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  1. Is it just one new map? That’s disappointing
  2. I got my subscriber copy at the end of January, wasn’t expecting it to be honest, and was amused to see it was the “March” issue. I only read it this week and wasn’t aware of editor or staff changes. I quite like the issue, it’s not exactly like the ‘feel better’ issue, but is in the same vein. Nothing wrong with a bit of variety. I’ve been with Edge since Issue 1 (which i still have)’ subscriber for god knows how,long, 200 issues plus?, and the feel better was my favourite Edge ever, it caught the mood at a very different time and genuinely was ‘feel good’. I think it has aged remarkably well, albeit just a year later, and is a great issue to flick through. what have been the personnel changes?
  3. I’m not feeling Pines Mall i’m really enjoyed the combined arms games, just need more than four maps. nuketown still rules! completed the season pass today, first time I’ve done that, the one positive of lockdown!
  4. I get that occasionally and have to restart the console
  5. Nuketown is great playing on XSX, have an issue where the audio in the game is muted when I restart the console and go straight to this. Only in the game, hit the Xbox button and you get the noises for your key presses. Only fix is a restart. another issue, again when turning the console back on. Is that it won’t connect, need to launch another game then go back to this to get it to connect.
  6. The snipers need nerfing in the next update, they can aim quicker than a sub machine gun
  7. It’s needs to be vertical to be aesthetically pleasing. I'm really pleased with it, enjoyed FH4, Tetris and COD since the weekend. There’s the odd glitch but nothing too bad. like any new console. It could do with a AAA title
  8. Quick 4gb patch just before midnight!
  9. SNES, launch day from Virgin in Liverpool played SMW to death, think there were only two others games available at launch, can’t remember if it was Super Soccer or Super Tennis I got, think soccer it was all about SMW
  10. I’ve got the SF2 cabinet, it was in offer on Amazon for £225 and you can’t fault it at that price, though I did buy the riser alongside it. I’m well up for Out Run, Christ knows where I’d put it though
  11. I was going to say MGS2, then I remembered the hoo-hah over Raiden Jet Set Willy was the first really hyped mega game I can remember. It sort of delivered, you certainly thought it did at first, then you realised it was broken.
  12. I’m losing confidence that this thing will be any good what the he’ll is on the disc that’s “gold” - a download link?
  13. For Sony and MS I’m amazed BC is even a topic for the next gen, I assumed were at the point in console development it’d just be there. The PS2 was BC, the PS3 started the bollocksing up of it all. nintendo will tread their own path regardless
  14. Will the XSX play OG Xbox and 360 discs?
  15. Really hoping I can just rock up on Amazon at 8.00am and preorder one to be honest
  16. I’m liking the big maps for 5 and 6 flag domination i love Modern warfare but ill be ready for something different in November, hope they can polish this up
  17. You can buy them as a Jamma board, can’t you?
  18. Oh Christ, a Sega cabinet with a wheel and I’ll empty my wallet!
  19. Oh they’re going to launch the console in November, otherwise we’d never have known that Halo wouldn’t be ready, we’d have been given a line that the console was Covid impacted and moving back to Q1 2021. the message about compatibility needn’t have been compromised, put it all on a console delay. its a big blow for the XSX launch right when recession is about to strike. Yeesh indeed
  20. I’d delay the console launch if your AAA release isn’t there and there’s not a great deal to pick up the considerable slack
  21. They’re trolling us now edit to add, saw my first tactical nuke last night, when did they become a thing?
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