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  1. On 29/07/2021 at 11:12, Strafe said:


    I don't know, all I've read so far is that it's in been in the WoW and CoD teams. It doesn't seem beyond the realms of possibility that there are better parts of the company than others. Better being a relative term.

    In Blizzard as well people moved from WoW to OW (such as Jeff Kaplan, I assume he brought people with him), also OW came out more recently than some of what is being discussed.


    And it’s really naive to hope that some areas of a company which seemingly has cultural problems with sexual harassment might be immune.  Why? Because some of the things being raised, I bet you the guys doing the harassment had no idea it was actually a real problem.  Again why? Because I see it even now.  People get too comfortable, ‘locker room banter’ makes its way out into the professional space without any real conscious thought of how it might make us feel. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, K said:

    Jesus Christ. They’re going to find it hard to argue that they weren’t aware of any harassment if they called it the Bill Cosby Suite, even if they spelled it “Crosby”. 

    Maybe they’ll try to argue they named it after William G Crosby (1805 - 1881), the former governor of Maine. 

    apparently it was a reference to his sweaters being dated, like the hotel room… /facepalm

  3. 1 hour ago, Harsin said:


    I haven't bought anything from Ubisoft since the news about them came out. But then, I think to myself it's hardly been a sacrifice has it? I mean what have I missed, another identikit wipe the icons off the map Assassin's Creed, Happy Shopper own brand Breath of the Wild, Watchdogs 'obvious it wasn't going to be much like the smoke and mirrors reveal' Legion. Oh no, I'm missing out on 'amazing' looking potential future classic games like this:




    Ditto Activision, they've not got much coming out I'd be interested in anyway. I really don't know how well my principles would hold up in realty if these companies were releasing Half Life 2 quality stuff. I like to tell myself I'd take a stand, but truthfully I'm unsure. I think the main thing is at least be honest with yourself if you buy these companies wares and admit that it's just a case than your desire for an individual game outweighs the distaste you feel for their ethical practices,. Don't try and paint it as buying products because of a fantasy that you're being a hero and making sure that some low-paid employee somewhere is going to get paid better.


    Not saying that applies to you for one second, Sprite, as there's not a hint of that in your post. Just quoted your post as it raised the issue of boycotts and wanted to address a larger point that I'm seeing being raised on various forums whenever the topic of voting with your wallet comes up.

    See now I play a lot of Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch and World of Warcraft.  As in, they’re pretty much the only games I play routinely.  Games that help me with my own mental health, because they are basically methods of “hanging out” with my friends.  So do I quit playing because these companies are the only ones who have really been called out so far?  Move onto something else and then it’ll be them being sued.  Are the suits following the money? I dunno.


    And as I say, it’s not even just games is it, far from it.  We just don’t know what we don’t know (yet).  And when I’ve had experiences of my own that I’ve done nothing really about, I don’t really know what any of it makes me.  Hypocritical, complicit, accepting?  Or just exhausted from this world that sucks so much. 

  4. I should want to boycott but I just feel like it’s so widespread and only boycotting things that get publicised, it won’t really fix anything, things need to happen at a deeper level, it needs a champion to undo it all at the core.  And here Lewis Hamilton’s Hamilton report into F1 comes to mind, although obviously talking about very different things.

  5. I don’t know how to feel about all this stuff coming to light.  I mean, horrified, obviously, but I just know it’s not limited to Activision, Blizzard, Ubi Soft or even the gaming industry.  I speak more of the less severe stories around comments and the culture around that here, not suggesting every workplace has people actually committing sexual assault (though I am on a Law and Order SVU binge right now so who knows).


    Honestly it’s sent me reeling a bit about how much I have accepted as “bants” in the past :(  And even more recently, there’s things men do that make me feel self conscious about myself (not really targeting me as such).  It’s all part of it, isn’t it. 

  6. In a few cases I think the climate does play a part (and it was pretty interesting last year having those cooler/wetter races as they were there basically off the usual schedule).  Aus, Singapore, Abu Dhabi etc? Canada too, wrong time of year and we would have snowy GP :D 

  7. 4 minutes ago, taurusnipple said:

    The Nico sustainability bit needs to be shown every day on every channel. That was good I thought.


    The team needs to do better though. When we had the double header at the Red Bull Ring, the commentary team flew back home for a days. Gotta live what you preach. 

    Channel 4 did a bit on this yesterday too with Seb, he basically said the easiest thing to change now without any real effort would be the calendar, minimise the travelling from one end of the globe to the other.

  8. Spending most of this confused about what the rules are and what's going on, I completely forgot it was even on this afternoon.  Were it not for the M25 being a giant mess I would've missed it completely as I diverted to my dad's (who is telling me all the wrong things :lol: )  Still, having fun!! Yes George!

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