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  1. I wonder if I'll get a cheaper PS3 on Ebay this weekend?
  2. I'd imagine that the branch of Game in question has got an area/regional manager breathing down their necks asking why they haven't filled their quota of incoming machines with pre-orders. It's a very shoddy amateur attempt of a comparison chart and is the type of thing that happens in retail when pressure is applied to store level managers. Relationships and longer term considerations go out of the window when you've someone on the end of the phone hassling you over your numbers and pointing out that 'Barry from xxxx' has filled 90% of his quota. As for wanting this launch to fail, Yes I do. I really fancy a PS3, I want to play Motorstorm and Resistance, I love the idea of downloading HD Gran Turismo and Tekken and I'd like a Blu Ray player to go with my HD DVD 360. Six Axis sounds like a good idea if it's like playing Excite Truck on my Wii. Whilst £425 is a tad rich for my taste, I could almost justify to myself if it wasn't for the pricing vs the US and Japan. For the machine to cost so much more here in comparison with the other markets beggars belief and with the arrogance Sony have shown with our 'quite happy to wait' attitude and the final piss take of removing the emotion engine (and thus compatibility) I'm going to pass next week. I'm one of the loyal (a launch day PS2 and PSP, a Playstation within a fortnight of launch), I'm an early adopter for my sins (360 and Wii), but the combination of pricing, timing and now the lesser spec'd machine means that I'll sit back and wait. I should have been one of those forking over cash at midnight next Friday but I'll now hope it goes tits up and £75 comes off that price tag quickly. Then I'll buy one - gleefully.
  3. Picked this up today for £20 at Gamestation - this is great fun. If £20 was standard Wii pricing I'd buy so much more.
  4. Wipeout First game I loaded onto my PS1, which I got a fotnight after launch. I was the first out of my friends to get one. 6 of us sat in awe as the Playstation struted it's stuff. My beloved SNES felt so last gen. No other console grabbed my attention as much as this until I used my Wiimote for the first time.
  5. £425? Think I'll take a pass for the time being. Best part of £550 for two games and a second controller? No F'n way. I'll be amazed if they haven't dropped the price by Christmas / Halo 3 launch (whichever is first).
  6. The sooner it launches, the sooner it gets it's first price cut and the sooner I'll get one. I'm not going over £300 for a console, BR or no BR. The fact I've got Gears of War, Twilight Princess and Pro Evo over Live to contend with means that Sony have missed the boat with me for now.
  7. Seriously, just use the Dark Alex download and follow the read me. It is incredibly straight forward process, it just seems a bit daunting if you've not done it before. Once you've done it you wonder what you were hesitating for. With any 'easy' installer you're trusting somebody to have encoded the installer properly and sometimes people don't / can't. The difference in ease between any 'easy' installer and the 'normal' method is never anywhere near as great as you may think.
  8. I used PSX2PSP v0.6 to convert my Pal Tekken 3 to a NTSC and solved the screen positioning problem. I also added an icon and a background to my EBOOT. It looks great and plays perfectly. This 3.02 OE is a stroke of absolute genius. I've now got a handheld running my favourite PS1, Megadrive, Snes and Capcom games. It doesn't get any better.
  9. This all feels so familiar.... Sony launch new console in Japan prior to Christmas, at the same time that Nintendo launch a lower spec'd 'rival'. Nobody gives Nintendo a chance due to the lower specs but Nintendo's hardware is innovative and has a new control system. Sony dick about talking about 'convergence' and 'media' and such like whilst Nintendo sneak into the lead and then into Europe first (much to everyones amazement). Sony huff and puff and keep promising soon which eventually translates into September the following year for Europe. Another year passes and when the dust settles it is clear that Nintendo won this battle and has the more succesful system and operates the more effective business model. If you'd have predicted this you'd have been ridiculed. This really is happening again, it's uncanny. For UMD read Blue-Ray, Sony launched with a firmware update (I remember doing that with my PSP on launch day last September) and after the put back to March we are already being softened up for another delay. This is not a company operating at it's peak performance.
  10. This is good, very good infact. I've lost almost 2 hours to it already. The only drawback is in the piece by piece delivery. Partciually after completing the missions and the puzzles and unlocking all the skins I feel like I'm still waiting for the full Lumines experience (mainly as I am!). And Live lags horribly. Some of the 5.1 being thrown around is spine tingling.
  11. Wahey! Lumines Live comes in just a few hours time!
  12. I reckon we should see how the second one plays and how it integrates the music before casting too much doubt on it. Lumines is awesome, keep the faith.
  13. Where from? Or did you put it together yourself? In which case - upload, upload quickly!
  14. I've barely had time to scratch the surface of this but first impressions are very favourable. You can tell it's first wave next gen. It's ever-so-slightly better looking and really sharp and smooth and every now and again it pulls off some graphical trick without trying (or slowing down) - think Team Ninja equivalent of the smoke in COD2. Having said that Geometry Wars has a graphical trick or two up it's sleeve. Conclusion? It's all good!
  15. Not so much one month on but one week on for me. Got my original Xbox less than 2 years ago, loved LIVE, loved Gotham 2, fell in love with FPS all over again. Get a 360, I adore the dashboard and LIVE integration. I love being able to change the back ground and themes. I love wirelessly streaming music and pictures from my desktop. I love having a soundtrack on over 6500 songs to play along with to PGR3 and Geometry Wars. Oh Geometry Wars, a throwback to the simple days of my youth and mispent afternoons in the arcade. They haven't made them like this in a long, long time. They couldn't have made this without LIVE Arcade. Video Gaming has eaten itself and I'm loving it. And the games. Love PGR3, love toggling the views, love London, love online and offline (which is a little more, er, 'mainstream' in this edition). COD2 has kinda crept up on me. Definately my third choice when I bought the machine but I reckon this has had more of my time than the others. The third (and perhaps my biggest motivator to purchase right now) is PD0. Is it a huge step forward? No. Does it look a bit rushed in presentation? Yes. I'm looking forward to tackling it but the other two (and Geometry Wars) are just consuming all my time at present. My 360 was bought with one eye on the future. I want Halo 3 badly and buying a 360 was always a question of when not if. I'm thrilled to have bought now. I love the bells and whistles the machine has. I love my mini remote, love the wireless pad (best.controller.ever.) and love the wireless networking. I love the michine being dicretely hidden away in my living room. I love Dolby Digital and am happy with Pal60 (for now). I can't believe I had to wait until now to have a console I can turn on and off from my settee but I love that two. I went the purchase open eyed and with realistic expectations and because of that appreciate the unexpected touches for what they are. This is a great start for the machine - I'm loving it now and I'm confident the future will be much, much better.
  16. I loved this game, it's Mario after all. I remember being bought a Cube with Sunshine, Zelda and Rebel Assault in June 2003 and thinking that the world was a better place for the next couple of weeks!
  17. Lego Star Wars far exceeded my expectation. Truly a case where the sum is greater than the individual parts. Now how about one for the 'classic' trilogy?
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