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  1. Oh I want to go see it again This iSense business - so I went to an Odeon I've not been to before, it was an Odeon Luxe which apparently means reclining seats in every screen and that was very comfy. The iSense was about the screen and sound itself and it was excellent, during loud atmospheric shaky moments you could feel it in the seats which was pretty cool
  2. I agree with @Ork1927 on the spoilered bit,
  3. I bloody loved it. To the point where I’ve needed a wee for the last 90 minutes but have been too scared to miss a thing and yes - two credits scenes - one mid way and one at the very end after the full credits roll
  4. Just booked to see this in an hour at an Odeon iSense which I’ve never heard of but woo
  5. I'm not sure they were a big help to be honest, the way he was ploughing through the field anyway it just slowed down his overtaking IMO Bit of an odd one to throw in versus a dubious "disqualified from entire qualification - go to the back of the field". I am not exactly Lewis Hamilton Fangirl Number 1, indeed if he were up against anyone else I could very easily be cheering someone else on (in 2016 I found both he and Nico equally unlikable). But I recognise I am not exactly objective either because I find Red Bull as a team awful - they treat their drivers terribly, anyone who leaves seems to suddenly come out with a shining personality that was missing all along, they have dubious tactics and Max in particular drives pretty dirty.
  6. If they do get that steering wheel camera I wonder if Mercedes could appeal something and try and slap Max with a penalty.
  7. Horner yesterday was suggesting they knew something that Mercedes were doing and that it was underhand. He said the FIA should be introducing “new tests”.
  8. Lol at Max talking about damage limitation. You had enough thrown into your favour surely!
  9. Glad it’s not just me!
  10. Interesting that Bottas is finding some pace, guess he must’ve been holding up Perez on purpose? Or..? Hmm.
  11. Something I never thought I’d say… COME ON BOTTAS, go get ‘im
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