    I haven’t gamed on a computer since my Spectrum, I’ve been consoles all the way since then. Mini OTF has her own gaming laptop which has her Steam account on it, so we can do some family sharing.


    I’m pretty excited. Will get some emulators for it, also looking forward to plundering the PC back catalogue that’s never been available to me.

  5. The Miyoo mini is great. 

    not sure I’ll bother with Onion, I’ve got the 32x and Mega CD up and running in Retroarch, got to play Sonic CD for the first time in decades on Saturday night!


    I’ll spend a bit of time curating the games I want, get some GBC on there because I think they’ll look great on the screen and then take it from there.

  6. 3 minutes ago, bradigor said:


    Still tempted by bolth a Retroid Pocket 2+ and also a RG351V

    The 2+ sounds better than mine. It was infuriating to set up, though performs well now. Can be hit and miss with some roms, especially mame. The built in N64 emulator is much better than retroarch.


    looked at the RG 351V, I’m hoping the Miyoo will keep me going until the next gen when we can get into Dreamcast properly and hopefully GC.

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