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  1. So I’d like to know if, a few days on, the following songs have been niggling at you... Chemical Plant Zone Casino Night Zone Sky Chase Zone I’ll give you Starlight Zone though, but the above three from Sonic 2 are still
  2. Prop Hunt is the funniest thing I’ve played in years. Absolute tears of laughter.
  3. Uncharted 1 - Drake’s Fortune Well, I completed it once before on PS3 but it’s been so long, that I’d like to count it again as my completing a game counts as a victory. So it shows it’s age in having square textures and blocks to jump on, and compared to later editions it’s a bit obvious that you can’t hang out with buddies for too long for technical reasons, but all the same it’s still bloody brilliant. Except for... those guys. You know the ones. Where you feel like you’re playing a Resident Evil game instead. Stressful! Uncharted has always
  4. Help, I’m a n00b, what am I meant to be doing with GW 18 and 19? I have all my chips eg Free Hit and Bench Boost but I’m not too sure what to do? If I use Free Hit to fill my squad for week 18 with people who are actually playing, does it return to what it currently is for week 19 (which I wouldn’t be super unhappy with)? Note I am not in serious contention for rllmuk league so helping me won’t screw anyone over however I have an opportunity to take advantage of my worn league #1 not paying attention....
  5. Thiago starts, Henderson in defence!
  6. Yeah I just finished Uncharted 1 again after firing it up yesterday on the remaster collection Yeah, it’s dated, it’s simplistic but it still holds up well and the story still has that hook. And the music is brilliance.
  7. So I find I’m not playing long stints of this online on my own, as it’s stressful but it is very good and very slick (Series X). I’ve been playing a playlist of all modes basically and I had a domination map with 6 points today, first time, all spread out on a big ol’ map. Reminded me of Battlefield and it was really, really cool! Have to do a bit more of those. Did another mission on single player campaign too, think I made a bad choice in it but nevermind.
  8. Speaking of Houllier, I can’t help but feel like the lads really delivered against Palace considering the news came out that week. All a bit flat since, tired I guess, miserable world we are in right now. The whole league has been a bit drab for a couple of weeks especially if we compare back to when it all started.
  9. OK I mostly live in a box (no sky sports and no BT sport), but I’m a little bit in love with this Newcastle keeper. Seems a really top chap.
  10. Met him with my dad whilst in South Africa on a wine tram. Yes, tram. Exactly as hilarious as you may expect given the circumstances, really humble fella and made time to talk shite with my dad
  11. We’re with you, buddy. You got this.
  12. I think I’ll hit 3 first. I’m saving ODST because it’s basically SCI FI HALO FEST.
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