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  1. Benched Pereira. Argh. Gundogan didn’t play. YESSSSSS
  2. I’m amused by all the cake eating. It was a big insult in the first film
  3. Enjoyed it, too. Then went straight back and watched the first film
  4. Oh, Tsunoda is such a likeable chap isn’t he?
  5. It looks like he nearly lost it at turn 1 as well
  6. Is Kimi the only one not wearing a t shirt? Oh dear.
  7. I napped in my chair yesterday whilst reclined. I am not using the lumbar cushion as much now, but still bring it in from time to time. I also appreciate what people say re office chair versus gaming chair however it was very important to me to be able to support my head/neck and a lot of the office chairs that are raved about don’t have that option.
  8. I have grown very fond of Gasly (as it seems a lot of us have). Whatever happens, I just want him to stay on the grid. He’s got 10 times more likeability than bloody Stroll.
  9. And a little sad that everyone else is being a good boy and saying what they are told and backing the FIA. Hamilton, reigning world champion, is the only one who felt in a strong enough position to call a spade a spade!
  10. This is the first time I’ve watched Drive to Survive and I did enjoy it. Like the rest of you I am confused by the glaringly missing stories, and I wonder whether any bias is at play? This season really paints Racing Point as a bit of a ‘victim’, it’s very pro Lance, and that would also explain ignoring the Hulk who everyone adores.
  11. Stupid PlayStation. Had to delete my install and re download from the store so I can play using PS Plus licence rather than my disc which isn’t here
  12. When Avengers Assemble first came out, I remember feeling genuinely amazed and so very pleased with how well the characters all came together and made an ensemble film In fact I think I posted about it at the time!
  13. Ooooh. Yeah they’re pretty comical but I’m honestly not that fussed about stuff like that for things I watch over and over. I have the originals on DVD so I get my cool points
  14. I lent this to a friend and now it’s on PS+ I’m considering resubscribing to enjoy the ride along with you guys
  15. So I used the fish as monster bait and spent a couple of episodes of Buffy (yay, Disney plus) chaining battles with sea monsters. Level 20 now, the next boss was much more palatable, and I’ve maxed out a few more job classes. Woohoo! Clocked about 12 hours now and I’m off to a new town it seems
  16. Some of them do give a fairly decent JP orb. I think that one may have after all that I had another couple of boss fights, one of which I really struggled with. Guess it’s time to grind. It’s a bit unbalanced though as enemies on the map run away from me.
  17. This is addictive and annoying. The side quests are dire. I’ve just had to go take some bloke his lunch in a dungeon from a town, gone back for a flask to the quest giver, gone to the bloke who needs a fork so back to the quest giver, then the bloke, and finally cash back into the quest giver. Hmph
  18. If you are keen on WandaVision (and it is excellent) you need to get to a point of watching all The Avengers films to get the most from it, IMO. So the good advice about hitting “phase 2” is where to start. Thor Dark World I barely remember, but as mentioned Captain America and the Winter Soldier is brilliant, and I can’t even remember if I’ve seen Iron Man 3 The Avengers: Age of Ultron is messy, but important for the story. Then you’re in “phase 3” which is Captain America Civil War, Thor Ragnarok etc. The other film to check in with from a WandaVision
  19. Agree, it feels pretty formulaic in that respect. That said the moment Elvis opened his mouth, I was all in.
  20. Not meaning to bump from quite so long ago but my first thought was that she reminded me of Fran from FFXII, who actually was inspired by Bjork. But it’s not the same actress evidently.
  21. As with the first game, this is addictive as anything. Four hours in already, prologue done. It does run poorly though, puzzled why there’s a bit of a delay loading menus or Party Chat and such. And yeah, story is seemingly usual JRPG Crystal fare but that’s what I’m here for Enjoying/10. The battle and job systems are some of the best the genre has to offer, it’s great fun mixing the classes around.
  22. Mine just arrived after I forgot it was coming out and Nintendo sent me a reminder! Got the set from Amazon with the stickers and whatnot, and I’m largely oblivious to anything about it. Yay! Now I just need to decide whether or not to power on through FFXII first, or abandon it (again). I’m 18 hours in...
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