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  1. I can only see the mini console fad continuing. Mini GB is something I’d not thought of but makes sense. fingers crossed we get a mini Saturn
  2. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve bought Street Fighter 2 and it’s remixes
  3. Donkey Kong Country springs to mind, some people genuinely thought it was a next gen title when previewed
  4. That’s a pity, I’m sure they use only one MARIO party cart playing head to head on the 2ds
  5. Daughter wants a Switch for Christmas, she and Mrs OTF got a lot of enjoyment from DS gaming together. If I buy the Mrs a Switch Lite, will they need a MARIO Kart Cartridge each or can they share onetime play head to head?
  6. I’m waiting for that price too, then I’ll be all over this design monstrosity
  7. It’s worth persevering with imo it could do with Demolition back as a game, I thought we’d get it in an IW COD
  8. This is an absolutely fantastic issue, well done and thanks to all involved
  9. MP is not as immediate as BO4. Campers are still giant dickheads started to like it more after two hours but I’m not convinced yet. That may change over the weekend edit to add, I like the Piccadilly map, think the bridge one isn’t all that
  10. Halo 2 was my first midnight launch at Gamestation. I only did a few midnights, and they were always a ball ache with people trading in and redeeming deposits and such. MW2 was my first midnight at Asda. Literally hundreds of people queuing, sorted quickly without fuss. I never went back to a specialist retailers midnight launch. these days I buy most things digitally, and I get older, the midnight launch is no more.
  11. Finished this on Sunday, enjoyed it overall. It’s not perfect, there are some annoying bits that seem loaded with cheap deaths, but I think it’s much better than 4. Jack is a great addition to the formula. whats the consequence of the choice that you have to make?
  12. Not had much chance to play with it but impressed by what I have seen cant believe it’s not been hacked to bits already!
  13. Thank you thats arriving on Thursday, perfect timing!
  14. I’ve got the 8bitdo M30 Bluetooth version, can I buy a dongle to us wit with the mini?
  15. This is great, it looks stunning
  16. Wallace and Triple A, thank you so much for your input and guidance. im all subscribed and upgraded to GPU with no billing until Jan 2022 and Gears 5 is currently downloading.
  17. Woah! my Xbox live sub is up in December, if I add three years to it I can then add GP for £1? reading further, the 36 months is a cap, so if I add 24 months prepaid then i’ll get around 28 months of benefit for a £1
  18. I’m well out of touch on Xbox, time to dust off my One S. whats the best value way to get involved? ultimate edition is £69.99 to buy, I can get a 12 months game pass from Cd keys for £59.99. I’m not arsed about waiting until Tuesday, so is there anything better than the GP? theres a £2 for 2 months ultimate GP from Microsoft, can I do that and then add a cd keys code in two months time?
  19. Gradius. All day long though not really exclusive, just a great version. Albeit with the slightly weird narrow vertical scrolling.
  20. I’ve watched video and read the Edge article and I’ve still no idea what the purpose of Play Date is.
  21. Both Destiny games had a lot of polish but neither were special games. The first got better with updates. The second just never got going.
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