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  1. Yes Charles. My opinion of Max just declines week on week. This time with the reports of the awful behaviour of his fans in the stands, a better man would be speaking out against it, asking for everyone to treat everyone with respect. But I doubt he gives a shit. All fans should be able to go to these races and feel safe. Edit to add: whether it is all his fans, or “Austria”*, or whatever. It’s been attached to him so he has a role to play in speaking out against it IMO. *I’m trying not to make blanket statements but when I visited Vienna I encountered a number of outwardly racist people which was pretty shocking to me, knowing I was a visitor in their country to essentially open with that!
  2. Yeah I'm not the target demographic for these sort of mods.
  3. Thankls @Qazimod and @Sarlaccfood ... sort of seems like I can spend my £50 better elsewhere... Like in a savings fund for a PS5
  4. I think your opinion may change @Strafe but we shall see So I'm thinking of getting Intergrade on PC. I completed the original Remake (whaaat) on PS4, loved it, want to play it again. I don't have a PS5 but I do have a good PC that I like putting through its paces. So can anyone help guide me as to whether it is worth the re-purchase and what I get on PC? I've tried googling, it's not proving overly fruitful. I think some things have been re-worked in the main game, I assume it'll look much prettier, and the Yuffie DLC. How long is the latter?
  5. That's a really interesting read @Gigawatt and I see parallels in how AI is being used in my career area - in radiotherapy - basically they're looking at how AI can be used to automate/expedite the more mundane from a brainpower point of view tasks, but that actually take a lot of time. It's not about using AI to replace humans but rather to free us up to work on the most complicated bits where we can't quire rely on AI in the same way.
  6. The Gaga song is growing on me, I like how the tune flows through the film and riffs off the main theme too.
  7. Yeah, but he said it’ll be when it comes out streaming so we probably have a year of agreeable joy
  8. Deliberately not identified the enemy https://slate.com/culture/2022/05/top-gun-maverick-enemy-country-rogue-state-revealed.html
  9. One thing I loved about the main action sequence in the third act was…
  10. Just watching the original again. Little Maverick spoiler
  11. This aged well! You seen it yet Capwn?
  12. I’m going to see it again today Monday is cheap day at the cinema and I’m on leave, so it’s a tenner at the Odeon Luxe on the iSense screen
  13. Could be many reasons. Back to the Future’s dodgy Libyans aged badly! Keeping the enemy nameless means it can be timeless IMO
  14. I was smiling from the start. I LOVE what they did with the main theme And I wanted to cry from sheer joy so many times. It’s the sequel of all sequels. I can’t form proper thoughts on it
  15. I feel like I’ve just seen one of the best movies of my lifetime. I can’t stop thinking about it.
  16. Background noise from the track making it hard to hear the main audio.
  17. Is it me or is the audio shocking?
  18. I’ve had one game on the beta so far. Felt essentially the same, except Mercy’s voice sounded different, and I’m terrible playing on PC. One tank was interesting. It felt harder to push. Got Dorado map so a payload one.
  19. I’ve no clue what just happened in the pits thanks to the awful commentating there
  20. How come Nico is commentating from home? I wish he was one of the main commentators today
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