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  1. I'd been saving it, so yesterday evening after all the Gifts, Festivities & Time with family, I powered this up, wrapped myself up in my Rito Leggings & Tunic topped off with the Travellers Hood (I love the way the little Cape flaps in the wind ) And headed off to explore the Hebra region. Merry Christmas, & may the Goddess smile upon you.
  2. I love the ability this game has to distract you, but in a way that makes you feel like you’re forging your own path. I’ve probably played this game longer than I have any other, & I’m still finding hidden little things in it. There will come a point when I’ve wrung it dry however. The amount of content (even without the DLC) is staggering, but I’ve conquered this land & it’s challenges over & over, & I am starting to feel the first hints of fatigue & desire for something new & different. I just hope the sequel can provide that, while hopefully still taking into account all the things that this game does right.
  3. I was vaguely aware of the SCP before Control came along, but IMO Remedy have done a great job in translating the premise to a game with the FBC & I would like them to do more with it. I will say however, I find the combat to be the weakest part. I love exploring & discovering the weird things inside the FBC, but the knowledge that along the way i'll be fighting waves of enemies & when i get there it'll be a Boss fight does tend to take the shine off the experience. I tried the Expeditions update, & was excited that I had a bit of extra dialogue & Lore to start off & then I could explore a new area, but I got a sinking feeling when I realised that I was essentially just being funnelled into arenas where I would have to fight waves of enemies. I've already done that all throughout the game, & the FBC facility was at least a more interesting environment to fight in. How about Objects of Power that change the Gameplay significantly? There could be sections of the game where filling opponents with Paranatural Lead or throwing chunks of Wall or Rock at them isn't the answer, & you have to use a unique power you've obtained in order to outwit or bypass obstacles. I'm sure if Remedy really are mining the SCP Wiki for ideas they'll be a couple there, considering the shear number of entries it seems to have.
  4. Other than the X-Files, which afaik came before & was about a Federal Agency that spent all its time denying that Alien/Paranormal people/events/items exist no matter how many Mulder & Sculley discovered, I’m not familiar with any media that use the SCP Wiki as a basis on which to build a premise such as they do with the FBC in this game. Are there any that I’ve missed, & perhaps, do it better?
  5. This completely passed me by, so when I showed up in the eShop "Deals" Category for £17.50 (until Jan 4th) I was tempted, but after giving the Demo a try I was sold. I already have the Original Dragon's Curse with the "Remastered" Mode on Switch, so I was curious how this would compare. Whereas that was just a Modern Coat of paint over the old level design however, this is definitely a much deeper reworking of that game with better Story Structure, Gameplay & Level progression, but still with points here & there that remind you of the rather clunky 16-Bit game it is an update of. Nothing that really spoiled my enjoyment though. Discovering Secrets & New Gear, upgrading that stuff & using it to explore even deeper & further is something I found highly enjoyable & I like how the different forms abilities are utilised to find new routes & even more secrets. I got to about 80% completion without any help, but I did have to google a few times at the end as I had no idea where to find something or how to get to it. Usually I'd just missed something small like a hole for the snake to crawl through, but there were at least 2 times where I had absolutely no idea how i could have found a secret without dumb luck, & no way at all I could have figured out how to access the Corked Well. That last one seems to me something that Developers held back to reveal at later date, like the Secret Codes in Banjo Kazooie's Treasure Trove Cove Sandcastle. So yes, I am intrigued that they might follow this up with a sequel. Hopefully taking on board the feedback to smooth out the rough edges.
  6. I’ve tried the doing the Divine Beasts in various orders, but IMO it’s undeniable that the power you get from the Rito one (Vah Medoh) is the most useful in terms of traversing the world, so the earlier you get it the better.
  7. I really like the MIB/SHIELD arrangement they set up for the story. A place where weirdness is expected & managed (as much as possible) is a great framing device for a game, & I hope we see more of the FBC in future.
  8. Found something new in the game today, it seems I broke Kass. I did one of his Shrine quests before he told me about it, & although he acknowledged i’d already done it when I spoke to him, he then said he felt ‘felt a great danger approaching’. When his dialogue finished & I walked away, he didn’t start playing again, just stood there staring straight ahead. Curious about this (he’s never done this before, he always resumes playing once I get a few yards away) I went back & spoke to him again & he said: ‘it’s like you can see the future...” before resuming his staring straight ahead & not-playing. So, a glitch in an NPC, or did I just give a Zelda character an existential crisis?
  9. I would agree, even though the Koopas briefly pausing to dance along with the "wah-wah" threw off my jumping-on-them timing more than once until I learned to account for it.
  10. I would love for the metric tonnes of fanservice present in Smash Bros to be applied to any other type of game. I really get into the character reveals & all the excitement, & then I actually try & play it & it all drains away.
  11. I'll spoiler this as it's something I was kind of expecting to happen, but it didn't.
  12. I guess for me it was Kingdom Hearts 3. All the stuff I like about the series (The Disney/Final Fantasy balance, Classic Worlds) was minimized (there are no FF characters in the game at all, unless you count moogles) & all the stuff I dislike (A world being simply a rehash of the movie plots) was front & centre. I counted at least twice when the game all but but shoves Sora & Co out of the way so that the movie's plot could happen uninterrupted. The only cutscene I ever felt the inclination to rewatch was when a Birth By Sleep plot-point was resolved. It wasn't all bad though. Getting to explore the worlds of Toy Story, Monsters Inc & Pirates of the Caribbean was pretty awesome. I just dreaded the moment when the game would say "fun's over, time for the movie plot now."
  13. Isn't there a Nintendo Direct happening sometime this month? I doubt they could make it a shadowdrop what with all the other WiiU Ports having had cart releases too, but still, it's nice to think about playing Mario for Xmas... mmmm.
  14. Considering all the other WiiU Ports this one coming over would seem to be an inevitability, & unlike Tropical Freeze or Captain Toad where I waited for a sale, this is one I wouldn't mind getting right away for full price.
  15. While replaying the original & thinking about plot, this teaser came into my mind & I wondered... The Zelda series has been fond of the "Sealed Evil returns" trope for a while. but this teaser seems to imply that Link & Zelda aren't willing to take their 1000 years & run, they want to defeat Ganon for good, not leave him for future Hyrule to deal with. This is perfectly understandable if you consider that 100 years ago they almost lost everything playing the "Defeat the Sealed Evil" game, a game that Ganon is just as sick of as everyone else, hence his attempt to change the script rather than play his assigned role. I could of course be wrong in my interpretation of what's going on, but if this is true it would represent a departure from usual Zelda storytelling tropes, something we've all been wanting for a while. But would Nintendo actually be willing to depart from convention to that degree? I think we all remember the quote about "what would Link do?" If Zelda was to take a more active role in proceedings. Part of me hopes that the fact that Zelda is in this teaser trailer means she will have a bigger part to play in the sequel, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if the happenings that go on means she's trapped/imprisoned/possessed/etc & is once again the damsel that Link must rescue.
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