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  1. I have never been “a fan” of Hamilton historically. I feel the same about Vettel. I guess because it was never really that fun cheering on the guy who always won. And with both of them I was never really following F1 as much when they were up and coming drivers, That’s changed for me in recent years, for both. Hamilton in particular, just seeing how much shit he has to wade through just to show up. And then absolutely battering everyone. He never really flounders. He had some slightly wilder years, but in everything he does he’s never anything but a supreme role model, in the sport and out. He’s matured so well, he’s so strong of character (at least in what we see, which shows strength itself even if he doesn’t feel it all the time), he’s so measured and I have so much respect for how he wants to use his platform to effect real change. And Seb too has elements of that now, not sure Ferrari was ever the right fit for him as it very much felt like he had to toe the company line. He seems to have more freedom now, to be himself, and he’s pretty funny in the paddock to boot. I used to adore Kimi, again coz he was funny and a damn good driver. Ironically he seems more drunk these days on the track than back in those Monaco yacht spells losing concentration and err, yeah, potentially being a massive racist has really put me off. The racist attacks on Hamilton have really upset me. So, so sad. End of stream of consciousness
  2. Genuine shame, I think he could’ve punched a hole through on the right if he went just a smidgen sooner before the door closed. But what a Tour and what a Sunday sports fans!
  3. To actually get the point yeah, as it is they just made it so Merc didn’t get it
  4. Lol Red Bull nicked fastest lap
  5. He did yeah, one of the replays looking at the cars front on, you can see.
  6. Smoke out the back of Daniel Ricciardo?
  7. Are the drivers meant to be in masks for the anthem? Lando… oops?
  9. Yes watching live on channel 4, lights out at 3pm (they ditched the ten past stuff this season).
  10. In a few cases I think the climate does play a part (and it was pretty interesting last year having those cooler/wetter races as they were there basically off the usual schedule). Aus, Singapore, Abu Dhabi etc? Canada too, wrong time of year and we would have snowy GP
  11. Channel 4 did a bit on this yesterday too with Seb, he basically said the easiest thing to change now without any real effort would be the calendar, minimise the travelling from one end of the globe to the other.
  12. Sure was but I little bit loved it, I’m such a geek for Top Gun. And Channel 4 coverage >>> Sky all the way.
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