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  1. Yeah, the breaking up the lobby system doesn’t make a great deal of sense
  2. Sorry, I should've been clearer. Keep it away from the “main game” so that updates can be smaller. I’ve no interest in Warzone. MW is a great COD game but the updates have been painful.
  3. I’m hoping Warzone is a free spin off in the future
  4. The difficulty level of R Type and the Konami Shoot em ups is a bit stiff or maybe I’m just getting old
  5. I’ve had fun with mine today, absolutely delighted with it. I remember reading about the PC Engine at the time, it always looked like a belting console, to have had one back then would have been incredible.
  6. Dispatched and due for delivery tomorrow!
  7. I’ve just had the order update from Amazon, released tomorrow, delivery estimated Monday that came out of the blue!
  8. I’ve had one decent game today, the rest is a laggy mess. thats when you can get a game..
  9. Online PS4 is garbage since the update
  10. I really want one of these, but I’d rather wait for a UK release in case of the PSU issue. however, my patience is waning...
  11. Finally had my copy arrive on Tuesday and I got to read it last night. it is light in copy, I’m don’t think there is a screenshot in there but the concept is wonderful and I like the execution. for a magazine that has been part of my life since issue 1 (which I still have) and which I’ve subbed to since around issue 180 (I used to like actually buying magazines in an actual shop!), for this stalwart to pivot into this for this extraordinary time was actually quite heart warming.
  12. Got one for £74 with p&p from Very this morning. Looking forward to this
  13. I want this but fuck paying Game £90
  14. My copy hasn’t arrived yet, though the preceding email explained the format and said that the physical copy wouldn’t hit retail. i presumed they’ve matched the print run to subscriber base in an effort to nail costs to the floor
  15. no hint at a release date?
  16. It’s no big deal given the cause of the delay, but I am a bit gutted to not have received mine from Amazon. Ive never actually seen a PC engine and was up for this “mini experience”
  17. Finally got my cancellation email off Amazon. Disappointed but it’s not a big deal given the bigger picture
  18. I’m guessing they’ve know for a while they won’t hit March 19th but we’re delaying in the hope they could announce a revised release date. That window has now passed too.
  19. I hope this is a joke! 51gb has just started downloading, what the actual f**k?
  20. That’s a good point. MK8 was a useful candidate to launch a new system with, not over exposed and able to be “deluxed”. GTA5 and its lack of follow up is a very different situation, although the game has evolved somewhat since it’s launch too.
  21. For me, the most amazing thing about the Nintendo number is that Mario Kart is a port of a previous gen game. We’ve not even had a current gen Mario Kart yet. 23 million sold, holy moly
  22. to some it’s seen as socialism. I kid you not, that’s some people’s problem with it.
  23. The whole point of trickle down wealth is that there has to be a trickle to start with. fuck Rockstar and fuck the system that allows this grotesque abuse of tax income
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