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  1. Benched Pereira. Argh. Gundogan didn’t play. YESSSSSS
  2. I’m amused by all the cake eating. It was a big insult in the first film
  3. Enjoyed it, too. Then went straight back and watched the first film
  4. Oh, Tsunoda is such a likeable chap isn’t he?
  5. It looks like he nearly lost it at turn 1 as well
  6. Is Kimi the only one not wearing a t shirt? Oh dear.
  7. I napped in my chair yesterday whilst reclined. I am not using the lumbar cushion as much now, but still bring it in from time to time. I also appreciate what people say re office chair versus gaming chair however it was very important to me to be able to support my head/neck and a lot of the office chairs that are raved about don’t have that option.
  8. I have grown very fond of Gasly (as it seems a lot of us have). Whatever happens, I just want him to stay on the grid. He’s got 10 times more likeability than bloody Stroll.
  9. And a little sad that everyone else is being a good boy and saying what they are told and backing the FIA. Hamilton, reigning world champion, is the only one who felt in a strong enough position to call a spade a spade!
  10. This is the first time I’ve watched Drive to Survive and I did enjoy it. Like the rest of you I am confused by the glaringly missing stories, and I wonder whether any bias is at play? This season really paints Racing Point as a bit of a ‘victim’, it’s very pro Lance, and that would also explain ignoring the Hulk who everyone adores.
  11. Stupid PlayStation. Had to delete my install and re download from the store so I can play using PS Plus licence rather than my disc which isn’t here
  12. When Avengers Assemble first came out, I remember feeling genuinely amazed and so very pleased with how well the characters all came together and made an ensemble film In fact I think I posted about it at the time!
  13. Ooooh. Yeah they’re pretty comical but I’m honestly not that fussed about stuff like that for things I watch over and over. I have the originals on DVD so I get my cool points
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