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  1. Logged in last night and planted my tent but can’t remember what fruit I have and then I overslept and woke up 2 mins before my meeting. Now I have stress about what to name my island. First world problems.
  2. Amazon US are advising customers no known delivery now for physical editions due to their crackdown on non essential deliveries. I think I may ditch my physical edition after all, had ordered through Game but meh.
  3. So why are the Borg even in this? Is it pure Hugh/Seven plot device, or something more? It feels a bit weird that they are so prominent and yet so irrelevant to the story at this point although someone has explained to me that the Artefact work could have all been about trying to use time travel technology to undo the Romulan disaster. I am wondering if the “big bad” that awoke all those thousands of years ago was The Borg?
  4. I’ve gone for the deluxe edition from Game, which was about £80 I think, so not quite as mad. But I’m a bit nervous about whether or when it will arrive, I mean, good Friday is a bank holiday! I really want that soundtrack CD though I wonder if there’s any chance it will arrive on the 9th...
  5. Heh, that’s so true of Law and Order etc. Whenever I’m away with work I can always count on Law and Order or SVU or something to be on as something I can watch, no matter what series it is or who did what when, just watch.
  6. I just discovered there’s a season 11.
  7. That’s a good point. We can relive this excitement over and over and over.
  8. Missing Henderson was one thing, but missing both him AND Milner on and off the pitch was brutal and we have suffered for it. Onward and upward, lads, YNWA.
  9. Ok I caved and I fired up FF7 on Switch again last night and did the bombing mission, which took all of about 10 minutes with x3 speed Anyway, it’s nice to do it, see how they have reimagined some of the little details. For example, Jessie kicking the soldier on the platform. I knew she did, but I forgot she did, and there she does it again in the new one. Im loving Jessie in the remake as well. Gahhh come on one month to go!!!!
  10. Ok, I’m not the Square defence force but I am trying to keep an open mind on this one. If he “appears” in Cloud’s memory, that’s cool with me. The first act in FF7 usually lasted me about 5 hours, this is going to be significantly longer so, if he appears 5 hours in, so be it :P
  11. Yes, I think I already completed it in there and I started FF8 as a diversion... but didn’t get very far. Maybe I’ll divert into FF9 instead.
  12. I want to play through FFVII so badly but I’m really really trying to wait for the remake to land. I can do it, right?
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