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  1. Even if I could find one, I'm honestly not sure if I'd get a PS5 right now. The issues with the UI & limited Hard Drive space would seem to indicate that waiting for patches/upgrades is the smart move, but my ancient secondhand PS4 Pro is showing worrying signs of not being much longer for this world by being increasingly picky about recognising accessories & a slowly mounting number of crashes... Guess I'll just have to run the Pro into the ground & then see how the landscape looks then. Though whether that's tomorrow or a year from now is anyone's guess.
  2. I'm replaying this now as sufficient time has passed since I completed this game for the details of who everyone is to have slipped my memory. All I remembered was that of the 2 women passengers one just looks older & therefore is more likely to be called 'Miss'. I have a UI question though. When someone's face becomes unblurred, is that the game telling you that sufficient information has been revealed in the memories to identify them (whether you noticed it or not) & if you don't have an ID for that person at this point, it's time to start backtracking through the memori
  3. Something I thought we might see is a Remaster of the 3DS Zelda games (Ocarina & Majora) for Switch as the graphics & animations were already redone & some of the YouTube channels I watch have shown them uprezzed to TV size & they look really good. There's also the QoL improvements they made such as the better signposting in the Water Temple.
  4. Or £42, if you use the Game Voucher Offer, & then you can save the second voucher for Wind Waker HD or Twilight Princess HD coming later this year. (Allegedly)
  5. I thought I might get the Joy-Cons if they had fixed the Drift issue, but then I realised how silly that thought was & after slapping myself in the face a few times I’m much better now.
  6. I know they blamed things like Wireless Interference & the Sensor Bar being too far away & the finished game did work a lot better, but that whole ‘draw the remote back like a bowstring’ thing did intrigue me even though I doubted it be that much fun if you had to do it all the time.
  7. Does anyone remember the early Demos of Skyward Sword for the Wii where they were making a big deal about motion controls for the bow and arrow, only for it to not work right in those demos & not be in the final game? Well, if you look at 1:40 in that announcement trailer they’ve added in a more ‘immersive’ control scheme for the bow once more.
  8. I only had 2 issues with the game. Fi's constant interruptions & having to do the Imprisoned Fight over & over. Bosses that run away from you have never been my favourite. If they can tone both of them down the rest of the game will have a chance to shine.
  9. As someone who has never gotten into Mario Golf (not from dislike, just from all the entries in the series so far having passed me by) I was rather 'meh' on this when it first appeared in the Direct, but as the trailer progressed I found myself warming up to it rapidly. I think this might be a good place to enter the series, not just with the seemingly solid base game with the Mario bells and whistles, but the added features of the Speed Golf and the Story mode could be the icing on the cake. I still might just wait for a preview/review or impressions before committing though.
  10. £50 does seem a bit much, which is why I used the Nintendo Switch Game Voucher offer on the eShop which makes it a slightly more palatable £42, & then the Gold Point discount on top of that which made it £40, which it probably should have been in the first place.
  11. Here's one tweak they could make that would improve the game greatly. "Master, how much help should I give you?" (Select from menu) "Only when you ask? As you wish Master."
  12. What kind of level do you need to be for the final battles? I’ve gotten a little paranoid about making sure that no character gets left behind level-wise so I keep replaying levels so I can earn funds to pour into training, but I’m guessing they don’t need all need to be maxed out to complete the game.
  13. Well, I've tried again & again (especially in that 'training' Shrine you unlock early on) but I just don't get how Zelda's combat is supposed to work at all. Mipha on the other hand, I got straight away & is my favorite character to use aside from Link.
  14. Little bit more main story progress, missions & side quests popping up all over the map. Part of me wants to rush through the main story before any more of it gets accidentally spoiled, but the other part wants to take my time & level up the characters. Do you need to level them all before you reach the endgame? If I just concentrate on my favourites for instance, would that leave me at a disadvantage if I have to play at certain characters at certain points?
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