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    Nintendo Switch

    There is a Island Transfer Tool you can download from the eShop, but word of warning: you need an active user account on both Switch's to use it. I found that out the hard way, and while I decided to take it as a challenge to rebuild (perhaps even better!) I can still visit my lost Island in a dream... and see myself walking around it in that shirt and pants combo I haven't managed to get back yet.
  2. When I was deciding between a Series S & Series X I did look up what games were or were going to be X-Specific and couldn't really find any. I was unaware that Microsoft had actually made it a requirement that all games had to be playable on both.
  3. I tried the Demo of the first but it just didn’t click. This new one sounds like it’s improved in every way, so I might give it another chance.
  4. IMO the only solid information we'll get between now and launch will be a proper trailer in the next Nintendo Direct...unless there are any events scheduled where people can get hands-on experience? I haven't heard of any.
  5. IMO it’s good that Mario has a look and voice that’s distinct to the film rather than trying to copy the games. It makes it easier to think of this as ‘Movie Mario’ who may or may not be as good as ‘Game Mario’ depending on how the movie turns out. "But what other the other 'Movie Mario'?" We do not speak of the other Movie Mario.
  6. Being a prototype, I suppose Bowser's Fury doesn't really count?
  7. From Google I use Search, Chrome, Maps and Youtube. I knew they had a reputation for killing things but it wasn't until I went on that killedbygoogle site that I realized just how many things that is. I was curious so I went to the site and scrolled down...and down...and down...and down.... Geez. I think I understand much better now why people don't (and shouldn't) trust anything Google launches unless it's already a success or is a massive success right out of the gate.
  8. Going around lake Hylia, I saw Farosh emerging and for the first time, I didn't immediately start carving him up with my eyes and planning how best to shoot him to get those sweet, sweet body parts like scales and teeth as I already had plenty. I just parked the Cycle on a ridge and admired the sight as he swam through the air. Similarly, I was going along the Deplian Badlands at the north/east of the map when I heard the Dragon music and looking back, saw that Dinraal had descended behind me. As before, I had no interest in harvesting parts, and normally, he would have been too far away to catch up with anyway, but I was suddenly struck with the desire to see just how fast the Master Cycle Zero is. Accordingly, I spun the Cycle around and chased after him. I blew right past some Lynels who although they drew their weapons, I left their detection range before they could attack. The Master Cycle handles a bit oddly on uneven terrain so I was bouncing around quite a bit, but I was catching up with Dinraal...before the fuel charge started to flash. It was now a race not only against the Dragon but the emptying fuel tank. I just managed to catch up Dinraal before the chasm that separates the Badlands from Hebra where the fuel tank ran out and Dinraal started to ascend again anyway, so yes, I won my self-imposed race with no reward but my pride. Go me!
  9. I hope it's good but won't be surprised if it's average or mediocre. This may be the beginning of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe or another dud cluttering up bargain bins in a few years. I am surprised that there appears to be no game coming out alongside it. Nintendo must really have faith that it can stand on it's own... or their development troubles run much deeper than I thought.
  10. I wonder how Stadia shuttering is going to affect the future of other streaming offerings... or maybe it will have no affect at all? Was Stadia really a leading light in that sense, or are the likes of Xcloud their own thing and the fate of Stadia is irrelevant to them?
  11. Finished my 6th Playthrough, All 120 Shrines and Champions Ballad DLC and am now just toodling around Hyrule on the Master Cycle Zero with the Korok Mask on, hoovering up Korok Seeds as I wait those interminable 224 days for the sequel. As much as I love this game, I think it's kind of spoiled me. It's by no means perfect, but I love playing it and don't want it to end.
  12. Super Worlds have a feature where you can exit and resume later, indicated by a red ‘M’ balloon. Go to your Course World screen and all the paused games will listed under that icon on the far right. I’m not sure how many you can have at a time however.
  13. After playing so many levels of such wildly varying quality I was feeling rather burned out on 2D Mario, but I came back to SMM2 to try this and find it rather pleasant. Not too hard (so far) good level design and inventive uses of the mechanics and even some secrets that aren't to hard to find and give tells as to their presence. This really feels like something that has been playtested to be enjoyable and pleasant to play, much like Nintendo did when they were making 2D Mario.
  14. Jarik


    I played the game without any of the aids until I got to the Siege Engine, where I could not beat it even after a dozen tries with different tactics and making sure I was as upgraded and equipped as possible. I turned invulnerability on just to get past it and off again afterwards, but I turned it on again for the rest of the bosses as I wanted to get on with the game. I played it on Gamepass and am tempted to get it again on Switch, as even though it won't be as fresh and I already know all the secrets, its still a really solid and enjoyable adventure that should be rewarded so we get more. Actually on that subject, wasn't there talk of DLC for this game? If so, I hope it comes to all versions.
  15. I’m on board the Jeff Gerstmann ship for the time being. This little schooner with its singular Captain, knowledgeable of the videogaming sea and sailing in whatever direction it wishes. Maybe someday that’ll grow old and I’ll want a new ship with a new leader, but until then, onwards Captain Gerstmann.
  16. Jarik

    Oculus Quest

    I would love to see more, but IMO the problem is that VR is still rather a niche thing, my evidence for that being that even with the Quest being one of the best headsets out there (if not the best) adoption wasn't enough for Facebook/Meta to keep subsidizing the cost.
  17. Got the PS5 upgrade for the PS4 Special (not Anniversary) edition and was rather surprised to find that my original PS4 modlist was not only still there but it all loaded and appeared to be working fine. I take from that that the only real difference between the PS4 and PS5 versions is framerate and load times? Nothing wrong with that of course. In fact the faster loading and smoother visuals help keep me immersed in the world and the adventure.
  18. Sounds good. The thing is too, that the stand actually gets smaller and thinner as the screen size goes up, which works out for me as I don't intend to wall mount and would prefer a slimmer TV unit.
  19. IMO the Podcast is interesting because he's monitoring the chat feeds as he talks and responds to what comes up in them, so the direction of his chat is not just his own thoughts and opinions.
  20. As I'm moving house soon and have set aside a better gaming space I've got my eye on one of those LG C2's. A 42" would seem about right as I don't think there's really any benefit to going bigger unless you are sitting further back?
  21. Fantastic news. The mainline games don't really interest me anymore. Legends Arceus was an interesting take on the formula but im just so burned out on the standard catch em/battle em all routine as ive done it so many times. I still like the Pokemon world though and Detective Pikachu did an excellent job of presenting this world as a series of stories to tell and mysteries to unravel, and while I would really like a sequel even an expanded port would be welcome.
  22. So, how many new Amiibo are going to be released alongside this, and what vital gameplay features are Nintendo going to lock behind them? Kidding! Honestly though, Breath of the Wild had a lot of non-vital but neat stuff locked behind Amiibo (Epona, the Fierce Deity Armor). Are they going to do that again?
  23. If there's no Shrines/Towers and (it would seem) no Sheikah Slate (though the arm probably replaces that) then the Teleport mechanic might be rethought too. It quite liked the way it worked in BotW. You had to work your way to a place but could then return to it freely afterwards. Should they just do that again, or would the sky assent/Bird-Glider thing be a better way of getting around the world?
  24. If they're still in there I would like the heat/cold resistance mechanics rethought. Either allow you to obtain bonuses for good like you could with the heart/stamina upgrades or streamline the whole system so you don't need so many.
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