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  1. 82 so far pending Sheff v Villa Picked the wrong goalie today for Burnley v Leicester it seems but not much in it. Only proper duffer was keeping Robson-Kanu in squad instead of Antonio!
  2. Reading that bit about the ITV highlights, the TdF tune played in my head (you know, it plays going into and out of adverts...) found it
  3. Son and Ings came good for me. Mane captain
  4. Sounds like Fabinho had an awesome game? When I saw the team sheet I was a bit eeek that he’d dropped into defence but
  5. Ahhh I’m all confused. Just signed in for the first time and managed to link it up to an Epic Games account I have. Used to be I could see my cross platform friends under rocket ID even if they were offline but no trace of them now. Will we need to re add each other, or will they pop up when online?
  6. So I want to get a Series X and I want it on launch. I haven’t done launch day for consoles very much, I fluked it with my Switch and it was the Best Day Ever. Without faffing too much I can get to a Currys PC World, Smyths, Argos in a Sainsbury’s. I was thinking to try to secure a physical pre order with Smyths of the bunch? Seems sensible? Book day off work and go nuts?
  7. The corner called Arrabiata btw. Just makes me think of this (obviously nothing to do with F1)
  8. Steve Jones missing the C4 footage, Lee McKenzie in his place
  9. Well. I had made a routine to go to the gym after the F1, but I’m bloody glad I went beforehand and watched on catch up. What a race! Curious to find out who set the restart chaos crash in motion. Glad Kimi got a point (“FOR WHAT!”) but Russell deserved more Yay Lando staying out of trouble!
  10. They’ve sent the strongest team they have now. They have better riders, but they’re not in form, IMO
  11. hahah yeah Fran, Penelo and Ashe all have cure on ally <50% as #1. Seems to be working ok so far!
  12. They’re nowhere on the Tour because both Froome and G aren’t fit for it lol. (You May recall Froome had a massive crash last year). They won’t put their big guns in to lead on a race they know they can’t win, hence focussing the other GTs this year. And their domestiques will follow. Happy for Rowe to be captain though!
  13. Alex Brundle sounds so much like his dad.
  14. I’m having a blast with this. Was in the Something Sandsea yesterday and got massive chains together with the little Tusken dudes, got lots of loot and gil so actually managed to kit my team out. Since we had a guest with us I thought it was a good chance to level. By the time I hit the next boss though I absolutely destroyed it! Can’t remember what’s best in terms of levelling the party, Balthier is my #1 so he is ever present but I’m trying to switch everyone else in a fair bit. Ashe and Penelo and Fran are kinda interchangeable for me for focussing on levelling as they are a
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