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  1. 6 minutes ago, bumgut said:

    How does this play as an action game? 


    Too simple?  Is it just button mashing then press the 'big powerful spell' button?


    The combat is somewhere around the FFVII Remake / FFXV style rather than a traditional turn based affair, if that helps.

  2. 35 minutes ago, gospvg said:

    Would love Bellingham to sign for Liverpool but I fully expect him to go to Man City, Chelsea or Newcastle.


    I dunno, Henderson's instagram is full of love for Bellingham and lots of handshaking emoji.  They may just be playing us of course :P 

  3. I was worried from initial reports about this.  So much so I’ve not taken it out of its shrink wrapping as I thought I might send it back if it was that bad.


    rllmuk has restored my faith*, I’m gonna open it! :) 

    *not a phrase we see very often 

  4. On 27/04/2022 at 22:20, nakamura said:

    She wants complete safety for women. Given the Tim Westwood story, among many others, we are so so far from that. She's a damaged woman, who has become utterly unhinged by the thought a man will pretend to be a woman to hurt another woman. 


    We are so far from equality. We pretend we aren't but we are. 

    I may watch too much Special Victims Unit (I DEFINITELY watch too much…) but it makes you wonder what maybe happened to her to be so broken.

  5. 31 minutes ago, Wiper said:

    Generally, unless I'm very much mistaken, that shouldn't be a problem: Xbox cloud saves (whether PC or console) aren't limited to Gamepass subscribers - it doesn't work like Playstation Plus or Nintendo Online in this regard, happily. As long as you have the same Xbox account, you should be fine.


    However, more specifically I'm unsure, as when it comes to PC Xbox games I don't believe it's mandated that they have to support cloud saves. If the game used them in the first place, then they should remain available to you; if they didn't, however, then obviously you won't be so lucky! As SoR4 is a Play Anwhere title it should support them, but I've no idea about FFXV!

    Thanks Wiper! I was only playing FFXV on the Xbox itself (and would continue to do so I think, when I go back to it).  I can safely cancel and save another £11 for now then!


    Just trying to only pay for subs when I use them now :) 

  6. Hey peeps sorry for not reading back, hoping someone can help me with a quick query.


    I have Game Pass Ultimate but I'm thinking of cancelling as I mostly play PC games at the moment.  My main concern is my save game data for games I have played on Game Pass.  If I cancel my sub, but later re-activate it, do my saves still exist somewhere somehow?  For example, for Streets of Rage IV.


    Secondarily, I really hope my FFXV save still exists, I think it's left Game Pass now - I finished it in 2020 but was going to come back to it at some point and dabble in some of the endgame content.  I didn't buy it outright, I was just playing it whilst it was there.  If at some point I bought it outright, would my save still be <somewhere> ?  Should I buy it before I cancel GamePass or does it not matter?

  7. On 04/08/2022 at 19:00, moosegrinder said:

    Oh! We used to break street date all the time. It was the only way we could make the fucking shitty 8% mark up on new games. We'd sell them early, no bag, no receipt, rrp. We'd sell out of massive games on a Thursday and have to order more for the Friday.


    When Metal Gear Solid 3 came out I was doing the rounds the day before to Game and Gamestation to see what their prices were and if they had offers on etc when the Game manager stopped me and said "We've reported you." I'm like "Pardon?" And he said "to the distributor and Konami for selling Metal Gear Solid 3 early."  I smiled and said "Ok."


    It was pretty pathetic really. Obviously people would have gone in to Game and flourished it about because that's what people do, but we absolutely left no paper trail with it. I doubt the distributor actually fucking cared because they got another order out of the piss arse little indie who sold double figure copies of the game the big retailers would do hundreds of.

    Your piss arse little indie was awesome :) 

  8. Running theory is that they’re booked for disrupting play not disrupting sponsors as the player needs to put top back on again so takes time.  Load of nonsense either way.


    We haven’t come that far though - Lineker posted a stupid tweet which he’s since deleted.  

    What I see and know is that you see women wearing less on the other channels running 100m, or at your own gym.  As a woman it’s a statement of the normal now for those who are comfortable enough with their bodies to do it.  And more people doing it will make others more comfortable too.  My Instagram is full of gym influencers of all shapes and sizes in sports bras and shorts.


    Something that is getting on my nerves is people hating on other sports that people enjoy.  I KNOW it sucks that women and girls were forced into certain sports at school, but that doesn’t mean those sports suck, and England have a fair crack at winning some in the commonwealth games too.  We should be able to celebrate participation in all sport and the victory that this is for that rather than doing it at the expense of others.

  9. I’m glad LFC are back up in the WSL!


    After this week I was tempted to go along to an open training session near me.  I used to play at school (I was one of the lucky ones it seems - at primary school I was able to play with the boys along with a couple of other girls, heartily encouraged, and cricket too which i was awesome at… at high school I went to a girls school and we had a team but it’s true interest was limited so we played across year groups) and loved it, along with other sports.  BUT they train on Mondays when I play netball :( 


    I am a little annoyed that everyone is hating on netball so much over on Twitter right now :lol: I love both.  

  10. Starting this up for a thread about the sports themselves :) 

    I’m loving having so much to watch each day, netball is my winner so far having recently got back into it.  Cycling always delivers (though I was confused to see an English tandem pilot for Wales who has also competed for Scotland, I didn’t realise they were cross-country, I wonder what sort of arrangements are in play?) except for the horror crash today :( 


    Will be tuning in at 8pm for more netball and I do recommend giving it a go!  It’s a very tactical thing, unlike a lot of other sports the challenge isn’t in necessarily scoring the goal but getting it into the D.  Usually the shooters will score (most sport a 85% scoring average).

  11. 14 hours ago, Azrael said:

    Did it with the 3rd choice keeper too... Alison better be back ASAP 😬

    I know Adrian is fairly rubbish but I just can’t help but like the guy, it makes me happy when he’s part of our success.  :lol: 

  12. Did anybody listen to the Never Strays Car (usually Far) podcast?


    I hardly watched the Tour this year but I loved the podcast!  Ned Boulting, David Millar and Pete Kennaugh with special guest Lizzie Deignan for part of it.  Basically them chatting about the race and all manner of nonsense as they made their way from the end of the stage to the next… in the car.

  13. I haven’t given this much thought beyond gaming for me being a fairly cheap hobby that keeps me from going out spending loads on other things, to some extent.  I play a couple of MMOs which always mean I have something to do when I’m bored.  Yes it means my PC is on a lot but to my mind does it make much difference if it’s a PC or I’m watching TV? I dunno.


    I work to save money elsewhere to prioritise the things that are important to me for my own mental well-being.  I’ve sold a lot of old stuff and put money aside for the incoming price hike so I feel fairly well prepared to cover this off for the winter.

  14. Crisis Core holds such a special place for me.  I only played through it once but it was one of those games that made me so glad I bought the system it was on.  Can't wait to revisit it.


    For anyone who is a bit confused about Zack or why anyone cares I strongly recommend playing original FF7 again before it comes out.  With all the 2x 3x speed and all that it's a cinch to play through these days and well worth the effort :) 

  15. I started playing (again, again) a few weeks ago and this time it actually stuck!  I’m a level 64 summoner on Spriggan where I got the XP boost and I’m part way through the patch content before Heavensward.  I LOVE this game.


    I think I might see about levelling an alt class a bit, not sure what yet though.  Of course I have Scholar at level 64 too (such a neat idea that) so would aim for something a bit different, one that starts at 30 or 50 I guess.

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