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  1. Does the blockchain have enough capacity that it doesn't matter whether it's wasted? I'd hate to think that someone finally comes up with a good use for NFT's in future only to not be able to do it because it's full of receipts for Apes & Lions & Llamas & it's melting everyone's computers to try & run it all.
  2. During one of the interminable NFT arguments on my Twitter timeline the other day someone came up with the reason that big companies will embrace it is because they "won't have any choice." I take that to mean that NFT Shooter & NFT RPG that the little studios make will eat so much of Call of Duty's & Final Fantasy's lunch that Activision/Blizzard & Square Enix will see the writing on the wall and will let you take your Buster Sword into Call of Duty, Darn it.
  3. But it still requires the Platform holders to cooperate with it. It's not something that can be done without them, & without sufficient incentive they won't. Going back to the example of ITunes, the music industry was losing out to Piracy & so they jumped on the Lifeline that Steve Jobs offered them. Things have changed again now with the advent of services like Spotify where there is one service you subscribe to that has all the content. Will there ever be a service like that for games? One place where you download/stream all of your purchased/subscribed content from Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo etc forever? Not unless they agree to it, & unless it's a better proposition for them than the current fragmented market, why would they? Edit: Thinking about it some more, for the same reason that they got on board with ITunes/Spotify. The Customers were unwilling to put with re-purchasing they same content over & over. I think Nintendo have finally reached that point with Super Mario Bros. It's in it's own little Handheld now, but that's it. People won't buy that game by itself anymore. How long until it's the same for other games?
  4. World of Goo with a Wii Remote was fantastic. I miss it so.
  5. To me, the argument for NFT's in gaming boils down to that it would remove the platform/publisher from the equation...as long as the platform/publisher allowed themselves to removed from the equation. Of course, my math could be wrong.
  6. One of the things i've never really pinned down with the Master Cycle Zero is just how its Fuel system works. It's never mattered by the time I get it though, as I have an Inventory stuffed to the gills with pretty much everything, but nowhere to really go, so I just mess around on it for a bit & just chuck whatever into the tank when it runs low. If it came earlier in the game, perhaps at the very start via a New Game +, would fuelling it be an issue? I have a vague memory that 'Organic' things don't give much fuel at all but Monster Parts give more & the best things by far are Ancient Parts. Those things are pretty much in ascending order of difficulty when it comes to acquiring them throughout the game though so even if you did have it from the start you would probably have to ration out it's usage, which sounds like an interesting way to spice up a replay. Edit: Actually, now that i'm thinking about it, why does it have a Fuel system at all? You only get it at the end of the game when everything is already done, so why limit it in such a manner instead of just letting the player mess around as much as they want?
  7. IMO this game could really have used a New Game + Mode. The way it could work is that after beating Ganon you have to option to begin again with the Divine Beast powers (And even the Master Cycle Zero) you'd acquired up til that point. It would really have changed up the gameplay & made a much different way to replay the game.
  8. All indications appear to be that this a Xmas 2022 game, so that's what I have it pencilled in as. If it's much later than that then the effects of the Pandemic must have impacted Nintendo's development pipeline far more than I thought.
  9. I love the game to bits, but IMO it's one weakness is the lack of Traditional Dungeons. The Shrines are great little tests of your abilities & how you can use them, but the clear dividing line between them & the overworld is rather jarring, such as how they have to deliberately take away Link's ability to climb. I'm curious as to how the sequel will handle this. Will there even be Shrines in BOTW2? It's the same overworld, so will the Shrines now be gone like Age of Calamity (except that one training area) Or will they still be be there but have a different function, such as transporting you through time?
  10. Jarik

    Oculus Quest

    It was on sale for Black Friday so I gave Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs a try. I really like it. There's a certain appeal to nailing a shot at a structures weak point & watching the resulting chain-reaction collapse. Perhaps there are other games that do such a thing better, but for now can't get enough of watching these carefully-constructed creations topple, but without the bother of having to set them up beforehand or clean up the mess afterwards.
  11. My only real problem with the film is how for the plot to work they had to change Egon's character. But people do change. Maybe it's just hard for me to accept that about one of my fictional heroes.
  12. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    The OLED only has white & Neon Joy-Con options but I just switched the Neon ones from the OLED with the Grey Ones from my existing Switch before selling it on. It'll mean the Grey ones have slightly less lifespan but I hardly used them during lockdown anyway & I just couldn't give up that sleek grey slate look the unit has with them attached.
  13. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    It's been said by many sources that the docks are completely interchangeable. As for the carry cases, I have a Snakebyte slip case that fitted the original Switch + Joy-Cons nicely but is just a tiny bit tighter around the OLED so it comes down to whether the case is an exact fit or has just a little bit of give in it.
  14. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    While idly browsing Twitter I saw it mentioned that the Switch now has Twitch & had to double-check that it wasn’t April 1st. But no, the application is on the Switch eShop & it works. You can log in with your Twitch account even. The only things it seems to lack is the ability to go straight to the channel of someone you’re following so you can see their old videos (you have to search for the channels name, though it does remember searches), & you can’t seem to control the video quality as it picks for you. It just blows my mind that the Switch got Twitch before Netflix. Nintendo must have been a real pain for Netflix to work with as Netflix is on everything… except Switch.
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